EARTH SHIFT Correlation: The stronger Russia gets vs. the West, the bolder small countries become

Futurist Trendcast

Apr 14 at 9:01am Lada Ray on Patreon

This will be in reply to a very timely comment by Shamsa on FT for my post: From Russia With Love: True Relationship Between Nikki Haley and Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebendsia.

Comment:  shamsa786I saw this on video and thought it was fantastic! He is right – most countries are simply too scared to say it stand up to the biggest world bully – the USA.

But, I think some countries are now speaking up. Watch this video where the Bolivian envoy to the UN says ‘US believes and acts as if it’s above any law’ he’s pushing for the UN to carry out an agreed, organised investigation into the alleged chemical attack. Hallelujah!


Incidentally, my Patreon followers asked me to follow-up the above post On Nebenzia – Haley relationship with Quantum Calibrations of the true attitude of these…

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