Filling Those Giant Putin’s Shoes: Russian President’s Big Q&A 2018 Highlights!

An excellent fireside chat update, I love his broadcasts. Perhaps Trump could take his cue and have a heart to heart with the American ppl. Of course he’s not as popular as Putin but he needs to show he cares, lol. Watch out, Trump’s coming at ya with his big heart!! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

It was Putin’s international media Q&A No. 14, lasting almost 4 hours. This time Putin took a larger than usual number of questions from Russian regional and federal media, targeting all-Russia and local issues. But there were also plenty of questions from international MSM, including on Ukraine, US, Syria, Turkey, nuclear war and BREXIT.

Highlights and interesting bits here:

Does Putin want to rule the world?…

Pay attention to the hateful Kiev ‘journalist’ with his ‘Russia is the enemy’ statement:

No one else will tell you this much & so in-depth about Putin and Russia the Great Balancer! You can only find this info here:




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