PLEASE READ! #ThankYouPatrons Lada Ray Marathon! Surprises & Treats I Plan For You!

Ppl join now if you haven’t already, promise you won’t regret it! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

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Monday Nov 19 is Patreon-sponsored #ThankYouPatrons day.

But I’ve decided to take it MUCH further and organize

LADA RAY #ThankYouPatrons MARATHON! 

It is my way of thanking all of my dear Patrons and simple fans alike for their wonderful support! 

Therefore, starting very early on Nov 19, I will have a large number of posts spread out throughout the day! Please stay tuned and don’t miss them, we worked very hard to put all of this together! 🙂

**I will also tweet and post on FuturisTrendcast, YouTube, Facebook and G+ various #ThankYouPatrons related things. It will be super helpful if those of you who have blogs or SM accounts, could please reblog, Tweet, or mention my posts on Facebook, G+, etc. I will be very grateful for you helping me raise awareness, so more people could join our Patreon community!


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