WE DID IT! ESW10 UPDATE: 2.5 hours long Forbidden History Q&A and Quantum Calibrations now LIVE! READ DESCRIPTIONS!

Awesome series, thanks so much Lada for all your hard work! The bonus is mind-bending, like a whole other webinar unto itself. Real history is infinitely more interesting than the official fake narrative we learned in school! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

The 2.5 hour long and very deep, rich and revealing Forbidden History Lada Ray Q&A, with 18 major questions answered, is now LIVE!

I have also calibrated all Quantum Calibrations for the entire series and each webinar! 

All this is now posted on the ESW10 Webinar Page!

The whole Earth Shift Webinar 10 came to 5 hours and 1 minute, plus awesome slide shows AND one of a kind WRITTEN Quantum Calibrations for each of the Webinars 7 through 10, and the entire cumulative series! This time I included 4 telling calibrations (QC, CHI, Heart Chakra & Truth Level) for each piece! I also included separate calibration for the TRUTH LEVEL in Lada Ray Prophecy!

Series subscribers, go to your Exclusive Access Page for access to ESW10!

Those who want to purchase ESW10, the whole series or individual webinars, GO TO SERIES PAGE! 

This completes our epic FORBIDDEN HISTORY…

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