Russia Creates Fail Safe Internet, Outside of US Control!

Safety first! Too much NSA snooping, best to own one’s own servers. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Earth Shift and global rebalancing continues, as US empire wanes: Inverted Collapse in motion!

Russia to remain a part of the worldwide web, but to ensure safety and to prevent US manipulation/hacking of the Runet, Russia creates a fail safe mechanism, which takes the control over RUNET – the Russian segment away from the US! The US server is to become a secondary server to the dominant Russian servers.

I foresee that more countries will do the same. So far, it has been done only by China, however, the Chinese way remains a very invasive control of everything. It is essentially a totally separate system, with no real penetration of the outside world. The isolation and control are the key words. Not good.

The Russian way is much milder and much less invasive – and that’s the future for those countries who want to remain a part of the web…

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