Hillary email secret discovered – jail time!?

“On the Holmes Front,” with Frank Holmes

This week Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal got deeper and uglier than we ever imagined – but most mainstream media outlets refused to comment on it. They were too busy bashing President Donald Trump, it seems, to report actual news.

What they were ignoring, though, was earth-shattering.

Now only did Crooked Hillary set up a private, homebrew e-mail server while she served as secretary of state… Not only did she keep it unsecured and sitting in a closet inside her house in Chappaqua… Not only did she send classified documents from that server, inviting hackers from around the world….

But a hostile nation intercepted and read every single one of Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails the instant she sent them – and it wasn’t Russia.

A “front group” for the Chinese government hacked her server with a code that sent the Chinese a copy of her e-mails in real time.

“A ‘courtesy copy,’ was being sent to a third party and that third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China,” an intelligence source who had been briefed on the issue told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

For years, the Chinese knew every move the Obama administration planned to make, every deep intelligence secret our military had kept from them.

Chinese agents might have read the e-mails before the U.S. officials they were intended for.

The minute Hillary hit “send,” a little server in Beijing may as well have said, “You’ve got mail!”

No wonder Hillary and Obama were always outmatched – and officials say they should have seen it coming.

“The Chinese are notorious for embedding little surprises like this,” said the source.

What’s more, the Obama administration found about the security breach long before the 2016 election – and swept it under the rug!

The hacking was discovered by officials working with the Intelligence Community Inspector General, or ICIG, as early as 2015.

Two people in the ICIG office, investigator Frank Rucker and attorney Janette McMillan, sounded the alarm to everyone in the Obama administration who would listen – but they were barking up the wrong tree.

“It’s almost like there were folks at the top of FBI that just weren’t interested in anything that made Hillary look bad,” said Dana Loesch at NRA TV.

One of the people they tipped off was Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who allegedly plotted to put Hillary in the White House through text messages with his mistress, Lisa Page.

“Peter Strzok, Sally Yates, they knew that China had hacked Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server,” Rush Limbaugh said on his show on Tuesday. “They were aware of the fact for a full year. They did nothing about it.”

Instead of clamping down on the espionage, Strzok made sure public statements downplayed any damage caused by Hillary.

Strzok even seems to have lied for Clinton under oath during a July 12 congressional hearing, critics say.

When Congressman Louie Gohmert asked him about reports that a “foreign entity” other than Russia received all Hillary’s e-mails, Strzok told said he met with ICIG officials – but he did “not recall the specific” topics they mentioned.

If someone told you China hacked classified information for years, would you forget it?

As usual, the media have already put it down the memory hole. Apparently hostile foreign agents trying to undermine American power are only news if it involves a debunked conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

President Trump tweeted on Tuesday:

Donald J. Trump


Report just out: “China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email Server.” Are they sure it wasn’t Russia (just kidding!)? What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this? Actually, a very big story. Much classified information!

Hillary’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, said the subject is old news. “This is the most combed over subject in modern American political history,” he said. “It’s no surprise that an outlet like The Daily Caller would try to distract us from very real and very immediate threats to our democracy brought by the man occupying the White House.”

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And the media coverage has been to make fun of Trump, saying he can’t quit tweeting about Hillary’s e-mails.

“Apparently, laughing it off is how they pretend that it’s just nothing,” said Loesch.

But it’s huge – and most of the story hasn’t even come out yet.

But a July 10, 2015, FBI memo confirms a foreign power stole classified information from Hillary.

And Politico reported that “Clinton server faced hacking from China, South Korea and Germany” three months later – then dropped the story.

This is a blockbuster revelation that no one in government or the media want to touch, because it blows the Russian collusion story they’ve been carefully building up for months to smithereens.

And it reveals another story: Obama, Hillary, and the entire Democratic establishment are crooks who put their private gain ahead of national security.

If ever there were two phrases that ring louder than ever, they’re these: “Drain the Swamp!” and “Lock her up!”

Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

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