This subject may not be PC, but very interesting topic (oppose SB-54 or not) for discussion. Having a rational discourse is a great way to come together and understand the other’s POV. *Peace everyone*  🙂

Hacker News: Activist Leaks 11,000 Private Messages from WikiLeaks’ Twitter Chats


An activist has just leaked thousands of private messages of an organization that’s been known to publishing others’ secrets.

More than 11,000 direct messages from a Twitter group used by WikiLeaks and around 10 close supporters have been posted online by journalist and activist Emma Best, exposing private chats between 2015 and 2017.

The leaked chats have been referenced by American media outlets earlier this year, but for the very first time, all 11,000 messages have been published online, allowing anyone to scroll through and read messages themselves.

“The chat is presented nearly in its entirety, with less than a dozen redactions made to protect the privacy and personal information of innocent, third parties. The redactions don’t include any information that’s relevant to WikiLeaks or their activities,” Best said.

The leaked DMs of the private Twitter chat group, dubbed “Wikileaks +10” by Best, show WikiLeak’s strong Republican favoritism, as some portions of the previously leaked chats already showed WikiLeaks’ criticism of Hillary Clinton and support for the GOP.

The leaked messages sent by WikiLeaks Twitter account likely believed to be controlled by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself, called Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton a “bright, well-connected, sadistic sociopath” and said “it would be much better for the GOP to win,” in November 2015.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, WikiLeaks made public stolen emails from officials of Democratic National Committee (DNC), including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, as well as documents on CIA hacking tools.

Best, the freedom of information activist, posted the leaked conversations to her personal blog on Sunday, claiming many of the messages contained offensive material.

“At various points in the chat, there are examples of homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, racism, antisemitism and other objectionable content and language,” Best said.

“Some of these are couched as jokes, but are still likely to (and should) offend, as a racist or sexist jokes doesn’t cease to be racist or sexist because of an expected or desired laugh.”

In some instances, WikiLeaks helped direct lawsuits filed by third-parties and even encouraged criminal investigations against their opponents. In others, the chat showed a “mundane consistency with WikiLeaks’ public stances,” though a few were “provocative and confounding.”

Besides Hillary, the leaked DMs also showed that WikiLeaks did not have much love for former U.S. President Barack Obama as well.

“Obama is just a centralizer. He’s bad because representationally he does not look or act like that which he represents. Hillary has similar representation confusion, but she will actively lead the machine to a dark place,” one of the messages sent by WikiLeaks on November 19, 2015, read.

In response to the Best’s post, the official Twitter account of WikiLeaks claimed some tampering may have taken place, saying “the logs appear to have been modified as can be seen by conversational holes (e.g., search for ‘Norton’) but are useful in other ways.”

WikiLeaks founder Assange remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but last week reports indicated Ecuador’s plans to withdraw its political asylum, and eject him from its London embassy—eventually turning him over to the British authorities.

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A Whole Generation Of Children Are Vaccine Damaged

Courageous Doctor Speaks Truth About Vaccines: Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. Talks To Lost Arts Radio:

Truth To Power

Published: 10 days ago

Vaccines Are Not Safe And Effective! The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe

Four+ Years of Maidan: Ukraine’s Disaster in Pictures and Words

Powerful retrospective. The girl walking around in the ruins is wearing a GUESS top. Guess who staged the maidan/ coup that destroyed her country… she hasn’t a clue. 😦
That says it all about American imperialism.

Futurist Trendcast

Out of many pictures I could have picked to illustrate the true state of affairs in Ukraine between 2014 and 2018, I decided to select these.

Ukraine Kiev Maidan

This was the center of Kiev, the Independence Square, during 2013-14 ‘peaceful protests’

Ukraine Maidan

Ukraine Maidan: ‘let’s burn everything down, maybe our lives will improve’

Ukraine maidan 2

Kiev Miadan: ‘peaceful’ ukro-nazi protesters get ready to crush with excavator the huddled together, unarmed police. The ‘peaceful pro-West protesters’ will also burn, beat, torture and shoot those policemen, who happed to be unlucky enough to get in their way. The Ukraine police would become one of the first victims of the violent ukro-nazi Maidan.

ukraine no life left

Ukraine: ‘no life left’

Ukraine Odessa May 2 massacre

Odessa May 2 massacre (over 40, by some accounts over 100, people burned alive)

Ukraine - Donbass war Lisichanck

Lisichansk: Donbass war destruction, peaceful homes bombed by Kiev


Lugansk humanitarian disaster: no gas, no light, no water — infrastructure destroyed by Kiev

Meantime, Poroshenko, Kiev junta…

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U.S. media decries China’s censorship of a massive vaccine scandal, even while the U.S. media censors all the vaccine scandals covered up by the CDC

Image: U.S. media decries China’s censorship of a massive vaccine scandal, even while the U.S. media censors all the vaccine scandals covered up by the CDC

(Natural News) A vaccine scandal has broken out in China: Regulators say that multiple problems, including falsified records, were found at a large pharma company which produces a rabies vaccine. In the aftermath, Chinese censors were tasked with deleting articles and removing any and all postings about the scandal, erasing virtually any trace of public outcry about the issue. Fear over the safety of food and medicine in China has been on the rise, after a series of health scares struck communities across the nation. Chinese censors and regulators are struggling to maintain control of the narrative — and American news outlets have been quick to decry the information blackout taking place overseas.

But while the liberal media wags their fingers at the overt censorship taking place in China, they themselves are actively suppressing truth here in the U.S. Censorship in America may be more discrete, but if you think it’s not happening, you’re sorely mistaken. In that vein, you might even say censorship in the U.S. is far more insidious: Government agencies have dropped the ball, especially when it comes to vaccines and vaccine research — but daring to blow the whistle on their misdeeds will earn you nothing but scorn.

In truth, the overall response to those who defy the narrative in the U.S. is the same as it is in China: Facebook will delete your post and maybe ban you from the site, as will Twitter and other left-wing social media sites. Google will bury your article beneath pages of propaganda and YouTube will erase your video or put a disclaimer next to it.

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Ultimately, the media circus here in the U.S. is no better. Whistleblowers and truth-tellers who defy the chosen narrative are largely ignored by the mainstream media, and if you’re controversial enough, you can count on being publicly eviscerated on social media too.

Vaccine scandal censorship strikes China

China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) announced that all production of the rabies vaccine would come to a grinding halt after investigations found multiple glaring issues at the nation’s second largest rabies vaccine company, Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology. A report describing the alleged corruption and unsavory practices of the vaccine industry spread across Chinese media site WeChat and Netizens even reposted the original essay.

Last year, Chansheng Biotech was in hot water, after the company sold at least 252,600 doses of substandard DPT vaccine to the eastern province of Shandong. The company is now guilty of fabricating inspection records and production records, among other ills. Quality control issues abound in China, which are driving up fears and trust issues among citizens.

Chinese censors have been working hard to delete posts about the vaccine scandal, no doubt. It turns out that the company’s chairwoman has now been detained. As the latest company scandal unfolds, it will undoubtedly grow harder for the Chinese government to maintain control of the narrative. The government has already been struggling to keep things under wraps — and the American media has been quick to decry the government’s acts of censorship. But are we really doing any better?

Censorship in the USA

The mass silencing of divergent thought is a growing problem here at home — and tech behemoths like Facebook are leading the charge. Beyond the censoring of conservative view points, matters of human health are also being suppressed. Health freedom is one of the biggest things under attack right now with vaccine mandates and other bureaucratic garbage policies being employed around the nation. Speaking out about the unjust and tyrannical nature of these policies is all that you need to do to get blacklisted by social networks and the mainstream media — never mind what will happen if you actually talk about the hidden dangers of vaccines, the number of children harmed by shots every year or provide real evidence which shows vaccines can and do have adverse effects.

Really, any inkling of defiance on the vaccine front will get you shamed by legacy media and their talking heads, labeled as an “anti-science” whack-a-doo and maybe ruin your reputation. The cost of truth is far too high these days — and fewer and fewer people are willing to pay that price.

The ever-expanding war against “fake news” has all but given tyrants like Facebook carte blanche to censor whatever information they like under the guise of “protecting” the public from fraudulent information. But what actually ends up happening is that these dictators simply suppress information they don’t like or disagree with. As an example, Facebook has recently been accused of putting the kibosh on pro-life content, while allowing pro-abortion content to proliferate without issue.

The social media giant has also gone out of their way to target content on health and wellnesswith their “fake news” witch hunt.

Pinterest, another popular social media site, was recently called upon by vaccine propagandists to take action against anti-vaccine content on the network, after a study found that most vaccine-related content on the site was negative.

Recall when the entire Health Ranger channel was unceremoniously deleted by YouTube earlier this year? The message is clear: Censorship is already here — and it’s not just social media dictators leading the charge. Even the CDC has actively suppressed information that contradicted the pro-vaccine narrative. Whistleblower William Thompson, a former CDC scientist, came forward and admitted that the agency held a meeting to dispose of evidencethat the MMR vaccine was linked to autism. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Censorship is happening across the board here in the U.S., there’s no arguing that. So, it is the height of hypocrisy to point the proverbial finger at China for doing the exact same thing.

Learn more about what’s really going on at

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