Exactly As Predicted: Russia in Syria Developments

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These videos from today confirm exactly what I predicted in my original report:

 Israel Responsible for Downing of Russian Il-20 Jet in Syria? Lada Ray’s Major Analysis & Predictions!


And earlier today’s new post: Why the French Frigate Misfired on Syria? (Ask Lada)

I said that 1: Israel is very interested in having Russia on her good side, and it’s crucial for Israel to have a rapport with Russia. 2. Russia will be covering the skies above Syria, especially around Russia’s interests, which is most of Syria, and 100 km radius around Syria. This means no-fly zones and S-400s.

And after I said all that, this is what comes out of the Russian corridors of power today:

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One thought on “Exactly As Predicted: Russia in Syria Developments

  1. Seen some speculation that the French ship shot down the Il-20, in order to provoke a military response and to wipe out what little is left of French-Rus relations, and that Rus, having wisely decided not to openly retaliate, is using the Western “script” of the event to open the way for a no-fly zone over Syria, as you have outlined.

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