Humanity is revolting against globalist plot to alter the atmosphere in the name of fighting “climate change”

Image: Humanity is revolting against globalist plot to alter the atmosphere in the name of fighting “climate change”

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(Natural News) After three weeks of riots in France caused by the government’s imposition of massive new “carbon taxes” that are supposed to fight “climate change,” President Emmanuel Macron suspended them as a means of diffusing tensions.

The imposition of the tax was purposely designed to dramatically increase the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel with the express purpose of reducing the use of fossil fuels. That’s what France agreed to in 2015 when it hosted — and signed onto — the Paris Climate Accords, the latest globalist construct aimed at transferring wealth from rich countries to the Third World, so that the elites can rule over a planet full of people who are equally destitute.

What Macron — a true believer in human-caused “global warming” — and the rest of his ruling cabal didn’t count on was the reaction of the French people. But frankly, any honest assessment of the situation prior to Macron’s carbon taxes should have seen the revolt coming.

“Virulently anti-elite, the protesters say they cannot make ends meet with the present burdens on the working and middle class,” writes conservative columnist, author, and GOP presidential contender Pat Buchanan. “Specifically, what the rioters seems to be saying is this: ‘We cannot see the benefits you are promising to future generations from cutting carbon emissions. And we cannot survive the taxes you are imposing on us in the here and now.’”

Leftist constructs always look better on paper, but in practice, they are not only disastrous economically, but they are also capable of destabilizing entire countries. France is the latest example.

“According to the Paris agreement, poorer nations were promised $100 billion a year, starting in 2020, to cut carbon emissions. Anyone think that the newly nationalistic peoples of the West will tolerate that kind of wealth transfer to the Third World indefinitely?” he added.

The answer, again, should be obvious.

The plot to destroy the earth in order to ‘save’ it

In America, there are no such carbon tax riots in the U.S. since POTUS Donald Trump removed us from the Paris accords in the summer of 2017. But that is liable to change soon once Americans find out what the globalist “climate change” hoax artists have in mind.

As reported by Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, there is a scheme afoot to “collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere…and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of ‘environmentalism.’” (Related: Celebrated physicist Freeman Dyson agrees with Mike Adams: Rising carbon dioxide is a huge benefit to life on Earth.)

Specifically, he writes, “The scheme is called ‘global dimming,’ and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming.

“This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that ‘chemtrails’ are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to ‘save’ us all from global warming,” Adams reported, citing an actual scientific study laying out the details of the scheme.

Like the globalist Left did when they stopped using the phrase “global warming” and began using “climate change,” the term “chemtrail” has been replaced with “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection,” or SAI. Adams also notes that the study’s authors, Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner, even ponder whether the plan can be carried out “in secret.”

Incredibly, the authors recommend using specially designed aircraft to make 4,000 flights a year costing $2.25 billion in order to ensure that the upper atmosphere is polluted sufficiently enough to blot out much of the sun. 

“These lunatics, if given enough government funding, will literally murder our planet and destroy human civilization. Such is the cost of the decades of false propaganda in our public schools that has brainwashed children into believing ‘climate change’ is real and must be halted,” writes Adams.

Read his full report here.

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‘Great Violence’ in Paris Anticipated as Police Staff Join Macron Protests

On the surface it looks like the French ppl are fed up with Macron’s globalist policies that favors the rich and politically connected. My gut’s telling me this is a covert CIA inspired Maidan event. Someone is guiding and financing this operation behind the scenes, for reasons unbeknownst to us.

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The French government expects the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protests in Paris this weekend could be more violent than ever, despite President Emmanuel Macron buckling on fuel tax hikes.

The Élysée Palace, seat of President Emmanuel Macron, announced to French media they are expecting “great violence” on Saturday as Yellow Vest protestors have announced “Act IV” of their nearly four-week-long protest against the Macron regime that was initially sparked by a rise in fuel taxes, franceinfo reports.

According to the Élysée, they expect “a hard core of several thousand people” to arrive in Paris on Saturday with the intent to “break and kill.”

The government is taking the situation so seriously that they have ordered a general mobilisation of every police officer nationwide for Saturday including doubling the number of officers in Paris.

Rumours had also circulated on social media of the possibility that Macron has ordered the French military to be present in Paris on Saturday with some posting images and videos of what appear to be armoured personnel carriers being pre-deployed. The planned presence of armoured vehicles, a first since 2005, was later confirmed by the government.

The security for the public transit systems in the French capital will also be totally mobilised with the Paris public transport company RATP already planning to divert or cancel dozens of buses and other forms of public transit going to the Champs-Élysées, the Opera, and several other areas of the city.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Paris in Flames: Violence, ‘Insurrection’ in Third Week of Yellow Jacket Protests 

Paris in Flames: Violence, ‘Insurrection’ in Third Week of Yellow Jacket Protests

In a third straight week of protests by the Yellow Vest movement, hundreds of protestors were arrested in what has been called an “insurrection”.

On top of the regular police forces and Gendarmes,  around 500 officers of the Directorate for Combating Irregular Immigration (SDLII) will be called upon and the Department of Local Security in Greater Paris (DSPAP) has also said their entire staff will be available to help.

The U.S. embassy in France has also put out a demonstration alert for Saturday’s protests saying, “Demonstrations may become violent, resulting in damage to property, including overturning vehicles and setting them on fire. Police responses may include water cannons and/or tear gas.”

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Yellow Jacket Protesters Pull out of Meeting with French Government 

Yellow Jacket Protesters Pull out of Meeting with French Government

Representatives from the Gilet Jaunes protest movement have said they will not meet with French President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

The embassy recommended that Americans and others should avoid the protest areas, “shelter in place if in the areas affected,” and notify family for their safety.

While police have been called on to help quell the expected violence in the French capital, many are showing signs of sympathy to the Yellow Vests and their demands.

The Police Union Vigi Ministère de l’Intérieur has not only expressed support for the Yellow Vest movement but has called on members to go on an indefinite strike starting on Saturday, and join the Yellow Vests.


“It is time to organise legally and to be in solidarity with them, for the benefit of all,” the union said and added, “We know that we will have wounded and we fear to have dead among us.”

The strike will not affect active-duty officers, who are not allowed to strike by law but will impact support and administrative staff.

“Without the technical assistance and cooks, the companies of CRS [riot police] can be immobilised. Without the administrative assistants, services can be closed. Without the state workers, the maintenance of buildings and vehicles can no longer be done,” the union said.

While last weekend saw intense amounts of violence within Paris, vandalism has continued in the last several days, including in the department of Puy-de-Dôme where 95 per cent of all the motorway speed cameras have now been destroyed.

Vandalism and destruction have also been directed at tax collection offices across the country in recent weeks.

On Tuesday night, a tax office in the commune of Riom in central France was firebombed and only a day before a treasury office in Saint-Andiol, located near Avignon, was also firebombed.

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Significant Majority of French Support Anti-Macron Movement Despite Violent Protests 

72 Percent of French Still Support Yellow Vest Movement After Violence

Following some of the worst riots seen in Paris in decades, the vast majority of French people still support the goals of the Yellow Vests.

Over the last three weeks, other tax offices have also been targeted, including the office in Limoges where a tractor was rammed into the front of the building to block the entrance and in the city of Cahors were Yellow Vests blocked entrance into the tax building and wrote “stop  the racket” and “Merry Christmas and Good Taxes” on the walls.

With 67 per cent of the French believing that taxes are “too excessive,” tax collectors say they are now becoming fearful for their safety. In Poitiers last week, 200 tax collector staff were forced to flee the Yellow Vest protestors with one remarking, “The crowd screamed ‘fascists! collaborators!’ What is the next step? The guillotine? The scaffold?”

The tax officials are not the only ones fearing for their safety according to a source close to the presidency who said that all non-essential ministerial staff have been told to stay home on Saturday. “Everyone is scared. Fear for the stability of the institutions, for the continuity of the State, for the French, for our lives, for France,” the source said.

President Macron has already been confronted in public by Yellow Vest members while visiting the commune of Puy-en-Velay earlier this week. When the French leader attempted to greet the Yellow Vests he was met with shouts of “Démission!” or “Resign!” and was chased by Yellow Vests as his convoy attempted to leave the area.

While the original goal of the protests, to end a hike on fuel taxes, was met by Macron earlier this week, the Yellow Vest movement has burgeoned into what some have deemed as a true populist movement.

Breitbart London spoke to French author Renaud Camus and he claimed that the protests were borne of a much deeper problem in France.

“The problem is that the protesters themselves are so far too close to the picture, too much inside it, to realise that their fight is part of the general struggle against global replacementism, Davocracy,” Camus said, referring to the globalist elites who meet at the World Economic Forum every year in Davos, Switzerland.

He also noted that the protestors were “exemplified by the fact that practically all protesters belong to the indigenous, colonised, invaded, conquered people, the ‘natural’ French people.”

In the face of the past violence and expectation of more this weekend, 72 per cent of French still remain supporters of the Yellow Vest movement.

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