Urgent! What Nazarbayev Sudden Resignation Means for Russia, China, Iran & US? (EarthShiftPodcast9)

Amazing update, another great example of your Earth Shift theory regarding the inverse collapse of the West. Us is desperately trying to control the inevitable collapse by pressuring other nations, politically, economically, extortion etc. So oppressed countries are learning to respond and play the game, to the detriment of the US/ West which can no longer follow that rotten CIA playbook of unrestrained US imperialism.
Kazakhstan will survive, don’t think I can say the same about Us underhanded tactics and aggression. Nyet on Syria, Korea, Iran, Venezuela… now Kazakhstan?
And besides, you don’t run the same gag twice. You do the next gag.

Futurist Trendcast

Repost from Lada Ray Patreon

Something very important happened yesterday!

At 8 am ET today we have posted urgent EARTH SHIFT PODCAST on YouTube: 

What Nazarbayev Sudden Resignation Means

for Russia, China, Iran & US?


It was clear that Nazarbayev, at his old age, won’t be there forever. It’s possible there are hidden health issues, or as I suggest in this podcast, it is a ‘castling of the king.’

The government of Kazakhstan was dismissed, also suddenly, 3 weeks ago. 

The long-stranding leader of Kazakhstan has been replaced with the new face, a pro-West, as he is being characterized by some, speaker of the Kazakh parliament. 

Therefore, the outside pressure is definitely a factor. Listen to the podcast to hear my assessment of him, along with my urgent overview/assessment and predictions on what’s happening in and around Kazakhstan, including the strategically important Caspian.

But it gets worse…


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