ICE official drops the hammer on “confused” Dem Senator

On Tuesday, an ICE official testified before a Senate panel — and gave Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono a lesson on immigration laws.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill, Hirono asked ICE official Matthew Albence, “Would you send your child to the [Family Residential Center]?”

And clearly frustrated with Hirono’s lack of knowledge on immigration laws, Albence brought down the hammer on the Democrat and left her feeling “confused.”

Watch the humiliating video here —

Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸


“I’m Confused”: ICE official has to explain to Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono that illegal immigrants break the law.

After Hirono questioned Albence, he responded,“Again, I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken a law. There has to be a process.”

Clearly uneducated on U.S. immigration laws, Hirono responded, “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the president,” she said.

Shouldn’t a senator be educated on the facts that if an immigrant is in the U.S. illegally, they are violating the law?

Albence corrected the misinformed senator by stating, “No, ma’am. They’re there for violation of Title 8 of the immigration of the U.S. and Nationality Act. OK? They’re 8 USC 1325 — that’s illegal entry — is both a criminal and civil violation,” Albence retorted.

Yes liberals, you read that correct — both a criminal and a civil violation.

“They are in those FRCs pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law,” he concluded.

Hirono was visibly flustered, and she said, “My understand is that under zero tolerance, these are no longer civil proceedings, but in fact were criminal proceedings.”

Albence quickly shot back at the senator saying, “There were criminal proceedings when the border patrol prosecuted them, but at the conclusion of that process, once the individual came into ICE custody, they would go through administrative proceedings.”

The law was clearly too hard for Hirono to understand, as she responded simply stating, “I’m confused.”

This is just another example that Democrats are very misinformed on immigration laws and how ICE works.

When immigrants cross the border illegally, it is a misdemeanor — and that is mandated by law, not by Trump.

–The Horn editorial team



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