Mega-Beautification Campaign Launched in 40 Russian Cities

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A nice overview of the city beautification and renovation in the western enclave of Kaliningrad and of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, plus views of some other Russian cities on the rise. This is one of the steps taken by the Russian government to retain the population in the far-away regions of the world’s most spread out country, ensuring future development and economic potential growth in all of its corners. Previously, many people would opt to move to Moscow or St. Petersburg, where the infrastructure was the most developed. This picture is changing dramatically, as more and more people opt to stay or move to remote regions, previously considered not as fashionable.


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Gas Wars & Nord Stream-2 vs Focus on Developing the Domestic Market: Huge Russian Natural Gas Market Still Untapped


Futurist Trendcast

Gasprom gas routes

This is an interesting twist when it comes to Nord Stream-2 and other Gasprom’s international gas projects. It is a very good idea for Germany and other EU countries to secure their quantities of the Russian gas now, while it’s available. Russia may be redirecting some of her natural gas to China and Asia, and even the US is now buying Russian LNG gas. Since last year several tankers already quietly delivered Russian gas to the USA’s East Coast, and more are expected. Imagine the paradox: this is happening despite all of USA’s muscle flexing in regards to EU/Germany, so they would buy the fracking LNG gas from the US, instead of Russian gas through Nord Stream-2. This, of course, is a typical geopolitical intimidation, so that EU/Germany toe the line the US wants.

But there is another competitor to foreign consumers of the Russian natural gas, and it is Russia’s…

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