Real reason behind the mass migration cavavan heading to the US!

The official narrative says that migrants from Central America are fleeing political persecution, crime and economic reasons.

The real reason is actually climate related due to global warming, a large part of Honduras called the dry corridor is undergoing severe drought. Majority are peasants who work the local farms planting corn, beans had to flee starvation, this is a humanitarian crisis. Over 2 million ppl face hunger as 80% of the annual crop failed.

The caravan is their only hope to avoid starving to death, morbidly it’s a death march as Trump orders border security to turn them away. Where are they going to go???

Watch this video report:

2 thoughts on “Real reason behind the mass migration cavavan heading to the US!

  1. This is a worldwide responsibility , and a long time NWO agenda … no one nation can be responsible for carrying the full burden without it’s demise. These are full on War of Attrition tactics orchestrated by IMF / World Bank & NWO …you know that. It’s common sense. Look instead to the horribly corrupt Honduras Government and Weaponized Weather Agenda’s! So where are you going with this? Educate Yourself:

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    • 2 sides to every story my friend. Of course there are globalist conspiracies to overwhelm western nations with poor migrants like in Europe and now the US. It’s also very plausible that puppetmasters pulling the strings behind geoengineering and haarp are intentionally creating climate changing droughts to facilitate the migrant invasion, thus accomplishing their agendas.

      But there are also the personal stories. Put yourself in a poor destitute migrant worker’s shoes, if you were starving to death and had no choice but to flee drought looking for work, then you too would find yourself making that journey for a chance at living in the US. I personally cannot blame the individual migrant for their decision b/c it’s based on human necessity and survival. What would you expect them to do, stay put in Honduras and simply accept dying from hunger or violence?

      I also see Trump’s POV, politically he had to be callous toward the migrants, stigmatize them publicly b/c refugees who later become citizens tend to vote Democrat, which will change the voter landscape. Hence conservatives are anti-immigration to protect their status quo.

      I see both sides, unfortunately there are no easy clear cut solutions. Every nation must play it’s part in dealing with climate change and the ensuing migration shift. It’s all cause and effect, the real game changer is arresting deep state operatives who cowtow to special interests, corporations, corrupt gov’t officials who create these problems or look the other way while lining their pockets via campaign contributions or donations to their “foundations”. Yes I do realize it’s one big scam, but no politician/ leader is willing or able to address these fundamental problems at the source. Illegal mass migration is only one of many symptoms.


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