I remember you mentioned that despite bogus western sanctions against Russia, Russia remains Ukraine’s largest trading partner! How does the West respond to that fact, by conveniently ignoring it? Gotta call BS on sanctimonious sanctions meant only to destroy Russia and not help Ukraine.

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And now it’s being recognized officially!

‘Russia by the Numbers: Looks Like Sanctions Finally Kickstarted Russia’s Domestic Food Economy’

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#SkripalHoax Explodes: Skripal’s Niece Tells All!

Of course the UK gov’t cannot respond to her concerns or requests. Clear coverup and hoax exposed!

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The brutal truth comes out: Viktoria Skripal, the niece of poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, holds a press conference in Moscow, together with Russian diplomats and politicians.


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Urgent! President Of Moldova Dodon’s Car Rammed by Truck! Hours After Abkhazia PM killed! (Open Season on Pro-Russian Leaders?)

Call me a conspiracy nut, but does anybody else see a pattern developing here? Hmmm….

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This is open season on pro-Russian leaders, people of common sense and truth.

This is the shocking first footage of a truck plowing into Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s motorcade on Sunday. The crash occurred when a truck skidded into oncoming traffic, crashing into two cars from the presidential convoy, reportedly near the town of Straseni.

Putin and Igor Dodon

Igor Dodon (left) talking to Putin 



Coincidence of Open Season?

Dodon’s ‘accident’ follows the recent assassination by the pro-US Kiev junta of the Donetsk People’s Republic leader Alexandr Zakharchenko (see my several articles on Patreon, and FT). As I wrote on Patreon, Zakharchenko was also the most popular politician in the whole Ukraine, who would have won next year’s presidential elections, should he be allowed to run by Kiev!

But it gets worse! Dodon’s ‘accident’ comes just hours after Gennady Gagulia…

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