Mueller investigation targeting Hillary Clinton?

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe isn’t going to fizzle out soon, say insiders — it’s about to “blow up” in the face of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her Democratic allies, and any investigator that is part of the so-called witch hunt.

Once the dust clears, the probe on Russian election meddling will result in charges of obstruction of justice and collusion, this insider says… but not for the president.

It’s Hillary Clinton and her team that are going to be answering questions about foreign election meddling.

“The reality is, the real story is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle,” Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday. “It’s going to blow up on them.”

“The real question is — what we talked about before — is there’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet,” Giuliani said on an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. “A lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier.”

“I know some of it,” Hannity replied, referring to the debunked Steele dossier.

According to Giuliani, the only collusion involved in the 2016 election was former President Barack Obama’s administration using the debunked Steele dossier to obtain “several fraudulent FISA wires” against Trump’s campaign.

The debunked Steele dossier was made by foreign intelligence officials, and was funded by Hillary’s campaign.

“Can it get any worse? I mean, what do we need to know that this is a totally illegitimate investigation based on a report, a dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats — probably the biggest illegality so far, the biggest collusion so far,” Giuliani said. “Completely made up. Completely made up. Led to nothing except several fraudulent FISA wires. And now, we have Mueller, who doesn’t seem to care that he’s sitting on top of a totally illegitimate investigation.”

If the Mueller investigation is doing it’s job they’ll have no choice but to investigate this election meddling, Giuliani concluded.

If not, surely the investigation is a partisan witch hunt like Trump claims?

“Well, maybe if Mueller and his band of whatever they are — Democrats? — are fair-minded, they’ll investigate [Hillary]. Maybe that’s the collusion. Maybe that’s the collusion,” he said of the dossier.

“I believe that when this plays out over the next year or two, it’s not going to be about President Trump,” Giuliani later said. “It’s going to get over with. It’s going to be about all the things [Democrats] did.”

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I suppose we’re back to “locking her up”! LOL 🙂