Wealthy elitists literally living off blood transfusions from children … Modern “vampires” are real

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Image: Wealthy elitists literally living off blood transfusions from children … Modern “vampires” are real

(Natural News) With their expensive homes and vehicles and glittering lifestyles, they may seem nothing like the vampires of fictional literature, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sucking the life out of their victims. Reaching an all new low in exploitation of the poor and innocent, it has now become fashionable for the idle rich to try to hang on to their youth and beauty by getting expensive blood transfusions using the blood of young children.

As reported by Fellowship of the Minds, members of the “healthy but wealthy” elite are paying upwards of $8,000 for 1.5 liters (34 fluid ounces) of young blood in a desperate bid to turn back the hands of time. (Related: Thousands of blood-sucking vampires actually live all over the world, and they just need a little help, study says.)

Parabiosis: A way for the parasitic rich to suck the life out of young children

The concept of infusing young blood into older bodies – known as parabiosis – is nothing new. Medical Daily notes that not only its anti-aging merits but also its potential in speeding up the metabolism and fighting diabetes and cancer have been a recognized field of study for at least a century.

Strictly speaking, parabiosis involves linking the circulatory systems of two animals together. Science has moved way beyond the initial animal experiments which involved literally sewing the circulatory systems of rats together, however. Nowadays, researchers are focusing on simply isolating specific proteins and plasma from young blood and injecting it into old patients to derive the “benefits” of the treatment in a far more streamlined and less invasive way.

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While young blood transfusions cannot literally replace an elderly person’s body with that of a young person, there is some scientific evidence that it can rejuvenate tissue and repair cellular damage. (Related: “Vampire addicts” are now injecting themselves with human blood mixed with MORPHINE.)

A report published in the journal Nature in 2015 noted the following regarding rodent trials of the controversial treatment:

By joining the circulatory system of an old mouse to that of a young mouse, scientists have produced some remarkable results. In the heart, brain, muscles and almost every other tissue examined, the blood of young mice seems to bring new life to aging organs, making old mice stronger, smarter and healthier. It even makes their fur shinier.

Interestingly, while infusing old patients with young blood definitely seemed to reverse some of the signs of aging, the exact opposite effect was noted when young people were injected with “old” blood.

Prestigious universities throw their weight behind the controversial treatment

Two prestigious Ivy League colleges – Stanford and Harvard – have conducted studies which appear to confirm the effectiveness of the “vampire” treatment using either a specifically isolated protein from mouse blood, or by simply injecting plasma from young mice into old mice. Plasma is the part of the blood that keeps cells in suspension, and contains electrolytes, hormones, dissolved proteins, glucose, clotting factors, carbon dioxide and oxygen. It serves as both a protein reserve and as a protection against infection and blood disorders.

Ambrosia, a company based in California, has been offering transfusion of human plasma sourced from young donors at a cool $8,000 for 1.5 liters, which is transfused into the recipient over a two-day period. Ambrosia is owned by a 33-year-old med school graduate who does not have a license to practice – Jess Karmazin – and is overseen by a doctor who was disciplined in 2015 by the California Medical Board. To bypass the FDA approval needed to legitimately sell the transfusions, Ambrosia is calling its operation a “clinical trial.”

Karmazin insists that his “trial” participants are experiencing wonderful results, including “improvements in sleep and declines in levels of carcino-embryonic antigens and amyloids — proteins involved in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease — of as much as 20%.” What he is selling is potentially very dangerous, however.

Fellowship of the Minds warned:

[I]n the young-old mice experiments, researchers found that some of these mice died quickly (11 out of 69 in one experiment) for reasons the scientists could not explain, but described as possibly some form of rejection. Evidence from two large studies in 2017 showed that the transfusion of blood from younger donors to older people led to outcomes that were either no different from, or led to worse outcomes than, blood from older donors. 

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the ethical concerns about where the need for a fresh supply of young blood could eventually lead.

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How To Check If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

how to hack twitter account

Did you ever wonder if your Twitter account has been hacked and who had managed to gain access and when it happened?

Twitter now lets you know this.

After Google and Facebook, Twitter now lets you see all the devices—laptop, phone, tablet, and otherwise—logged into your Twitter account.

Twitter has recently rolled out a new security feature for its users, dubbed Apps and Sessions, allowing you to know which apps and devices are accessing your Twitter account, along with the location of those devices.

In order to find out current and all past logged in devices and locations where your Twitter account was accessed for the last couple months, follow these steps:

Check Twitter Login Sessions On Smartphone:

twitter account security login sessions
  1. Open the Twitter app, and head on to your profile
  2. Tap on ‘Settings and privacy’ section
  3. Inside the section, select ‘Account’
  4. Once inside the option, tap on ‘Apps and sessions’

Check Twitter Login Sessions On Desktop Or Laptop:

Twitter Login Sessions

The process is almost the same using a desktop or laptop.

  1. Open Twitter and tap on the photo icon on the top right corner where you find all the account settings.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings and privacy’ section
  3. Inside the section, scroll down to ‘Apps and devices’

Once you tap ‘Apps and sessions’ on mobile or ‘Apps and devices’ option on desktop, you will be shown a list of all devices active on your Twitter account in the last month, as well as location they’re in, along with a list of third-party apps that have access to your Twitter account.

Now, you can click on the devices to see more information, including the name of the device your Twitter account was accessed on, what browser it was used on, date and time, and the approximate location the device was used in.

If you found any suspicious device that you never logged in, you can revoke back the access in just one click. This will close any open session, preventing people with your Twitter account access to log into your account again.

However, you are highly recommended to change your password as well as recovery and 2-step verification settings, if you found such situation, as this will prevent people that may have your current password from signing back in.

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New Cold Boot Attack Unlocks Disk Encryption On Nearly All Modern PCs

cold boot steal Encryption keys

Security researchers have revealed a new attack to steal passwords, encryption keys and other sensitive information stored on most modern computers, even those with full disk encryption.

The attack is a new variation of a traditional Cold Boot Attack, which is around since 2008 and lets attackers steal information that briefly remains in the memory (RAM) after the computer is shut down.

However, to make the cold boot attacks less effective, most modern computers come bundled with a safeguard, created by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), that overwrites the contents of the RAM when the power on the device is restored, preventing the data from being read.

Now, researchers from Finnish cyber-security firm F-Secure figured out a new way to disable this overwrite security measure by physically manipulating the computer’s firmware, potentially allowing attackers to recover sensitive data stored on the computer after a cold reboot in a matter of few minutes.

“Cold boot attacks are a known method of obtaining encryption keys from devices. But the reality is that attackers can get their hands on all kinds of information using these attacks. Passwords, credentials to corporate networks, and any data stored on the machine are at risk,” the security firm warns in a blog post published today.

Video Demonstration of the New Cold Boot Attack

Using a simple tool, researchers were able to rewrite the non-volatile memory chip that contains the memory overwrite settings, disable it, and enable booting from external devices. You can also watch the video demonstration performing the attack below.

Like the traditional cold boot attack, the new attack also requires physical access to the target device as well as right tools to recover remaining data in the computer’s memory.

“It’s not exactly easy to do, but it is not a hard enough issue to find and exploit for us to ignore the probability that some attackers have already figured this out,” says F-Secure principal security consultant Olle Segerdahl, one the two researchers.

“It’s not exactly the kind of thing that attackers looking for easy targets will use. But it is the kind of thing that attackers looking for bigger phish, like a bank or large enterprise, will know how to use.”

How Microsoft Windows and Apple Users Can Prevent Cold Boot Attacks

cold boot attack on full disk encryption

According to Olle and his colleague Pasi Saarinen, their new attack technique is believed to be effective against nearly all modern computers and even Apple Macs and can’t be patched easily and quickly.

The two researchers, who will present their findings today at a security conference, say they have already shared their findings with Microsoft, Intel, and Apple, and helped them explore possible mitigation strategies.

Microsoft updated its guidance on Bitlocker countermeasures in response to the F-Secure’s findings, while Apple said that its Mac devices equipped with an Apple T2 Chip contain security measures designed to protect its users against this attack.

But for Mac computers without the latest T2 chip, Apple recommended users to set a firmware password in order to help harden the security of their computers.

Intel has yet to comment on the matter.

The duo says there’s no reliable way to “prevent or block the cold boot attack once an attacker with the right know-how gets their hands on a laptop,” but suggest the companies can configure their devices so that attackers using cold boot attacks won’t find anything fruitful to steal.

Meanwhile, the duo recommends IT departments to configure all company computers to either shut down or hibernate (not enter sleep mode) and require users to enter their BitLocker PIN whenever they power up or restore their PCs.

Attackers could still perform a successful cold boot attack against computers configured like this, but since the encryption keys are not stored in the memory when a machine hibernates or shuts down, there will be no valuable information for an attacker to steal.

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The Pirate Bay Alternatives | Best Torrent Sites | Free Movie Download

piratebay torrent download sites and free movie download websites

There’s no doubt that The Pirate Bay torrent download site is one of the world’s most famous and widely used torrent download site, but it has again been caught mining cryptocurrency by using its visitors’ CPU processing power.

This is the second time when The Pirate Bay has been caught mining digital coins. In September last year, Pirate Bay was found quietly running CoinHive JavaScript code to mine Monero cryptocurrency without informing its users to generate revenue.

However, this time the PirateBay let users know, though in a very tiny print at the end of its homepage, that the free torrent download website is cryptocurrency mining again—without allowing users to opt out.

The Pirate Bay Torrent Download Site Displays New Notification

“By entering TPB [The Pirate Bay], you agree to XMR being mined using your CPU. If you don’t agree, please leave now or install a blocker.”

Last year, when the Pirate Bay torrent download site got many complaints from its users about the increased of their CPU usage whenever they try to browser the Pirates Bay, the website expressed regret for using a crypto-miner without users’ consent.

However, this time when a use expressed his concern about the mining operation on the free torrent website due to his slow internet speed, here’s what the Pirate Bays administrator, who goes by the online alias “Sid,” replied:

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. The time it takes to download torrent files is completely and utterly irrelevant. All you require from PirateBay is magnet links. Open the site. Find a torrent. Click the magnet links. Close the site. End of the miner.”

The Pirate Bay is an infamous Swedish torrent search engine used worldwide for downloading pirated material, such as software, movies, music files and TV shows for free.

In 2014, it was reported that Pirate Bay runs on 21 “raid-proof servers,” hosted around the globe at different cloud provider, to avoid detection.

Although every ISP blocks The Pirate Bay (piratebay com), users still access the website using a VPN service or a proxy to bypass service providers restrictions.

Moreover, The Pirate Bay regularly faces down times.

Almost two months ago, the pirate bay website was down worldwide, leaving millions of users disappointed for not being able to get magnet links and download torrent files.

The Pirate Bay Alternatives: Best Torrent Sites

However, to avoid websites that mine digital secretly coins in the browser, users have found some best torrent sites that work perfectly as pirate bay alternatives.

Though we do not support any act of copyright infringement or illegal downloading of content, here are top recommendations people sharing over social media websites:

1. TorLock — [torlock.com]

TorLock is one of the best pirate bay alternatives to download high quality torrent files.

Torlock is a unique download site that offers music, games, software, the latest TV series, and movies for free.

With “No Fakes Torrent Site” as its official motto, Torlock is dedicated to listing 100% verified torrents only. It challenges users to find fake torrents and get a compensation of $1 for each finding.

2. KickAss Torrent — [katcr.co]

Among the best pirate bay alternatives is KickAss Torrent, but after being in controversies over copyright infringement, many service providers and ISP blocks this service and its mirror domains as well.

The peer to peer file sharing site became the world’s biggest piracy hub after The Pirate Bay went offline for over a month following a police raid in December 2014.

KickAssTorrents (KAT) hosts a good number of torrent files and magnet links for movies, TV shows, software, games, e-books, and music.

While the original Kickass Torrent domain (kat.cr) was shut down after its alleged owner Artem Vaulin arrested in Poland two years ago, the site’s original team revived the website at a new web address (katcr.co) and has since been, no doubt, kicking ass in the world of torrents.

3. iDope — [idope.se]

This is a relatively new download website that not only lets you discover anything you search for and also claims never to track its visitors. It is a great alternative to the pirate bay.

The homepage of iDope includes not much more than a torrent indexer bar with a tagline: “A tribute to KickassTorrents.” iDope has a Chrome plugin and an Android app. The service is also available on the darknet.

4. 1337x — [1337x.to]

If you love pirate bay, 1337x would be your go-to for the site. The peer to peer file sharing site has been around for a long time that makes it a reliable and prominent alternative for The Pirate Bay.

Just like pirate bay, 1337x offers a simple, user-friendly search bar with no complex design. You can also search torrent files and magnet links by categories or directly head on to its Top 100 section for most trending torrents on the website.

5. Yify Torrent / YTS — [yts.am]

Also known as YTS, this site is yet another best pirate bay alternative. However, this is not the original YIFY torrent site to download YIFY Movies and YTS Movies that I’m sure all the movie lovers are aware of it.

The original YTS or YIFY site went dark after its leader pleaded guilty in New Zealand Jurisprudence. YTS.am is an excellent clone of the original website, though you need to beware of other fake torrent sites promoting itself as YTS.

6. ExtraTorrent — [extratorrent.si]

Among these, ExtraTorrent is also a good alternative to the pirate bay.

ExtraTorrent was once the most popular and, of course, best torrent site, but the site suddenly disappeared on May 17, 2017, with a message on its website that it has been permanently shut down.

ExtraTorrent, however, made a comeback with a new domain.

Is Downloading Torrent Files Legal or Illegal?

Watching TV shows and movies online are a great way to entertain yourself or have a fun time with your friends and family, and the fun could be even more when they come for free.

The torrent search engines mentioned above are excellent pirate bay alternatives if you want to try out, although it is not a good idea to use best torrent sites for downloading copyright-protected content.

If you found guilty of copyright infringement, you can be ordered to pay damages.

Although the concept of torrent is not illegal, those who download copyrighted content for free without permission are breaking the law in some of the other ways.

Some countries even impose a hefty fine or/and imprisonment on pirates, like in India you could be sentenced to three-year prison if caught just visiting a torrent site.

Using a VPN service to unblock peer to peer file sharing and torrent sites, which are blocked by service providers, sometimes doesn’t help much to stay anonymous on the Internet.

Download Free Movies Legally

It is important to know that—when you type free movies or free movie download websites on your search engines, you’ll be served with a long list of best free movie sites, where you could end up downloading links to nasty malware and viruses that could infect your computer.

We have long advised our readers to avoid illegal sites for free downloads of movies, and always use streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch newly released movies in the comfort of your home.

However, we frequently receive emails and messages from our readers asking for legal websites for downloading movies and TV shows for free.

So, in the interest of our readers, I have compiled a list of free movie websites, where you can download hollywood movies for free, watch movies online, watch TV shows online for free.

However, before heading towards the list, always keep in mind that there is no legal way to download a free version of movies that are still in theaters, or that has recently been released.

You can try legal ways to watch high quality movies online. Here below we have listed some best movie download sites that offers a quite good collection of free movies:

Since, other torrent and free movie download sites have also started consider using in-browser cryptocurrency mining, just like the Pirate Bay, readers are advised to install minerBlock or No Coin like browser extensions/plugins that do not allow sites to mine cryptocurrencies without users’ consent and authorization.

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