It begins: President Trump likely to declare national emergency at 9pm today

Interesting breaking news, personally i don’t think anything will come of this address the nation broadcast. I would be very surprised if Trump invokes “state of national emergency” to promote the national defense. His motives are suspect, will not get the support of congress or even his own party…. we’ll see.

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Image: It begins: President Trump likely to declare national emergency at 9pm today

(Natural News) President Trump plans to address the nation tonight in a 9pm Eastern broadcast that will be carried by all the major news networks. During this broadcast, he is widely expected to invoke a national emergency over the continued illegal invasion and occupation of America by foreign nationals. These law-breaking criminals are using America’s open borders to engage in widespread human trafficking, drug smuggling, gun running and the invasion of America with violent criminal illegal aliens who are granted “sanctuary” status by treasonous Democrats like former California Gov. Jerry Brown.

As has previously reported, President Trump is technically already operating with a declaration of a national emergency. Accordingly, he may not use the phrase “national emergency” in tonight’s address, since that designation has already been invoked and is legally in place. The declaration grants President Trump broad emergency power, many of which were established under former President Barack Obama. As reported by Natural News in 2012, Barack Obama already declared the president’s power to seize all national resources in times of emergency:

On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.” (…)

This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done “to promote the national defense” — a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.

That executive order grants the President the power to seize all forms of communications, production, natural resources, transportation, energy and much more. It was invoked by Barack Obama with a plan to hand that power to future President Hillary Clinton, who would invoke the emergency powers to declare a national emergency over “gun violence,” followed by nationwide gun confiscation and mass arrests of conservative journalists.

Notably, Barack Obama declared that executive order “as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States,” setting up the precedent for military action to address whatever national emergency was subsequently declared. What Obama didn’t realize, of course, is that the American people would reject a Clinton presidency and elect an anti-establishment President who wants to protect America rather than gutting it. Thus, all the executive powers and military precedent declared by Obama has been inherited by President Trump.

It’s time to unleash the military police to arrest the deep state traitors who are conspiring to destroy America from within

During his national address, President Trump will likely affirm the urgent crisis of illegal aliens crossing a largely unprotected border. He will designate Pentagon budget money to build a wall of some sort, and he will highlight the dereliction of duty by deranged Democrats whose only future lies in recruiting more illegal alien voters via illegal border crossings.

Trump’s invocation of a national emergency to fund the border wall will indicate the beginning of the new war to defend America against traitors and globalists who are desperately trying to occupy and overrun the country in order to destroy its national sovereignty. Tonight’s broadcast is merely the first step in many steps yet to come. Trump is refusing to surrender America to the treachery of Democrats and their globalist controllers, and he is demonstrating that when it comes to the Trump presidency, America comes first.

Naturally, Democrats and the left-wing media will go ballistic as Trump orders the construction of a border wall, and they will ratchet up their efforts to have Trump impeached, assassinated or silenced (by censoring his Twitter account, for example). This will only result in Trump further invoking presidential powers to defend America against the Democrat traitors who despise this great nation and are infuriated when anyone attempts to defend America against an invasion of illegal foreign nationals.

Join me in calling for President Trump to unleash the military police in a nationwide campaign to arrest the treasonous traitors operating within the deep state, the Democrat party and the anti-America propagandists pretending to be “media.” Most of these individuals are communists, and they’re all working for globalists as part of a coordinated conspiracy to collapse our constitutional republic, overrule democracy and oust a duly-elected President.

President Trump needs to know that We the People are able to and ready to help defend this nation against the enemies within. “All enemies, foreign and domestic” must be opposed by the American people… by every available means. As I recently wrote on

It’s time to activate the military police and hand them a list of the deep state traitors who have attempted to carry out a treasonous political coup rooted in illegal government spying under President Obama, the falsification of “evidence” used to deceive the FISA court, witness tampering by Robert Mueller, illegal leaks by James Comey, official corruption by Hillary Clinton, and multiple acts of treason against America approved by Obama and dutifully carried out by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Arrest the deep state traitors, indict them for crimes against America and prosecute them.

As I also pointed out in that story, it’s time for real America to arrest and prosecute the CEOs of the evil tech giants; root out the anti-American communists pretending to be journalists; arrest and eliminate the domestic terrorism recruitment “professors” operating in universities; purge all deep state operatives from government and imprison them for life.

It has taken two years for the American people to really wake up and see the level of treason being committed by the deep state, the CIA-run media, anti-Trumpers (like McCain) and the deranged, lawless Democrats. But now the American people are increasingly aware of what’s really at stake. They see how American has been targeted for destruction by the treacherous Democrats, and they are ready to take a stand to defend America at all costs.

We are willing to fight to defend America, and every former or current member of the armed forces, police departments and sheriff’s departments has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. It will soon be time to make good on that oath. America must defend herself or she will be “suicided” by the Democrats.

We are blessed to have Trump as President… a man willing to fight for survival against an onslaught of deception, tyranny and destruction of the deranged Left and its globalist controllers.

Watch Trump’s address tonight and be awed by what real courage looks like. America shall be defended. The American people will not surrender to left-wing lunacy, open borders tyranny and globalist rule.

Ending the War on the Non-Drug Known as Hemp

With the recent legalization of hemp in the United States, one may ask the question of why it was ever illegal to begin with. Being a non-psychoactive form of cannabis, its uses were entirely industrial. One need not be a libertarian to recognize that the prohibition of hemp ranks among the most absurd and pointless laws our government passed in the twentieth century.

Prior to the War on Drugs, the United States had a long history of hemp production, going all the way back to the colonial era and Britain even before that. Before governments arrested people for growing hemp, they used to fine farmers for not growing it. In the sixteenth century, King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I fined English farmers who failed to contribute to the country’s hemp industry. In 1673, King Charles II instructed the Royal Governor of Virginia to impose the edict on the Virginia colonists.1 Hemp was particularly valuable to the Royal Navy, which used it for uniforms, ropes, and sails, among other things.

It is relatively common knowledge that several Founding Fathers of the United States grew hemp. Occasionally, pro-marijuana activists will cite this as evidence that the Founders smoked cannabis, but there is no evidence to support this, and the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana did not come to the United States until the nineteenth century. But for industrial purposes, figures as prestigious as George Washington grew hemp, following the instructions detailed in the pamphlet “A Treatise of Hemp-Husbandry,” authored by Edmund Quincy, a cousin of President John Adams.

Although it was never known as a staple crop, hemp production remained prevalent in certain southern states. During the Missouri-Kansas border war of the 1850s, the password for acceptance into southern camps was “all right on the hemp,” and members pinned hemp leaves to their shirts to signal allegiance to their side.2

But in 1937, due to the crusade of Harry Anslinger, head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics that was facing budget cuts during the Great Depression, cannabis was criminalized. When the law was passed, there was concern that it would be used to stamp out the hemp industry. Anslinger promised that his men would leave industrial hemp alone.

Anslinger lied. When the United States entered World War II at the end of 1941, the hemp industry had been completely wiped out. The problem now was that the US military needed hemp, and a lot of it. Military and naval technology may have come a long way since Henry VIII issued his compulsory hemp-growing edict to support the Royal Navy of the sixteenth century, but hemp fibers retained a multitude of uses. And going into the biggest military conflict of the twentieth century, the US had no domestic source of hemp, despite a centuries-long tradition of producing it.

In response, the same government that empowered Anslinger to completely destroy the hemp industry now approved funding for enormous subsidies to American farmers to restart the hemp industry that had been flourishing without subsidies only five years earlier. To remind them that hemp-growing was their patriotic duty, the government even commissioned a propaganda film entitled Hemp for Victory.

But when the war was over, the benefits of hemp production were forgotten once again and Anslinger was able to send his men out to destroy what remained of the government-subsidized hemp industry. At the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars, his crusade to eradicate the evils of marijuana amounted to little more than the destruction of the low-THC outgrowth of industrial hemp.

In the 70 years since, hemp products have been legally imported from other countries, despite the US having soil that is perfectly suited for a lucrative hemp industry. The recent re-legalization of hemp in the United States is a far cry from the sweeping reforms needed to end the disastrous War on Drugs, but it is certainly a step in the right direction that overturns what may be the most pointlessly destructive law in the past century.

  • 1.William W. Hening, ed., The Statutes at Large: Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia (Richmond, 1809–23), vol. 2, p. 306.
  • 2.Nicole Etcheson, Bleeding Kansas: Contested Liberty in the Civil War Era (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2004), p. 56.

Chris Calton is a 2018 Mises Institute Research Fellow and an economic historian. He is writer and host of the Historical Controversies podcast.




I was under the impression that hemp was a victim of cronyism as well. Mainly, William Randolph Hearst utilized his news empire and political connections to demonize hemp as it competed with his wood pulp business and wanted it out of the way.

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    Hemp has a great multitude of uses.
    For naval industry, it was essential because salt water did not corrode/decay it as it does cotton.
    It produces more “biomass” per acre than any other industrial crop or trees, supposedly.
    Its seeds are extremely nutritious, high in protein and essential fats.
    It can be used to create fuel, building materials (plasterboard or fibreboard type), paints, cosmetics, insulation, medicine, of course clothes and other fibre-based products…
    It also, supposedly, improves he quality of soil.

    So, right here, you have a great many powerful interest groups that may view it as unwelcome competition, especially after they have established themselves in the markets already.

    But better do your own research, this is hearsay I have collected over 20-odd years and never bothered to verify…



If the experience of legalizing marijuana is any guide, even if the war on hemp is ended, it will ironically continue in the form of regulations, licenses and fees imposed by government officials who disagree with legalization.

The mini-series, Murder Mountain, now airing on Netflix provides some powerful anecdotal evidence that bears this out. For decades, growers in Humbolt county grew and sold illegal marijuana. Then, when marijuana was legalized in California, these same growers were saddled with zoning and health regulations that imposed an array of new taxes, regulation, requirements about pesticides, certifications, licensing fees and just more and bigger taxes. These were enforced by local zoning authorities who used high-resolution satellite images to identify marijuana farms and imposed $10,000/day fines if the marijuana crops were not in the county database and licensure system. This followed with raids by local law enforcement to enforce zoning and building and licensing laws in full body armor and caravans that included chipper/shreders to destroy non-compliant crops that looked all looked a lot like the law enforcement raids of pre-legalization times. One raid included service of a warrant on the wrong farm and handcuffing a compliant grower and searching his property, which looks a lot like raids in the pre-legalization era. Of course, many growers just continued to remain underground, ’cause the war on marijuana did not end with legalization, but simply morphed from “criminalization” into “regulation.”


    Again, its not a war on hemp…it is a war on the Individuals Liberty and Property Rights.

    Government ‘Regulation’ is not regulation at all, but RESTRICTION. Govs only tool is the initiation of force/violence.

  • Debt, dope and casinos: Chicago is circling the drain

    While the federal government is slowly careening toward permanent, fiscal disaster, many state governments (which don’t have the power of the printing press) are already staring into the abyss…

    Take Illinois, for example. It’s the most broke state in the US with nearly $250 billion in debt. And it only brings in enough in taxes each year to cover 92% of its expenses… so the problem is getting worse.

    Good thing Rahm “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste” Emmanuel is the current Mayor of Chicago. You may remember, the above quote was from Rahm’s days as Obama’s Chief of Staff, as told to the Wall Street Journalduring the depths of the Great Financial Crisis…

    What followed was the greatest monetary experiment known to man.

    Now Rahm has another crisis on his hands – Chicago’s woefully underfunded pensions. And he’s reaching into his old bag of tricks.

    Governments can only kick the can down the road for so long. Eventually, they’ve got to make some tough decisions – like who they’re going to default on. Despite the promises made by certain political representatives, it’s impossible for everyone to have everything…

    And today, Rahm must choose…

    Either Chicago defaults on the pension promises it’s made to city workers or it defaults on its massive debt. It’s simple arithmetic.

    Rahm, it seems, has chosen the latter.

    Chicago’s pension funds are only 26% funded (meaning it only has enough cash to pay out a pathetic 26% of what’s promised). And with the city’s dismal fiscal situation, that hole isn’t getting plugged on its own.

    So Rahm proposed issuing $10 billion of debt to shore up the city’s pensions. The only government solution for debt problems today, it seems, is still more debt…

    But even with that extra $10 billion, the city’s pensions will only be 50% funded.

    Let me be clear… when you’ve got to take on debt for a chance of paying 50% of your pension obligations… you’re in default.

    It gets better…

    Rahm is pressuring the city to act quickly before interest rates increase more, which would make it more expensive for the city to finance its new debt.

    So he’s essentially admitting the city couldn’t afford this new debt if rates increase 50 or 100 basis points. This is desperation.

    OK… If interest states stay low, and Rahm can afford to issue these bonds, now we’ve only got to worry about future pension returns.

    And Rahm says they can afford to issue the debt because the city’s pension funds have never seen an annualized return of lower than 8% for any 30-year period.

    Most pension funds are grasping to that “magic” 8% number based on the past. But as we’ve written before, making those returns today is no easy feat. We’re at the tail end of 40 years of falling interest rates, which caused an insane bull market in stocks. It’s not likely the next 40 years will be as generous.

    Already, at a market peak, pension funds are investing in riskier assets in hopes of achieving their break even returns.

    If every single, little thing goes just perfect for the next 30 years, Chicago’s pensions may squeak by for awhile. What’s the likelihood of that happening? About zero.

    Remember, a massive, 10-year bull market in stocks is nearing its end.

    But desperate times call for desperate measures. And Rahm is out the door in May… so he won’t be around when the city has to default on its debt.

    The federal government can still conjure money out of thin air. Cities and states don’t have that luxury. And like Chicago is doing today, we’ll see more of these tough decisions being made in the near future – the decision of who to default on.

    There is one bright spot.

    When discussing the bonds, Rahm did mention he supports legalizing marijuana and bringing casinos back to Chicago.

    So if the pensions don’t work out, we’ve always got pot and gambling to restore our country to the glory days.

    С Рождеством! Happy Orthodox Christmas: Spectacular Russian Christmas in Facts & Pics!

    Happy Orthodox Christmas everyone! ❤

    Futurist Trendcast

    Russian Christmas is traditionally celebrated on January 7 and the Christmas Eve is January 6, due to the difference between the so-called ‘Gregorian’ vs. ‘Julian’ Calendars.

    On January 13-14 Russians also love to celebrate ‘The Old New Year,’ a cute family and friends gathering tradition to commemorate the nostalgic ‘old calendar’ which was replaced with the Gregorian Calendar by Lenin in 1918. So, even though Russia lives by internationally accepted today Gregorian Calendar, Christmas continues being celebrated according to traditional Russian Church (Julian) calendar.


    But did you know that that the supposedly ‘Latin’ word calendar is a lot more ancient than its Latinized version. Did you know that it’s actually a RUSSIAN word? It comes from two Russian word roots: kolo + dar. And you won’t believe how many other words in many different languages come from the same roots! What do these roots mean and how…

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    Forget Nuclear Weapons! Russian New Hyper-Sonic Missile is King! Putin’s Victory and MY NEW BIG REPORT!

    I find it interesting that the US military industrial complex demand an ever increasing budget to finance “operations” like a mafia, yet they contribute very little to actual defense. Most weapons produced are conventional, to bomb and control other nations. The west is not worthy of higher dimensional energy “weapon” deterrents to maintain peace. The main reason why Russia had to create hyper-sonic weapons in the first place is to contain an out of control power hungry aggressive force.
    Also noteworthy is throughout Russia’s history, never have they invaded another sovereign nation even when they attained nuclear and other powerful weapons. On the contrary, Russia formed a union to protect their slavic brothers from Western invasion.
    Contrast this with the West… let’s see, non stop warmongering since civilization began in Europe! It’s a wonder the world has not been destroyed many times over if it wasn’t for the great balancer and peace keeper Russia!
    Perfect example is Syrian war conflict happening right now, Trump sees the hypocrisy and wants to pull out. There is zero reason for the US to be there or anywhere in the Middle East creating chaos. Of course it’s all about energy, control and power. Oil happens to be the medium of energy to fight over.
    As Lada has so astute pointed out, humans who proclaim to be “awakened” are puzzled why Free Energy sources are not available today even tho Nikola Tesla had revealed it nearly a century ago! Our collective consciousness is not high enough to even allow the possibility to manifest it, b/c greedy special interests want to keep it that way!
    Besides, with free unlimited energy, lowly calibrated humans will use it to destroy the Earth. It had happened before as documented in the Bhagavad Gita, at least Russia retained that genetic Vedic memory of past events to prevent a repeat of the end of civilization as we know it.
    Thanks again Lada for your profound work on Forbidden history and restoring ancient forgotten knowledge. This is shaping up to be a very interesting new year indeed.

    Futurist Trendcast


    Just yesterday, Sunday 1/6/19, I published this BONUS REPORT for all my Patreon followers, comparing the armed forces of Russia, US and Singapore from the multidimensional Earth Shift and Inverted Collapse perspectives.

    This is the link to full report in question:

    REVEALED: Why Western Armies Calibrate So Low vs. Russsian Army? (How My Higher-Dimensional Method Works + Period 8 Predictions)!

    vostok 2018 exersises 2

    And here’s a telling free excerpt from this latest report: 


    This is the continuation of the previous post QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS! SINGAPORE: Country, Leaders, Army, Finance, Economy, Levels of Solvency & Sovereignty! With Li Quan Yew & Other BONUSES!

    Our member George, who resides…

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