HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ​OF THE PIG! Check out Lada Ray ​Feng Shui & Chinese Numerology!

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Please check out Lada Ray ​Feng Shui & Chinese Numerology Classics!

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Designed to help you manifest in 3D your best aspirations, and to help you live a happier, more harmonious and abundant life.


These rituals bridge the gap between 3D and 5D. In a world where various dark forces want to prevent the manifestation of light, it is especially important to stack the odds in favor of the good guys. The Eastern wisdom, often expressed through Feng Shui, is invaluable in this regard. No matter how evolved you may be, and whether you are a 4D, 5D or higher-dimension soul, if you’ve come into this existence you must manifest in 3D. You want to live your life to the fullest and you don’t want to be miserable…

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