Naturopathic doctor forced to shut her clinic after wave of death threats and government regulator pressure… medical freedom is DEAD

Image: Naturopathic doctor forced to shut her clinic after wave of death threats and government regulator pressure… medical freedom is DEAD

(Natural News) A world-famous doctor who offered her naturopathic services for free was forced to close her clinic after the Philippine equivalent of the FDA went after her and she received a wave of death threats.

Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch went to a conventional medical school, but the fact that doctors are encouraged to prescribe treatments to patients that haven’t been scientifically proven to be safe and effective made her uneasy and ultimately pushed her toward naturopathy. Her late father was the famous herbalist sir Antonio Augustin, who established the first natural cancer treatment center in the Philippines in 2000.

She eventually decided to open up her own practice. Her clinic in Victoria, two hours from Manila, was frequented by celebrities, business people and even royalty from the Philippines and beyond. She never charges patients for their visits or exams, believing that everyone has the right to see a doctor at no cost.

Dr. Bunch has successfully treated conditions like lupus, hypertension, diabetes, and other problems. She has even successfully treated stage 4 cancers. In total, she has treated more than 100,000 patients since becoming a doctor. She has also come up with protocols based on clinically and scientifically proven methods that make use of medicinal plants, extracts, herbs, and minerals. Some variations of her immunotherapy treatment are even used at some of America’s biggest cancer treatment centers.

Are her successes threatening the profits of more powerful people?

Her impressive treatments probably weren’t well received by the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and she likely drew further ire through her website, which offers up more than 20,000 pages of scientific evidence to inform and educate her patients. In addition to demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of immunotherapy, it also exposes the lack of scientific evidence for conventional treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, and most surgeries.

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She recently announced to her 3 million Facebook followers that she had to temporarily close her operations after the lives of her patients, children and herself were threatened if she remained open. She stated that several cases were filed against her after government offices and agencies received complaints from unnamed medical societies. She said that her clinic and property were raided, and she has been prohibited from manufacturing health products, administering them to patients, and distributing them. If she continues to help patients right now, she could lose her license to practice medicine and her career as a doctor would come to an end.

After her clinic was closed for allegedly selling supplements that were unauthorized, she said in a video message on Facebook: “I was also told that if my outpatient clinic was still open tomorrow, that I would be arrested and my license to practice medicine would be revoked.”

She said that she’s cooperating with the government agencies and using legal remedies to help fix the situation. She apologized to her patients for the inconvenience and suffering this situation could cause for them and said that she hopes to reopen as soon as possible so she can continue helping people.

A tearful Dr. Bunch added in her video message: “If something bad happens to me, please remember that I fought for my fellow Filipinos to have choices in their healthcare.”

It’s an unfortunate turn of events for the patients who rely on her treatment, but it’s not surprising. Naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other so-called “alternative” medicine areas have long been under attack by conventional doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA in the U.S. and countries around the world. As authorities continue to bully trained professionals who are only trying to heal people, medical freedom is slipping away from us and few people are noticing and speaking out about it.

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Venezuelans now eating spoiled, rotten meat as electricity collapses

Sunday, August 26, 2018 by: 

Image: Venezuelans now eating spoiled, rotten meat as electricity collapses

(Natural News) Living conditions in Venezuela show no signs of improving as people there have taken to eating spoiled meat just to keep themselves alive.

The AP reports that people in the city of Maracaibo have been lining up for a chance to buy spoiled meat as the rolling power outages that have been plaguing the area get worse and refrigerators fail.

As you might expect, the rotten meat is making people ill, but the starving population is willing to take its chances because it’s the only way many of them can afford to get their hands on protein as the country’s greatest collapse continues to get worse.

Maracaibo was once a thriving port city that was the hub of oil production of Venezuela. The area produced around half of the Venezuelan crude oil that was shipped around the world and was home to trendy shopping centers, international restaurants and businesses. These days, however, the lake is littered with broken-down oil platforms, the shores are soaked in oil, all the businesses are gone, and the bridge’s lights are dark.

Situation going from bad to worse

Right now, Venezuela is in the midst of the country’s worst economic downfall ever as electricity and running water become luxuries rather than basic services. There have been rolling blackouts in Maracaibo for the last nine months, but when a fire destroyed the main power line that supplies the city earlier this month, living conditions for the 1.5 million people who live here became unbearable.

Inflation in Venezuela hit 82,700 percent last month as the socialist economic model there continues to collapse. Buying basics like rice or soap requires stacks of cash. Even those who can manage get enough money together to buy these necessities are put off by the ridiculous lines in the stores that are still open as people do their best to stock up as a new economic measure sets in that many believe will make basic commerce impossible.

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At least four butcher shops are now selling rotten beef at the central market in Maracaibo. Some are grinding it up and mixing it with fresher meat to disguise the spoilage, but a desperate population isn’t showing many reservations about buying meat that is clearly rotten. The AP reports that counters of rotting meats can be seen collecting flies throughout the market where butchers – some shirtless and smoking cigarettes – peddle the cuts to hungry Venezuelans.

One father of three told the AP that the meat smells “foul,” but he rinses it with vinegar and lemon in an attempt to make it more palatable. Yeudis Luna is raising his three boys alone after his wife left the family for Colombia because she could no longer handle the hunger and living conditions there.

He said he rinses the beef with water, soaks it overnight in vinegar, then simmers it in lemon juice, tomato and onion. He said he was worried that his sons might become ill from consuming it because they are so young, but he reported that only the youngest boy got diarrhea and threw up – something he seems to consider a small victory.

Most of us can’t imagine risking our lives just to get the protein our bodies need. Unfortunately, a crisis like that seen in Venezuela could happen anywhere. It’s never too early to start stocking up on storable food and learning how to grow your own food so you’ll be better prepared to keep your family fed in an emergency situation. See FoodCollapse.comfor more news.

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