Natural News is now de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook: We depend on YOU to share our stories and lifesaving messages with the world

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Image: Natural News is now de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook: We depend on YOU to share our stories and lifesaving messages with the world

(Natural News) Twitter is run by a techno-fascist pig named Jack Dorsey (@Jack). Like all tyrants throughout world history, Jack Dorsey believes that no one has the right to criticize him, and he abuses his administrative power over Twitter to silence whatever voices he doesn’t like.

This is how the Natural News channel (@HealthRanger) was de-platformed several weeks ago, with no warnings, no strikes and no justification.

Now, U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley is demanding a third-party audit of Twitter’s salacious de-platforming activities that target conservatives, Christians and even natural health platforms like Natural News.

“Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) put Twitter on notice on Wednesday, calling on CEO Jack Dorsey to undergo a third-party audit of its suspension policies,” reports PJ Media. Hawley stated, “In light of these events, and in view of Twitter’s history of de-platforming conservative voices, it is time for Twitter to open itself to a third-party audit of how and when the company enforces its suspension policies.”

Why isn’t Jack Dorsey being arrested at gunpoint for lying to Congress?

Jack Dorsey lied to Congress when he claimed Twitter doesn’t censor conservatives. While he’s de-platforming conservative voices behind the scenes, he brazenly testifies before Congress that his company isn’t censoring anyone at all. (Why isn’t Jack Dorsey being subjected to an armed FBI raid for lying to Congress in the way Roger Stone was raided at gunpoint?)

Even more importantly, the fact that Twitter selectively de-platforms pro-America, pro-Trump voices transforms Twitter into a publisher, not an open platform, meaning Twitter should enjoy no protection whatsoever under the CDA Sec. 230 that currently grants tech companies legal immunity on all the content they host but only if they function as open, public platforms.

By silencing conservative, pro-America voices, Twitter has abandoned any claim to Sec. 230 protections. This means Twitter can now be sued for all the content that appears on its platform, since Twitter as actually a publisher that engages in aggressive, politically-oriented censorship of whatever content it doesn’t like.

It’s time for Twitter to be sued and for Jack Dorsey to be arrested for racketeering, election meddling, contract fraud and for carrying out repeated violations against the civil rights of Americans.

As Sen. Hawley explains:

Given this troubling history, the decision to suspend the account for a pro-life movie on opening weekend is too much to be a coincidence. I am rapidly losing confidence that Twitter is committed to the free speech principles that justify immunity under section 230… It is time for Twitter to prove it is truly committed to free speech: conduct a third-party audit and release the results to the public, in full.

Natural News is happy to participate in that audit, by the way. We will be forwarding details of Twitter’s abuse of our free speech to Sen. Hawley’s office.

Not just Twitter: Natural News is also de-platformed by YouTube, Google, Pinterest and other evil tech giants

The evil tech giants are engaged in economic sabotage against independent media. Part of the impetus for this is the radical left-wing political slant of the tech companies, but it’s also about silencing natural health voices and protecting the profit interests of the evil, corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

Google, for example, has become the propaganda ministry for Big Pharma’s lies about medications and vaccines. Use Google to search for “MMR vaccine,” and you get nothing but CDC propaganda, Big Pharma lies and dishonest websites and blogs that rave about the safety and efficacy of MMR vaccines. Google has systematically suppressed all websites that dare talk about vaccine ingredients, vaccine side effects, vaccine propaganda, CDC quack science or corruption and fraud throughout the vaccine industry.

All these tech giants hide their fascist de-platforming activities under the dishonest banner of “removing hate speech,” but their definition of “hate speech” is deceptive from the start. As PJ Media explains:

Facebook and other social media platforms have rules against “hate speech,” which increasingly has come to mean speech that liberals in Silicon Valley disagree with. If you criticize a woman who brags about her abortion on social media, you’re engaging in hate speech. If you insist that there are only two genders or that marriage should be limited to one man and one woman, you’re guilty of hate speech, according to our moral betters who run the social media platforms.

“Hate speech,” in other words, is anything lunatic Leftists don’t want to hear. Leftists are now even equating their censorship with “freedom,” claiming that anyone who contradicts their twisted worldview is engaged in taking away their freedom, and thus censoring, banning and de-platforming all political opponents is how they “protect freedom.”

(Seriously, this is how they think.)

It’s up to YOU to share Natural News content, since we are under constant attack from the deranged, lawless online bullies of the left-wing tech giants

The word from various inside sources who have connections to the Trump administration is that a federal crackdown on the tech giants is coming. Under existing U.S. law, Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube and other tech giants can be accused of monopolistic practices subject to antitrust statutes. The DOJ could bring criminal charges against the tech giants for racketeering (RICO Act) and election meddling. Tech companies’ CEOs could be criminally charged with lying to Congress under oath.

Tech companies could also be sued by private parties with an aim to challenge the Sec. 230 provisions of the CDA passed by Congress, potentially nullifying the legal immunity that the tech giants enjoy, even as they selectively censor channels and users for political reasons.

Sen. Josh Hawley’s demand that Twitter subject itself to a third-party audit is another avenue of attack against the fascism and dishonesty of Big Tech, and other vectors for challenging these dangerous speech monopolies are no doubt in the works.

Until the day comes that these techno-fascists are forced to respect free speech, Natural News depends on you to share our content across these platforms. When you read an article you like, share it on Twitter or Facebook. Post our videos on YouTube, if you like, or record your own videos that talk about our science lab investigations, breaking news articles or other items you find worthwhile.

Until our free speech is restored, you are our voice to the world of social media. Every time you share a Natural News article, you help shatter the censorship and de-platforming attempts by these tech giants and their dishonest, insidious censors who respect no freedoms at all.

We are currently working with attorneys and lawmakers to help challenge the speech monopolies of the tech giants. Until the day comes that free speech is restored online, you can help us by sharing our stories and using our alternative information sources that provide better, more accurate and more informative content than even the New York Times and Washington Post (which are both lying fake news organizations who fabricate fake stories based on fictitious “anonymous” sources).

Valuable alternative information sources to use: is our alternative to Google News. It aggregates, in real time, news headlines from across the internet’s most heavily censored websites. is the alternative to YouTube. This free speech video site hosts 100,000+ videos from thousands of channels, many of which have been banned by YouTube. Brighteon was recently under severe attack by upstream infrastructure providers, but it survived the attack and is being engineered for a “Brighteon 2.0” release later this year, which will insulate the service from censorship threats in the future. is our politics and culture news website. There, you’ll find original stories each day that aren’t always on Natural News.

The Natural News email newsletter brings you a daily email summary of that day’s most important news headlines. Subscribing is free, and our email subscriber list is kept strictly confidential to us. is a video commentary and analysis website featuring episodes of the Counterthink broadcast. Here, you’ll find my analysis of current events, civil war, survival strategies and the globalist agenda for human depopulation.

If you wish to avoid politics and focus on health, nutrition, medicine, science, technology, space exploration and other similar topics, we have websites dedicated to those topics and much more. Consider these: – All about scientific discoveries, nearly all articles cite science journals. – Covers more mainstream medicine, including medical technology and medical studies about prevention and longevity. – All about outer space, including astronomy and space travel. Many stories cover Mars. – Mainstream health news for consumers. Less technical than, carries stories with recipes, health tips and more. – Covers discoveries and breakthroughs about quantum computing, light, nanotechnology, materials science and more. – All about research into nutrition, science, medicine, environment and more. – Breaking news about robotics, AI systems and automation systems that are increasingly replacing human workers.

In addition to those sites, you may also explore and hundreds more. Share the stories you appreciate and keep checking your favorite sites for more daily news updates.

The Natural News editorial team keeps expanding. Despite the efforts of the evil techno-fascists to de-platform us and sabotage our operations, our team is consistently expanding, even as we pump more R&D money into the Brighteon platform for its 2.0 release. We are building the internet’s best alternatives to the tech giants which have become all but useless. Google, for example, is now pointless as a search engine. It does not return “knowledge” but rather “propaganda” as search results. Google should rightly be called a fiction search engine because nearly everything you find on Google (or Wikipedia, for that matter) about vaccines, medicine, geoengineering, politics or culture is pure fiction.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Despite the extreme censorship being leveled against Natural News, we are here to stay. We’re expanding and attracting new readers every day. In fact, one of the side effects of being de-platformed is that many users who used to rely on Twitter or Facebook feeds to bring them Natural News stories are now just coming directly to In effect, the tech giants are forcing people to bypass their systems and go directly to the news sources that dare to print the truth. This is the best answer for all users: Go directly to your favorite websites by typing their URLs into your browser. Never rely on tech companies to filter your information, because they are all systematically removing content about natural health, American patriotism, biological reality, vaccine truth and much more.

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