Quote of the day

The sage is the person who regains his childhood; hence he is called “the twice born.”

Jesus says, “Unless ye are born again, you will not be able to enter into my kingdom of God.” And the kingdom of God is here, but you have to be reborn — reborn as a no-mind.

And I am not saying that when you are reborn as a no-mind you cannot use the mind. The mind has its limited uses. Use it. When you are working in your office, I am not telling you to be a no-mind. When you are working in your shop or in the factory, I am not saying to be a no-mind. I am saying be perfectly a mind. Use the mind but don’t carry it continuously, twenty-four hours, day in and day out, with yourself. Don’t go on dragging it. Use it as you use a chair. You don’t go on carrying your chair everywhere, wherever you go, just because you may need it.

The mind is a beautiful instrument if you know how to be a no-mind too.