Cloak & Dagger: What is Really Behind Butina & Roscosmos Arrests? (FREE PUBLIC PODCAST 1)

Excellent analysis Lada!

Futurist Trendcast

The Hot Summer of Retrogrades & Eclipses (ESR22) indeed! We have so many shocking events and earth shifting changes that I must release not one, but two major Podcasts, to cover just some of them. In addition to the main topics below, we also talk about new anti-Russian sanctions and the US-Russia and US-China trade wars. We’ll soon have written Patreon reports on the real truth about US-Russia and US-China trade wars. You need to be my Patreon patron to be able to read those!

We already have over 140 posts/articles/reports on Patreon, and counting. About 1/4 to 1/3 of these posts are FREE PUBLIC ones. Scroll down POSTS page to view all posts. Joining is easy: to join click on BECOME A PATRON and scroll down the page to pick your tier (make sure you understand what rewards you are getting for each tier!). Click on OVERVIEW to read…

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