Thin-Skinned President Trump Wants To Investigate SNL For Its Negative Portrayals Of him

Thanks for the fun share, it rings true. 🙂

Gronda Morin

Whoever becomes the next US president needs to be less thin skinned than the current republican President Donald Trump as his ego can’t tolerate satirical comedy about him. Every other US president has managed to survive comedians skewering their presence in the White House, but no one bothered to explain to Mr. Trump before he won the US presidency, that critical press coverage and comedic depictions of him, was part of his job description.

This past Saturday (12/15/18), President Trump must have made the mistake of watching the TV show”Saturday Night Live’ (SNL)  that was a spoof on the iconic Christmas movie, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ where an Angel takes him back in time for him to see how his life would have turned out, if he had never won the US presidency.

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As per the 12/17/18 Week report, “The president, once again, is griping about being made fun of…

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