Quote of the day


Now you know what awareness is. You have known this transcendental awareness where objects and subjects are no more existential. You have known for the first time this purity, this crystal-clear mirror. Now examine the nature of this awareness.

Look into it, look deep into it. Shake yourself into as full alertness as possible. Wake up and see! And you will start laughing — because now you will see there has never been a birth, and there is never going to be a death.

This is unborn and undying consciousness. It has always been here. It is eternal, it is timeless. And how afraid you were of death, and how afraid you were of old age, and how afraid you were of a thousand and one things! And nothing has ever happened: all was a dream.

Seeing this, one smiles, one laughs. Your whole life up to now has been ridiculous, absurd. You were unnecessarily afraid, unnecessarily greedy, unnecessarily suffering.

You were living in a nightmare and it was your own creation.


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