Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They NOW Have Planned For Humanity! With David Icke!


Published: 4 days ago

Press For Truth
A global 5G system is currently being implemented and no one seems to care. Like Guinea pigs in an experiment we are being marched down a road of uncertainty that will not only effect our health and our privacy but more importantly it will change what it means to be human for all those who come into contact with it.



You owe it to your ignorant neighbors to knock down and destroy all 5G devices in your neighborhood. And, try to convince others to do the same in their neighborhoods and spread the message. Make it go viral.



yes, the world should wake up, to defend ourselves and our Mother Nature from the onslaught of electronic craziness. If we could go 100 years back, to the good times when everything was organic, when food was simple, clean and nutritious, when there was no f… tv full of Hollywood violence, when the soil was suitable for planting any crops,.. then nobody would have needed no mobile phones, no f…TV, no nutritional supplements because natural remedies could heal anything… US is creating this technology in purpose, which is reducing the world population.


If anybody want to know about Testings of 5G in Laboratories here is one to look..



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    please see: Different frequencies and electromagnetic devices in coordination with the human nerve systems and cells.I by myself had have 2 brain operations because of that handy frequencies. I am not the only one, there are millions of people having the same difficulties and some of them have died.These technological traders belong before a court of justice and I think that the latter should also be punished with high damages and prisons. The same applies to these politicians who are in cahoots with these companies.


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    The 5 Gigabytes electromagnetic frequencies are destroying the regional frequencies of our cells, in that way, that the scalar waves inside the DNA will be vibrating to much. Please check my table against other frequencies and judge for yourself. The red line is exceeded at 5 G total. Even conventional radios lead to radiation death of the cells, as has already been proven hundreds of times.
    This is practically the Geno, – and Ecocid of living cells, organelles, organs with all living beings on our earth. We have all these points of this depopulation These points we have discussed with Alfred Lambrement’s group on Facebook for a long time. We know the backers of these negative elites. The latter now attack all humans, but of course also all animals and plants. As an information scientist with a focus on neuroscience, I can only advise you to immediately do without all radio technologies in your households and to use your computer only with a fixed LAN cable. We also urgently need suitable glasses and gloves, since the processed special electromagnetic radiation of the antennas also reaches the hands and eyes with G5 vibrations. From there, the waves reach the neuronal cells and are transmitted to the entire blood circulation. Through the bioquantum physicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp, we know that our cells operate with light quanta, because this is the only way for a living organism to function at all. The work of F.A. Popp and Prof Meyl, who also analysed the bioresonances in the DNA for the scalar wave regions, shows in my opinion that the scalar wave region within the DNA is informatively interrupted by these 5G techniques. So the information flow is destroyed, 5 million times our oscillations per second are disturbed, which leads to diseases. G5 is hereby a military means to destroy all life on our planet. We must assume that 5G technology can now do without a fixed cable. So you can deliberately make whole countries die without the population even noticing that the latter are being attacked. Ich schlage regionale Massenproteste überall vor, auch in den kleinen Orten und Städten. Wir benötigen auch gar nicht 5 G, sondern einfach unseren freien Geist. Notfalls geht es eben nur noch mit einer alten Schreibmaschine und einem analogen Telefon. Solange die NWO regiert, werden wir keinen Frieden haben. I propose regional mass protests everywhere, even in small towns and cities. We do not even need 5 G, we simply need our free spirit. If need be, it can only be done with an old typewriter and an analogue telephone. As long as the NWO rules, we will have no peace. Referendums as a form of government should be established everywhere as democratic forms. The politicians are then merely organisers who have to administer our goals in a grassroots democratic way. It should also be clear that certain financiers will then have nothing more to say. Either the latter will listen to us and return much of their stolen money and gold to the people, or they will be captured. That would also be the end of the NWO once and for all. The protests in France are also directed against this “New World Order”, against the ruling elites and that is also the reason why many critics like the author David Icke are attacked. This negative elite is afraid of a positive basis-oriented information society, for which we as information scientists at Dr. Gernot Wersig in Berlin have always advocated. We believe in a positive utopia.


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Happy International Womens Day everyone! Thank You Lada for sharing your vision for this special day, I always thought Russia had the class to acknowledge women all over the world, during the Soviet Union days since 1913! It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. Международный женский день!
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I find that many people in the West simply don’t get the meaning of this holiday.

HERE’s the real truth! The holiday did start in the beginning of the 20th century as a women’s rights and anti-war political movement. However, in the USSR it eventually evolved as a day of spring, flowers, relaxation and the honoring of the sacred feminine by men (at the bottom click on links to my previous posts to find out more and to see more cool images). And that’s how it’s…

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