Two-Faced Euro-Fascist Estonia Sends Chills Down My Spine: Estonian President Suddenly Visits Putin

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Estonia, together with Latvia and Lithuania, has been screaming the loudest about anti-Russian sanctions, and it works the hardest at expelling Russian language and denying the rights of Russians in the country, who are the largest minority, at almost 1/3 of the population. But the moment Estonia needs something from Russia, its president is in Moscow, asking for a meeting with Putin, however brief.

What do they need this time? Tiny Estonia, 1.3 million population, is trying to secure a temporary spot on the UN Security Council, and they hope for Russia’s support… WHAAT??! After all Estonia and this smiley lady have done? She personally once said that keeping the Russian language and schools in Estonia is a danger to national security.

Oh, I can tell you, it’s not just the coveted UNSC spot! Estonia is suffering from the Russian transit, trade and business withdrawal, same as Latvia and Lithuania…

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New REPORT: Will Assange Be Extradited to the US? With Higher-Dimensional Perspective & New Quantum Calibrations!

Assange should be praised not persecuted!

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Will Assange Be Extradited to the US? 

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Assange being hauled from the Ecuador embassy in London last week

Did you notice, there is suddenly silence on the Assange front? Is it because of Easter? Or is it because of the Notre Dame, Libya and Ukraine elections?

There are more news out there, such as the scandals with France deploying troops to Estonia, as part of NATO plan to threaten Russia, and France’s support of the rebels in Libya.

Plenty to talk about, besides Assange. But the aftertaste and questions linger.

Assange was whisked away from the Ecuadorian embassy in an unknown direction; they say he is being held in a UK ‘Guantanamo.’ They hope to wait…

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#ShareTheJoy! Happy Easter!

Cool! 🙂

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💚“To make this world joyful, let your heart overflow with joy.” 🙌Wish you a 🐰

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Western Easter: April 21, 2019

Russian Orthodox Easter: April 28, 2019

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Really great interview guys! Luv it. ❤

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Numerology, Putin, Orgone & 5G (w. Lada Ray)

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Multidimensional Futurist & Author Lada Ray Interviews Masaki Miyagawa of PYRAMID POWER: Numerology, Putin, Orgone & 5G

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Hilarious! Macron & ‘Ukraine President Zelensky’ Agree: Poroshenko Bad; Better Relations with Russia Good; War in Donbass Must End!

Luv these pranksters, they really understand human nature! 🙂

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This is hilarious! Thinking he was talking to the real president-elect of Ukraine Zelensky, who supposedly called him, president of France Macron agreed with all the points proposed in said phone conversation. Yes, said Macron, Poroshenko is not the right person to negotiate peace in Donbass and a good thing he’s out. Yes, the improvement of relations with Russia is needed and war in Donbass must stop. Macron said he’d do everything to help the peace process. And did we mention that Poroshenko was bad news?

Famous Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov played a joke on President of France Emmanuel Macron. They called him in the name of Vladimir Zelensky, who won the presidential election in Ukraine. On behalf of Zelensky, the pranksters declared that they would like to improve relations with Russia. Macron approved of the idea.

They call them prank-masters, but I think these two are…

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