Holy Sh*t, Tulsi Tells The World How The US Finances Terrorism In CNN Interview!

Everyone knows US dirty terrorism secrets, but this is the first time a US Congresswoman telling it like it is right on public television! Never thought I’d see this day…

Tulsi sits down with Jake Tapper to discuss how The US has both directly and indirectly funds terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

From Russia With Love! My Super Collection of 14 Best Russian Love Songs!

Just lovely!

Futurist Trendcast

Beautiful Russia1

My collection of some of the best and most famous hit LOVE songs from Russia. I chose them for you to expand on the lovely topic of March 8: What’s So Unusual About March 8?! International Women’s Day Special!

The songs aren’t in any particular order. By the way, the Russian song lyrics is usually very meaningful and often profound; it normally adds to the perception of a song. I’ve translated some of the lyrics, to give you an idea of what each song is about. But the music is lovely and beautiful in its own right, so enjoy!

Let me know in comments which of these you enjoyed best! Also, I am hearing these with my Russian ear, and I understand the lyrics and the rhythmics of a Russian song. But I am genuinely curious how those who don’t understand the words hear these? How do you think these are…

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