China’s vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming Chinese children… total cover-up by the media

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Image: China’s vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming Chinese children… total cover-up by the media

(Natural News) The Chinese government has admitted that hundreds of thousands more doses of children’s vaccines are faulty, bringing the total number of vaccines known to be defective there to nearly one million.

The State Council of China announced that another batch of vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) that were produced by the firm Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, were considered “substandard.” Most of the doses were sold to authorities in the Shandong province in northeastern China, and some have already been given to children.

The latest batch of 247,200 vaccines joins the 253,338 defective DPT vaccines from the same company that were discovered last November, along with more than 400,000 produced by a different company.

According to the South China Morning Post, 76 percent of those children who were given injections from the first substandard batch have already been treated by doctors, and there are now plans in place to treat those who received injections from the second batch.

Although the Chinese government has done its best to prevent people from talking about the crisis, Chinese social media is still full of conversation about the topic. There have also been reports that the company used expired ingredients and altered testing records.

Last month, thousands of enraged parents expressed their anger and disappointment that their country has let them down when it comes to their handling of vaccines. The Chinese president promised swift action and a prompt investigation, yet the problem continues.

Critics have accused the government of being more concerned about saving face than making things right with the children who were subjected to the faulty vaccines. In the Nikkei Asian Review, Yanzhong Huang writes:

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“Officials have reportedly restricted news coverage and censors have swiftly scrubbed away widely shared essays and posts criticizing the government or spreading bad news. Even news reports from state-owned publications, such as an investigation into Wuhan Institute’s substandard vaccines by the newspaper Economic Observer, have been taken down.”

He called for Beijing to improve vaccine safety and for the public and the press to get involved in exposing violators. He said that whistleblowers should be viewed as heroes rather than troublemakers.

Arrests, recalls issued in vaccine scandal

Some Changsheng Biotechnology personnel have already been arrested in connection with the problem. Chairwoman Gao Junfang, who is also known as the “Vaccine Queen” and considered one of China’s wealthiest women, is among the 18 people who have been arrested so far. The mayor of the drug manufacturer’s home city, Changchun, has also been arrested, along with the deputy governor of the Jilin province where the company is located and the national drug regulator’s deputy director.

Where is the media outrage?

It’s not just the Chinese government that is trying to keep the scandal quiet; many American mainstream news outlets are also ignoring the situation or keeping their coverage to a minimum, which isn’t surprising given their general reluctance to report on anything that could cast the vaccine industry in a negative light.

There isn’t any word on injuries caused by the vaccines, but vaccines have been impounded and production has been suspended. There has also been a recall of vaccine products from foreign markets, but details are scarce.

Chinese parents had already lost a great degree of confidence in the government after a scandal a few years ago in which children were disabled and even killed by vaccines that were ruined after they had been transported and stored improperly. This latest incident won’t do much to restore their faith.

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Comey BOMBSHELL slams Mueller investigation

by Stephen Dietrich, Associate Publisher

Newly discovered notes regarding ex-British spy Christopher Steele, the foreign operative behind the debunked dossier on then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have opened up another round of serious questions about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

For years, Trump has called the special counsel investigation a partisan “witch hunt” — and when the president fired former FBI Director James Comey, new information has revealed Steele grew “very concerned” and fearful his work “will be exposed.”

Steele allegedly said this to former Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, once the fourth highest ranking member of the DOJ under former President Barack Obama, who recorded the conversation in his personal notes.

Investigative journalist Sara Carter first revealed that Ohr was Steele’s point-of-contact within the DOJ after he was dropped as an FBI source for leaking information to the mainstream media.

“In one of Ohr’s handwritten notes listed as ‘Law enforcement Sensitive’ from May 10, 2017, he writes ‘Call with Chris,’ referencing Steele. He notes that Steele is ‘very concerned about Comey’s firing, afraid they will be exposed.’ This call occurred months after FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee and revealed for the first time that the FBI had an open counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged collusion with Russia,” Carter reported on her blog.

That wasn’t the only panicked message Steele reportedly sent Ohr about their work during the election.

According to Carter, Steele was also reportedly very concerned over a letter sent from the Senate Judiciary Committee that demanded Comey reveal details about his work with Steele during the 2016 presidential campaign during a scheduled appearance before congressional investigators.

Steele reportedly texted Ohr on Mar. 18, 2017: ““Hi! Just wondering if you had any news? Obviously, we’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress on Monday. Hoping that important firewalls will hold. Many thanks.”

“Sorry, no new news. I believe my earlier information is still accurate. I will let you know immediately if there is any change,” Ohr replied. What “earlier information” Ohr is referring to remains a mystery, but the exchange has certainly raised eyebrows.

According to Carter, the text messages have insiders asking, “What did Steele mean by important firewalls before Comey testimony? And what did Ohr mean by earlier information he provided?”

Donald J. Trump


“Very concerned about Comey’s firing, afraid they will be exposed,” said Bruce Ohr. DOJ’s Emails & Notes show Bruce Ohr’s connection to (phony & discredited) Trump Dossier. A creep thinking he would get caught in a dishonest act. Rigged Witch Hunt!

“Ohr had a conflict of interest during the presidential campaign and transition, congressional investigators say, because his wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS. Steele, an ex-British spy, was a key source cited by the FBI and Department of Justice to obtain a FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant to monitor [Trump aide Carter Page],” Fox News reported Friday.

Ohr was demoted twice by the Department of Justice for failing to disclose his wife’s role in Fusion GPS — the firm behind the debunked Steele dossier — as a conflict of interest in the ongoing investigation. Fusion GPS was being paid by Russian interests for a different project at the time.

The House Judiciary Committee is expected to question Ohr on Aug. 28 in a closed-door deposition.

— Stephen Dietrich is the Associate Publisher of The Horn News

Hacker News: 16-Year-Old Teen Hacked Apple Servers, Stole 90GB of Secure Files

apple server hacked

Well, there’s something quite embarrassing for Apple fans.

Though Apple servers are widely believed to be unhackable, a 16-year-old high school student proved that nothing is impossible.

The teenager from Melbourne, Australia, managed to break into Apple servers and downloaded some 90GB of secure files, including extremely secure authorized keys used to grant login access to users, as well as access multiple user accounts.

The teen told the authorities that he hacked Apple because he was a huge fan of the company and “dreamed of” working for the technology giant.

What’s more embarrassing? The teen, whose name is being withheld as he’s still a minor, hacked the company’s servers not once, but numerous times over the course of more than a year, and Apple’s system administrators failed to stop their users’ data from being stolen.

When Apple finally noticed the intrusion, the company contacted the FBI, which took the help of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) after detecting his presence on their servers and blocking him.

Apple Hack: The “Hacky Hack Hack” Folder

The AFP caught the teenager last year after a raid on his residence and seized two Apple laptops, a mobile phone, and a hard drive.

“Two Apple laptops were seized, and the serial numbers matched the serial numbers of the devices which accessed the internal systems,” a prosecutor was quoted as saying by Australian media The Age. “A mobile phone and hard drive were also seized, and the IP address matched the intrusions into the organization.”

After analyzing the seized equipment, authorities found the stolen data in a folder called “hacky hack hack.”

Besides this, authorities also discovered a series of hacking tools and files that allowed the 16-year-old boy to break into Apple’s mainframe repeatedly.

According to the authorities, the teenager also used Whatsapp to share his offending with others.

At Apple’s request, authorities did not disclose details regarding the methods the teenager used to hack into its secure servers, though investigators said his ways “worked flawlessly” until the company noticed.

The FBI and the AFP kept everything secret until now, as the teen’s defense lawyer said the boy had become so well known in the international hacking community that even mentioning the case in detail could expose him to risk.

In a statement given by Apple to the press today, the company assured its customers that no personal data was compromised in the hack, though it is still unclear what kind of data the teen stole.

The teen has pleaded guilty to a Children’s Court, but the magistrate has postponed his sentencing till next month (20 September).

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