RIGGED! 2020 election sabotaged (Hillary’s revenge!)

The election tampering that haunted the integrity of the entire 2016 election is back, warns Massachusetts neuroscientist and activist Dr. Laurie Cestnick.

This time, it’s former Vice President Joe Biden that has his fingers on the scale.

“The mainstream media and the DNC are colluding against the American people. That’s what it feels like. It’s the same thing all over again,” Cestnick told The Washington Times.

Cestnick believes the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Now, she claims the same thing is happening again — and the mainstream media is helping the DNC silence Sanders. Cestnick founded the group “Occupy DNC” to protest Clinton’s nomination at the party’s 2016 convention in Philadelphia. She promises her group will fight back again in 2020 if the DNC rigs the primary again.

“People are becoming more upset and becoming more firm behind Bernie due to mainstream media not covering a lot of his events and the strong push for Biden,” Cestnick said to The Washington Times.

This is nothing new to the Biden campaign. The Horn News first reported that Biden was aware that Hillary’s campaign had rigged the Democratic primary in Oct. 2015.

That story which was later confirmed by former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile in 2017, when Brazile wrote an op-ed in Politico confessing the “shocking truth” about “Hillary’s secret takeover of the DNC.”

It’s one of the primary reasons Biden chose to sit on the sidelines of the 2016 primary.

Earlier this month, The Horn News warned that Biden seems to be copying Hillary’s “secret takeover” tactics.

And it has Sanders supporters vowing to fight back.

“Is 2016 going to happen all over again?” Cestnick asked. “It is sure feeling like it. But I tell you, they are going to see a fight like they’ve never seen before.”

That anger could cost Biden in the general election.

“The Democratic Party does not want a repeat of the raucous 2016 convention, where Sanders delegates walked off the convention floor, and protests raged in the streets and parks outside the convention center,” The Washington Times reported.

“Clinton campaign aides say the rift in the party after Philadelphia contributed to her narrow losses in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, sealing [President Donald Trump’s] victory.”

Shocking! PROOF Clinton’s rigged 2016 election uncovered

The Horn editorial team

Why Assange Prosecution Is Complete Bulls**t!


X-No. 22843
So exposing war crimes is a crime?


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William Hamilton
When those committing them are the ones doing the prosecuting, sure.


Only under a military dictatorship.


BLAIR M Schirmer
Of course it is. James Mattis blew up a wedding party in Iraq after giving the matter no more, by his own, stated estimation, than 30 seconds thought. He killed at least 30 men, women, and children. He was never prosecuted, never even investigated, and in 2016 was invited by both major parties to give a key address at their Conventions. Meanwhile Chelsea Manning is in jail–again.


Harsono Ng
Only exposing US war crime is a crime.


Anton Katusov
“The victor will always be the judge, the vanquished the accused…” ― Hermann Göring


Luke Ashton Ford
Free Julian Chelsea and Edward Snowden!! They are heroes!!! usa government are the criminals evil basterds from hell!


Richard Rust
@Anton Katusov Great quote. Absolutely true!


Taco love
@iDrifter / Can’t argue your point my friend.


Ivan Drago
Only if it’s American war crimes. It’s fine to expose crimes of Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, North Korea if you want though.


Taco love
@MichaelMike The Russian Bot / Let the truth be known world wide…let the true Revolution begin against these….spoiled, lying ,cheating bastards! If you have nothing to hide…..bring it on


yes just like videoing a slaughterhouse is a Federal offense


my view
The Hague is just for African war criminals


Ian Kouf
Only when you solicit classified material and walk someone through a felony cybercrime to obtain said information you absolute fucking goofballs.


Haroon Hg, yes it’s only a war crime when you expose our own government but don’t forget the Israeli government where the Saudis they would try to prosecute you for that too because you have to remember they are partners in crime with the US and the mob looks out for each other we are just feeder rats in a huge nasty cage and sadly most people just like rats in a cage will never see the forest through the trees as long as they have enough water, food and a hamster wheel to run in they will just pacify themselves with toys that the elites give them like sports teams and reality TV shows… we are a pathetic Bunch for the most part but we have the potential to change and we really have no choice we must change or we will all perish! We have a heavy burden on our shoulders those of us who understand all this but that’s what leadership is all about it’s not just about putting Tulsi in the White House it’s about making sure the Grassroots movement doesn’t get mowed down in the process

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Slew One
Yes, the punishment is as high as a death sentence. It’s part of the rule of don’t mess with the Military Industrial Complex.
Damon Cross
They are gasliting. They know what they are doing is dishonest. So they attempt to confuse their adept accusers with absurdities so you’ll question your analysis. Their hutspa…is a strategic move to shock the ones they want to prey upon. This is mental illness.


Brett Robinson
ANYTHING…….done…..in the name of America..(financial interests)……CAN……NOT……BE…..A…….CRIME!!!


History Eraser Button
They are making protesting a crime soon too. One day you look your overseer in the eye or speak out of turn you’ll be punished harshly. It time to push back against this bullshit. Free Assange


@BLAIR M Schirmer they blew up a wedding party, waited till first responders arrived on the scene to pull bodies from the rubble, and hit them again. I supported TRump as the only anti-War candidate running. Now it looks like he is under the spell of the Zio-Cons, so I’ll be supporting T. Gabbard.


Troll Trollsen
@Richard Rust No it can be true IF we dont react
Swash Bucklin
No criminals commit crimes and kill innocent people and do anything not to be bought to justice like a cop.


as far as american government is concerned, sure. but those other governments? you’d be dead if they caught you leaking war crimes of theirs. dead or put into a concentration camp and worked to the bone until you die.
Aubrey De Bliquy
No, concealing crime is a crime. Employment contracts requiring silence on crimes are not binding in law because they are themselves criminal conspiracy.


Swash Bucklin
@MrHandssHave you just returned from outer space Julian has been forced to live in an embassy for years and is now under arrest facing 170 years in an American jail.


The Scoop!
You’re supposed to go through proper channels, the people you’re blowing the whistle on.
Eryk Space
War criminals prosecute the truth


Deez Nutz
Slow camper?
Aubrey De Bliquy
@The Scoop! If there are effective proper channels, but when they fail or victimize the whistle blower then there is no choice but to go outside the chain of command to reach the public with the information they have a right to know to exercise their sanction over THEIR government.


they dont like egg on their face, doesn’t even have to be war crimes. Look at the case of John Lang for example… he was exposing a local license plate scam and was suicided for it….. any corruption exposed they dont like ….. but yeah it begs to question. Who polices the police, who governs the government.


Lonnie McDonald
Exposing Hillary’s emails was the real crime. Trump needs to pardon him
Joss Dionne
X-No. 22843 . You got it: Haïku of the Century!
buster smith
SN S oh yeah ?? Where did that law come from ??
Yes, yes it is.
Kevin Locks
The crime was rape.
Lynne Barnes
Apparently. Yes.
tony roberts
@Ian Kouf Soliciting really? Julian harassed Manning into leaking information? No he didn’t and it is not clear, that he walked him through it. Plus it used to be the case that a journalist would get his information by hook or by crook if it was in the public interest. I see you have a problem with the public being informed about what their government is up to?
Ian Kouf
@tony roberts I don’t have a problem with journalism, I have a problem with using felony cybercrimes to be a journalist. It’s the 18th charge none of you are talking about. It’s a serious crime. He’ll have his day in court, but his charges aren’t “journalism”. They’re journalism through cybercrime. Dork.
tony roberts
@Ian Kouf He’ll have his day in court? If you believe that then you’re an idiot. I’m from the UK and Julian has just gotten a year for failing to appear in court a sentence unheard of. Even serious criminals who break bail and flee abroad don’t get it. If my government is prepared to pervert the rule of law and sentencing guidelines just to get him to the US image what yours will do when hes there. Also even if and its a big if but even IF Assange gave tips on how to hack systems, he still didn’t hack them Manning did. It is ridiculous to suggest that if I told you how to hotwire a car and you stole one, that way, that i could be prosecuted also. To conclude people who know they’re wrong usually resort to insults. What are you some sort of cop/government toady or just a regular run of the mill sheeple?

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Wulf Wulf
It is ! according to US.
tony roberts
@Wulf Wulf Not according to Elizabeth Goitein co-directer of the New York institute for law. This is unprecedented for a publisher! Didn’t you watch the video?

Tor Browser for Android — First Official App Released On Play Store

tor browser for android apk download
Wohooo! Great news for privacy-focused users.

Tor Browser, the most popular privacy-focused browser, for Android is finally out of beta, and the first stable version has now arrived on Google Play Store for anyone to download.

The Tor Project announced Tuesday the first official stable release of its ultra-secure internet browser for Android devices, Tor Browser 8.5—which you can now download for FREE on your mobile devices from Google Play Store.

Tor Browser is mostly used by privacy-focused people, activists, journalists, and even cyber criminal gangs to avoid government monitoring. It allows users to browse the Internet anonymously, by hiding their IP addresses and identity, through a network of encrypted servers that bounce their web requests around multiple intermediate links.

Access to Tor anonymity network was previously available on Android mobile operating system only through other apps or browsers like Orbot/Orfox app, but you can now use the official Tor Browser built on Firefox on your mobile device.
The first alpha build of Tor Browser was released by the Tor Project back in September last year, and since then, the developers have worked hard to provide the same protections users get on the desktop variant to the Android platform as well.

“Mobile browsing is increasing around the world, and in some parts, it is commonly the only way people access the internet,” the Tor Project wrote in a blog post. “In these same areas, there is often heavy surveillance and censorship online, so we made it a priority to reach these users.”

According to the Tor Project developers, Tor Browser for Android is not as complete as its desktop version, but you can see security features like no proxy bypass, enabled first-party isolation to block cross-site tracking and other anti-fingerprinting defenses.

“While there are still feature gaps between the desktop and Android Tor Browser, we are confident that Tor Browser for Android provides essentially the same protections that can be found on desktop platforms,” the Tor Project said.

In the notification area of your Android device, Tor Browser gives a quick, “New Identity” button that allows you to immediately clean the instance of your Tor network, with various caches and other information, without reopening the app or restarting the Tor onion network.

Besides the Android release, the Tor Project also announced the release of a couple of new features in the latest Tor Browser version, like extra tabs, new logos, and user interface improvements.

The company also said the Tor browser would continue to be missing from the iOS platform, as Apple continues to restrict all third-party browsers and forces browser companies to use its own engine. However, iPhone and iPad users can still use Onion Browser to access the Tor network.

*Warning* This app may be an NSA/ CIA covert PRISM trojan. Caution is advised, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! 😉

Why does President Trump have such a committed base of voters?

Solid marketing and Steve Bannon’s “Bottom Third Strategy.”

Imagine you’re a decent white guy. Not necessarily valedictorian, but a smart guy, a good guy, and a hard worker. Absolutely not a racist. You’re not a political partisan—you’ve voted for some Republicans and some Democrats in your life—but you’re totally sick of corruption in Washington. You pay your dues, raise a family, and start looking forward to retirement.

Then, in 2008, the bottom suddenly falls out of the economy. Your 401k crashes, you go underwater on your mortgage. You lose your job and your pension. You’re terrified. Somebody dropped the ball. Somebody has to pay.

Meanwhile, there’s panic on Wall Street, and not just because Lehman Brothers collapsed. Many bankers are scared because if working-class and middle-class Americans figure out how the billionaire trust funders have been rigging the tax code, real estate fraudsters have been lying and manipulating the real estate markets and the casino bankers have been gambling with your pension and 401k money, they’ll want billionaire heads to roll.

This was a crisis that the trust-funders and real estate fraudsters—oops, I mean “job creators”— absolutely had to prevent!

And, with a little bit of razzle-dazzle, they could.

Along came Rick Santelli. One morning in January 2009, the CNBC bond and commodities analyst made a speech on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that went viral. He ranted to the brand-new president, Barack Obama, that if he passes a proposed bailout of the “loser” taxpayers who were stupid enough to take out sub-prime loans, there would be a “Tea Party” revolt. (No, the Tea Party didn’t start as a grassroots protest by fed-up taxpayers, despite what Fox says. It was started in early 2009 by commodity traders at the top corporate financial news program on cable TV. The fed-up taxpayers were the dupes, as always.)

(Oh, and those sub-prime loans that angered Santelli? Banks and originators strong-armed “losers” into taking out toxic mortgages, using a heck of a lot of fraud, so they could get huge commissions and the casino bankers could bundle the sub-primes into gold-plated turds called “asset-backed securities” that they could sell for big profits to your pension funds, gambling that home prices would keep going up forever, and fueling the 2007–2008 crash. Once everyone else started to see that these investments were shit, the Wall Street gamblers made billions more betting AGAINST them. Oh, you couldn’t get in on that bet? Darn. Heads they win, tails we lose.)

The real estate fraudsters couldn’t believe their luck. Everyone was buying Santelli’s rant! The corporate media played it over and over, from “leftist MSNBC” to “fair and balanced Fox News.” (Do you think Trump won “despite” the “leftist media”? They are his life blood, and he is theirs.)

Now the big banks and mortgage scammers had a scapegoat: the “losers.”

It turns out it’s super easy to make folks hate the “lesser haves.” Don’t worry about the guys at the top of the ladder—worry about the guys on the next rung down. They’re the socialists that are being paid by George Soros to take your job. They’re the real scammers who want something for nothing, not us! (It can’t possibly be that the guys on the next rung down are hard workers trying to provide for their families and who are just as disgusted as you are by the trust-funders who scam their way out of the army and into the Ivy League.)

Lo and behold, the bankers got their bailouts and bonuses, and the “losers” got squat. All you had to do was make angry sounds on TV! The Tea Party was a huge success, and tons of corporate money poured in from bankers and billionaires who would like to continue writing their own laws (thanks Citizens United!). The “losers” didn’t have much of a Twitter presence, so they could hardly fight back.

Santelli started it, but Trump campaign chairman Steve Bannon took anti-loserism up a notch with the “Bottom Third Strategy” that plowed through the 2016 election (or, as Bannon calls it publicly, “economic nationalism” or the “populist revolution”). Bannon’s target demographic was the 30–40% American voters who are A) white, and B) in the bottom two demographic categories of educational attainment: without a college degree and without a high school diploma.

The message for this target group was simple: the bankers (like Bannon, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Hollywood producer, and Saudi Arabian agent) and real-estate developers (guess who) weren’t to blame. In fact, all the rigged games they’d been playing weren’t scams at all. They were what made America great! (Now show the people something shiny, like your supermodel wife and private airplane.) Success! Trump doesn’t dodge his taxes because the system is rigged for trust fund billionaires like him, he’s just way smarter than you losers!

In fact, anyone trying to change the rules of the game—to make them even remotely fair—was not just a loser, but also a “leftist,” a “socialist,” and (believe it or not) a “globalist elite” of the “administrative Deep State.” (When you hear “Deep State,” think “competent professionals who might hold corrupt insiders accountable.” Precisely the opposite of what they tell the Bottom Third.)

And don’t think the liberals were all heroes in this scheme. They had a toxic, shouty minority of their own, without whom Bannon’s “anti-loserism” message would never work. Smug SJW liberals added insult to injury by telling the white working class—whose wages had been stagnating or declining for decades—that they were losing a game that was actually rigged in their favor. It’s not hard to understand why so many working Americans might prefer a sleazy, tax- and draft-dodging sociopath who at least tells them they’re winners to a party that makes them feel like both losers AND cheaters.

Now, not everyone bought Donny Bullshit’s gold spray-painted garbage. The vast majority of Americans with college degrees (whether they’re conservative, libertarian, or liberal) saw through the messaging, because they know how a strong capitalist economy actually works. It is a powerful system of rules-based competition, trust, transparency, and controlled risk that rewards smart, hard-working entrepreneurs and drives real market-based innovation. It is NOT supposed to be a coke-fueled game of Russian Roulette run by trust-fund brats and slimy, self-promoting frauds who pay off their team of lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians to write the rules for them.

But Steve Bannon didn’t need them. He realized that, to win elections, all you need is the “unified bottom third.” Over-educated liberals and conservatives have a tendency to overthink things, overfeel things, and tear their own movements apart (usually by acting like smug assholes). The bottom third, though, were steady, and they rarely look beyond the messaging they see on TV.

Even though folks like Bannon, Trump, and Mnuchin were not in the Bottom Third (Bannon and Mnuchin are in the globalist ultra-elite of both Wall Street AND Hollywood), they could easily connect with their targets based on flimsiest thread that tied them together: their “patriotism.” The guys who want to take away the tax breaks for Ivanka’s inheritance? America-hating, success-hating socialists.

The Bottom Third strategy was perfected by Internet scammers over a decade ago. Know why those e-mails from billionaire Nigerian princes contain so many spelling errors? It’s not because the scammers are semi-literate, it’s because their targets are. Misspelled subject lines, like misspelled MAGA memes, are great filters. They are quickly dismissed by educated people, so those folks won’t stick around to expose the scam. The scam doesn’t actually work if you use reason, evidence, and grammatical sentences. You just have to make them angry.

Through Cambridge Analytica, Bannon targeted those Americans who are particularly open to authoritarian messaging, such as the religious right. This strategy was essential to diverting anger away from the powers that be, or—even better—persuading them that obeying billionaire bankers and real-estate barons was actually heroic. (BTW, since his victory in the US, Bannon has now turned his attention to a new fun project: reviving the authoritarian nationalistic Catholic right wing in Europe that formed the ideological and political foundation of 20th century fascism in Italy and national socialism in Germany. As you might recall, that didn’t turn out so well for anyone the last time it was tried.)

If the Bottom Third is feeling scared and their lives are feeling more and more desperate, it’s easy to convince them it’s because of the black leftist (probably secretly Muslim and not even American) in the Oval Office who probably only got elected because of—Chicago thuggery? Yeah, that’ll work. And if it’s not because of him, it must be because of the dirty immigrants who have no connections or money. THEY’RE the folks the system is totally rigged for. Or it’s because of some insane criminal Deep State conspiracy (Vince Foster? Uranium One? Benghazi? Emails?) that Hillary is masterminding. (Evidence of criminality or even reality is not necessary. They won’t check before believing.)

This fact-free “up-is-down” marketing worked like a charm as long as it was entertaining, and today the Bottom Third outrage media machine is running at full tilt. The most popular cable news channel and national newspaper chains are fully on board. (You can watch it yourself. Next time a wealthy Trump crony is caught self-dealing, stealing, or rigging the game, turn on Fox News to watch the focus shift to nameless, penniless foreigners or smug college liberals.) Twitter is Trump’s bitch. The Russian troll farms supply steady income to Putin’s nihilist millennials. (You might be able to see some of their handiwork in this thread if you look for it.)

If Rick Santelli is the Paul Revere of the Bottom Third Revolution and Steve Bannon is its Thomas Paine, Donald Trump is its George Washington. The spokesman for the bankrupt Trump Mortgage, LLC is the master of all the skills the Bottom Third Strategy requires: turd-gildingTV grandstandingpunching downcheating the little guyrace baitingscammingbullying “losers,” taking credit for the work of others, and lying as easily as he breathes. (And, contrary to popular belief, he actually did hold a very important elective office prior to the presidency.)

He’s the only one brave enough to say, “None of your problems are your fault, and they are certainly not the fault of our beautiful bankers or real estate developers. They’re the fault of the Mexicans, the Muslims, the dirty asylum seekers, and, of course, those “globalist socialist elites” in Washington, whoever they are. (It doesn’t matter; they won’t check.) Plus, he’s got tons of awesome real estate advice! Did your property values crash in 2008? Well then you’re just a loser, because you didn’t have a pipeline to Putin’s kleptocrats who need to offshore their stolen money. (The technical term is money laundering, and for losers like you and me, it would be a felony.)

Apparently, Steve Bannon was right, and his Bottom Third has absolutely no problem buying into this insane narrative. (Especially with the helpful propaganda from Fox and conspiracy radio.) As we all learned in high school, we can always count on a third of the kids not to do the homework. The folks who tried to rein in the out-of-control financial industry and who saved the collapsing American automobile industry and its 7.25 million jobs (Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Barney Frank, Bernie Sanders, Steve Rattner, et al) are really “loony lefties” in the “administrative state.” (Remember how Obama nationalized all of the hospitals under Obamacare and turned General Motors into a state-run communist collective? Yeah, me neither.)

But that guy from TV who cheats on his taxeshides behind American bankruptcy courts (6 times now and counting)started receiving his $480 million inheritance when he was 3 years oldsteals money from his own family “charity” to buy a giant portrait of himselfhides his tax returns, and has never done a hard day’s work in his life? Yeah, that guy’s totally got your back.

Don’t believe the Trump administration is in the pocket of the predatory banks? Just Google Mick Mulvaney. Don’t think the legal system is rigged for rich frauds like Trump? Try doing subcontractor work for TrumpCo. See if the legal system helps you recover your money when Trump only pays you 1/3 of what he owes you and tells you to sue for the rest.

The success of Bannon’s “Bottom Third” Strategy is indisputable. His company, Cambridge Analytica “microtargeted” this group relentlessly on social media (by harvesting and weaponizing personal Facebook data without asking permission), and the results speak for themselves:

The importance of Cambridge Analytica’s manipulation campaign can hardly be overstated. Trump won the 2016 election by 70,000 swing votes in a few swing states. Cambridge Analytica harvested 30 MILLION certified voters through Facebook, and targeted them with fake news tailored to their individually profiled fears and trigger points. Even if these fake stories worked only one time out of every 300, that was enough. For the Bottom Third, it was The Truman Show times 30,000,000. (Think “Lock Her Up (TM),” “Crooked Hillary (TM),” “Deep State (TM)” and “Drain the Swamp (TM)” were spontaneous memes from the brilliant mind of DJT? Think again.) The Trump campaign fed them exactly what it wanted them to hear, whether it was true or not. If you were an NRA member, it was how Hillary wants to eliminate the Second Amendment. If you were an elderly Catholic, it was how she wants to rip third trimester babies from their mothers’ wombs. If you were libertarian, it was wild exaggerations about “big government” under Hillary. If you were a millennial liberal, it was how she stabbed Bernie in the back. Trump, the master of cheap labor trafficking, did it again: people from across the political spectrum happily shared his memes in their own personal outrage-amplifying social media echo chambers. For free. (Just wakin’ up the sheeple.) Putin’s pathetic cyber campaign investigated by Mueller was a drop in the bucket by comparison.

As H. L. Mencken said, “No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Donald Trump and the American kleptocracy needed another bailout, and the Bottom Third gave it to them from their own pockets as they cheered in their red hats. Trump and the Republicans then promptly turned around and gave the casino bankers and trust funders (not to mention the Trump Family and Trump’s “Golden Cabinet”) the biggest handout in history, with top-tier tax cuts and the doubling of the Estate Tax exemption. And the Bottom Third didn’t even squeal. Big cuts to my Social Security and health care? Bring ’em on, as long as it hurts the guy on the next rung down. Apparently, that’s how you “stick it to Hillary and the elites.”

Trump loyalists love that he is “a great businessman.” It’s part of the act. I just happen to live in the town where Ivanka and her brothers grew up. Coincidentally, it’s also the town where George H. W. Bush was born and raised. (Oddly enough, it’s also just 10 miles from where Bill and Hillary currently live.) It’s also the CEO capital of the world. By all accounts, it’s where American blue-blood conservatism and business leadership is manufactured.

But it also just happens to be the world headquarters for the WWE. Of the dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs he could have chosen among my neighbors, guess which one Trump chose for his cabinet? (Hint: she also was the biggest contributor to the Trump Foundation, which was recently exposed as a corrupt family slush fundand consequently shut down. Gotta pay to play, I guess.) None of it makes any sense until you realize it’s all a razzle-dazzle show to exploit Steve Bannon’s target audience.

Most of the CEOs I know are smart, honest, decent, hard-working people, and genuinely good parents. They have no tolerance for the Wall Street gamblers (because they’re careless) and trust funders (because they’re lazy). They mistrust Trump because he’s both. They care about the people on the lower rungs and want to lift them up, not just find new ways to rip them off. They know the difference between building a business and mere self-promotion. They are disgusted by Trump’s efforts to hide his taxes and keep his finances above the law. A strong company doesn’t hide its numbers.

They also care about the American brand, and know that it takes more to maintain it than wearing red caps with slogans. Since Trump took office, we’ve dropped below all of our chief competitors on the gold standard of international reputation, the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index, for the first time since George W. Bush left office. This means less influence, less investment, less credibility, and less power. (See What do business people think of Donald Trump?)

If you are sickened by how Trump and Bannon have degraded the American brand, poisoned our conversations, and normalized self-dealing and corruption, don’t take it out on the people they exploit, or even those who support the Republican Party for other reasons. Calling Trump supporters racist or stupid, or referring to them as a “cult,” only hurts the country and further divides us. Don’t just laugh when they say that the reality TV trust fund billionaire on his third wife is “just a regular guy who gets me.” Don’t just roll your eyes when they repeat his idiotic and cruel rally memes. And don’t fall into the “Who’s a bigger liar, Hillary or Donald?” trap.

Talk to them about the things that bind us as Americans—a love of justice, competence, fairness, strength, decency, prosperity, and freedom. I’ll bet most Trump supporters value those things as highly as you do. Convince them that you’re on the same team trying to really make America great.




Author Lada Ray opens up to 1EarthUnited about what goes into her astonishingly accurate calibrations, how they work and what her future plans are. In this big interview, Lada is kindly providing some awesome, never shared before, excerpts from her new book, with key calibrations for Russia and China!

And Lada reveals her newest exclusive predictions about the future of the West, US dollar, Africa and Russia!

1EarthUnited Interview BANNER2

Hello Lada, 

Welcome to my blog! 

I recently read your new book, Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations. What I felt… it was like the next level of awakening. To give our readers an idea, this is the review I posted on: Goodreads and Kobo:

A must read if you need to take control of your life during uncertain times, in Lada Ray’s terminology: The Great Earth Shift. Quantum calibrations will help with financial direction, geopolitical and economic megatrends which will shape the future of the country you live in, Lada addresses the entire world. I have divested and reinvested quite successfully, shifting asset classes favorable to the upcoming period all with your divine help Lada. Your newest book shares much of this crucial knowledge, providing insight as well as foresight to the most favorable locations and potential opportunities around the world.

I strongly recommend all my blog followers to prepare and be forearmed with Lada’s timeless wisdom and guidance, her latest book is a virtual roadmap to avoiding pitfalls and maximize the best potential opportunities you wish to experience in life. By far the most valuable and indispensable read for the upcoming Period 9!

I also posted a review on Barnes&Noble

THE BEST and most insightfully accurate source of geopolitical news and analysis that I’ve read and digested so far! Since having followed Lada’s work I found Quantum Calibrations to be an exceptionally useful tool for evaluating and clarifying many things in my life and the world. The calibrations and chapters explaining how each country works and why: including economy, finance, leaders, solvency and sovereignty is priceless! I find that Lada’s methods provide me with valuable insight & solid direction for my business, where to relocate, and best place to keep my money during this upcoming Earth Shift Period. Lada, you have my everlasting gratitude and love dear friend! Infinite blessings indeed. 



Q1 – 1EarthUnited

Firstly: your phenomenal book focuses on calibrations of countries, global organizations, superpowers, armies, economies, solvency and sovereignty. You calibrated an enormous number of countries, nearly 100, and there is also a lot of geopolitical analysis and predictions in the book.

But I know you do a lot of quantum calibrations in various areas of life, well beyond politics, international relations and government. For example, personal calibrations, such as levels of consciousness, relationships, neighborhoods, phisical and non-physical items, foods, people, ideas and various talents. You do that for us on Lada Ray Patreon and for your private clients, me being one of them.

For those unfamiliar with Quantum Calibrations, what is it? And are you planning a non-geopolitical Quantum Calibration book, and/or a workshop?

Lada Ray:

What are Quantum Calibrations? I’ll answer with a quote from the free QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS page on LadaRay.com:

Lada Ray QC&GC


Quantum calibrations open up a new dimension of understanding for ourselves & the world around us. They serve as a multidimensional window into the giant universe, which we can safely open up, to observe and be a part of the fascinating dance of creation. 

   ~ Lada Ray

Calibrations apply to any area of our existence we want to focus on, from geopolitics and our past, present and future, to our foods, locations, aspirations, health, love, money, soul and destiny – and anything in between. That’s why they are such a perfect tool for understanding ourselves, our needs and problems, as well as the world around us.

To learn free Quantum & Geo Calibration (QC & GC) scale, plus some key definitions, and to watch the videos, go to QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS on LadaRay.com. To schedule a private personal consultation or private personal report with Lada Ray go to: CONSULTATIONS.

My plans?

I do plan more books, including a non-geopolitical Quantum Calibration encyclopedia. I also am thinking about the book which will talk about my Earth Shift teaching, its applications in this reality, and my futurist predictions. However, I cannot give you the exact timeline yet. I will write the next book when I receive the divine guidance that the time is right.

I also have long-term plans for online workshops, including on the calibrations topic. However, this is also subject to divine timing and inspiration.

That said, I already have enormous amount of info out that anyone can access easily. Some of the examples: free info pages on LadaRay.com, linked above. Also go to Lada Ray YT channel and watch related videos, complete with visuals. You’ll find all relevant links at the bottom of this interview.

Much more is available in my new book, Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations. It has the words ‘geopolitical and geo-economic’ in the title, but the books’s intent is much broader! Large sections are dedicated to the higher-dimensional wisdom, theory and practice of calibrations. Other sections focus on the practical needs of average people, like you and me. What you’ll read will help you determine the best places to live or relocate to; it’ll assist with making major life’s decisions, including your money and investments. If you are a novice, you can learn a lot about my entire quantum calibration system by reading this book! It’s very inexpensive: ebook, which you can instantly download on Amazon, Apple or Kobo, is only $9.99 USD, and paperback, sold everywhere in the world, isn’t much more!

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Q– 1EarthUnited

I am a huge fan of your predictions and calibrations: they are spectacularly accurate. And I specifically want to point out that you have developed your quantum calibration teaching well beyond classic David Hawkins’ system, which is what makes it so unique and so forward-looking! How do you do it? What goes into such astonishing accuracy?

Lada Ray:

Quantum Calibrations constitute a 6th – 7th dimensional structure. Therefore, they are very much higher-dimensional in nature. Consequently, to calibrate with accuracy and inspiration, we have to access the higher cosmic truth. This involves claircognizance, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. This involves the 6th and 7th chakras, as well as higher energy vortexes.

However, to ground and manifest calibrations in this reality, we need the participation of the 4th Heart chakra (aka, the Heart Energy Vortex). In the process of calibrating we must involve what I call the ‘Chi Kinesiology,’ also referred to as a muscle test. So, the Heart Vortex works really hard during calibrating. It has to be in excellent condition for the calibrations to be accurate.

I am contemplating training people how to do it, and possibly having certified students who will become professionals in the field, so more people could benefit from this amazing forward-looking technique. But as I said, it all depends on divine timing. Stay tuned – when it’s time, I’ll announce the workshops and training on LadaRay.com!

The biggest secret of accuracy: your heart has to be in the right place, you have to be highly calibrated, and most importantly, you have to want to help people and our planet.

Q– 1EarthUnited


In Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations book I was enthralled by the Superpower & Great Power Index. This is a completely revolutionary and such a very cool approach to assessing the power of various countries! Did you create the Superpower Index especially for the book? How and why did it come to you?

Lada Ray:

That’s correct: the Superpower/Great Power Index was created especially for the book. As the book unfolded, the more I calibrated, analysed and predicted for various countries, I began feeling the Superpower/Great Power Index was the next logical step. It was like cherry on top of the cake, or a star on top of a tall tower. It gave the whole book that finishing touch, with a flourish. I highly recommend that everyone who’s interested in the topics of geopolitics, international relations, China, Russia, USA, EU, Germany, India, Iran, Turkey, etc., read the Superpower section of the book! This section alone warrants buying the book as a whole! But there is so much in it, beyond that! I truly think my new book will become a super-useful long-term reference tool for many of my readers, to which you’ll return again and again!

Q– 1EarthUnited

You included a number of countries in the Superpower, Great & Regional Power Index. The list of calibrations that went into the assessment of each of them is very impressive. I am especially curious about Superpowers. In this regard, several questions:

How did EU get on this list? Will USA continue being dominant? Or do you see Russia or China overtaking it soon? Do you foresee the Superpower dynamics changing?

Lada Ray:

Overall, we have 4 superpowers, 4 great powers and 7 regional powers on the list. Some of these may surprise you. The calibrations of each are extremely telling! Calibrations generally reveal the truths that some try very hard to hide, therefore, through calibrations you see the genuine picture of each country.

I kow what you’ll say: EU isn’t really one country… However, it is traditionally included in many world indexes. I personally included it for a very specific reason: its energy signature. It does behave like a superpower, albeit dependent and subordinate to the USA. That said, the EU is decoupling from the US as we speak, and I regularly write about it on Patreon.

The main reason EU makes it to the list of superpowers is due to its high economic might, mostly thanks to Germany and other Nordic countries. In terms of sovereignty and military it’s lagging behind. But EU is also slowly awakening and acquiring its own voice. I also calibrated Germany separately. You’ll find it on the list, and pretty high at that. But you may be surprised by the low positions of the UK and France.

*Not related, but interesting: you may be surprised by the positions of Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well!*

The future of the USA? The book’s prediction: it’ll continue slowly waning, although this process will be protracted.

Will China or Russia take over as the No. 1 Superpower? I’ll leave this in suspense – no spoilers! I made extensive predictions in the book on all these countries and it’s best to read the whole thing for the complete picture. However, let me leave you with one key prediction!

FUTURIST PREDICTION: The world’s energy is moving not only away from the US and West, but it’s also becoming more diversified and multi-polar. This effectively means that we are moving away from the 1-2 opposing superpower structure. The power in the future world will be distributed more evenly and more equitably among different parts of the world. This means that no single country will have absolute dominance. Some will be stronger in terms of economy, others in terms of energy, others in terms of defense, yet others in terms of ideas and spirit. The idea is to create a cooperative world, where everyone contributes and exchanges their best talents.

In terms of geopolitics and geo-economics, there is a pool of 15 countries I’ve identified, who will be at the forefront of the brave new multi-polar world. A few more may be joining soon.

Will the dynamics continue changing? Absolutely! It has already changed dramatically since I first wrote my novel, THE EARTH SHIFTER, in 2012.

Since I began my famous blog FuturisTrendcast in 2014, the world changed even more, and most of my original predictions came spectacularly true!

What will continue shifting and changing?

Per my key predictions:

  • Russia the Great Balancer will continue slowly rebalancing the world. She will be assisted by several other key players, including China, Turkey, possibly to some degree India, and believe it or not, Germany.
  • More countries that previously had no voice, will find it.
  • The US will lose part of its power, while others will add to theirs.
  • The Great Earth Shift and the transition from 3D into lower 4th dimension will continue, as human consciousness continues expanding.

Q5 – 1EarthUnited

Going back to US politics, I want to ask you a tough question. There is a battle going on between Trump and the Democrats. There is also a battle within the democratic party, between Biden and Sanders.

Your predictions regarding Trump wining previous elections, as well as Sanders losing to Hillary for the democratic nomination came 100% true. And your predictions regarding Trump being in a “Dark State straitjacket” and not being able to fulfill the majority of his promises came equally true!

My big question is: will you be predicting the next US election outcome? And also, can you use Quantum Calibrations to accurately calibrate both parties and candidates?

Lada Ray:

Yes, I plan to make predictions on the next US elections. But this time, I will do it exclusively for my Patreon supporters. I have worked very hard to awaken and enlighten humanity, and since 2014 I posted nearly 1000 of my original, authentic, one-of-a-kind articles and reports on FuturisTrendcast – all for free. These articles have incorporated insights you won’t find anywhere else, including many of my original predictions. At this time, I feel I have paid my dues in spades.

FT Banner HD

In the future, my geopolitical, predictive and multi-dimensional insights will only be posted on Patreon. I know, Maddie, you are one of my advanced members. I invite everyone to join, in order to stay in touch with my future offerings.


As to calibrating both parties: not only can I do it, I already have! You can find complete calibrations and interpretations for democratic and republican parties, as well as the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence in my recent Earth Shift Podcast, by clicking on this link: LadaRay YT channel. Or, click to listen directly: QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS Republicans vs Democrats, US Constitution, Declaration of Independence (ESP5)

I’m sure you’ll find my calibration results fascinating!

As to calibrating candidates, I previously calibrated Trump on Patreon and in Webinar 1, as well as ESR16.

In the new book Trump has been calibrated very thoroughly (that’s his latest calibrations) in the USA chapter and the World’s Most Powerful People section. In the future, I plan to calibrate Trump and other key candidates before next elections.

Q– 1EarthUnited

China and USA are in a trade war and China is on many people’s minds because of its rising superpower status. In Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations, China has its own large chapter, and you discuss it in a number of other sections of the book. Can we give our readers an excerpt from the Superpower Index, so they can see for themselves how you class China?

Lada Ray:

Super idea! This will provide a telling demo as to how my calibrations and the Superpower Index work!

Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations




Global Geopolitical Weight


Political Power

285 –  GOOD

Military Power

280 – GOOD

Economic Power


Financial Power


Energy Power



PREDICTION! Rising superpower, with still much of untapped potential! Watch this one closely!


Q7 – 1EarthUnited

From that, my follow-up question. Do you see China surpassing the US economically in the near future?

Lada Ray:

In reality, if taken by PPP, not the skewed GDP, China has surpassed the US economically several years ago. The PPP index is infinitely more accurate and honest, as it calculates the country’s gross domestic product based on the parity of purchasing power. GDP does so based on the value of the country’s domestic product in US dollars. Obviously, when currency is severely depressed compared to the US dollar, such as is the case of China, and especially Russia, the GDP will also look depressed. But PPP, in other words, how much a citizen of each country can really afford based on his/her income, puts everything in correct perspective.

Based on PPP, China currently is the world’s No. 1 economy.

Now, if the question is whether China will surpass the USA based on the USD-calculated GDP… Of course it will.

PREDICTION: this will happen when US dollar loses enough value to be more fairly valued compared to other global currencies, including Yuan! And when Yuan gains enough value against the dollar. This will happen gradually, as I have been predicting for years. And this prediction can be found in the book, complete with the timeline.

But there is a deeper prediction here! The structure of the global economy also has to change for that to happen. This new key prediction I’ll soon be discussing with my Patreon members!

The really important questions to which I’m sure many want to know answers are:

What can an average person do to protect him/herself against upcoming devaluation of the US dollar, euro and pound? How will it affect regular people? Will it affect each of us, or not? How can we safeguard our assets?

Q8 – 1EarthUnited

I would love to hear another one of your famous predictions! Can you give our readers a tip: when should we expect the collapse of the dollar?

Lada Ray:

The best thing to do is not to take anything for granted, including the word ‘collapse.’ There is a very good reason I take time to explain this stuff. This is why I recommend reading the book and listening to my webinars in full. My predictions are addressed in the book. Also, we discuss them with my Patreon members under  Special Feature Money & Investment. Most importantly, I want to direct everyone who’s interested in learning to my bestselling Webinar 3: The Future of Money. This is where you’ll get my systemic, step-by-step explanations and well-rounded expert predictions. But to give readers an idea of the direction in which everything’s going…

Vladimir Putin

PREDICTION: Watch the years 2020-2024 for significant shifts in currencies and global economies. This will be the start. By 2029 we will live in a different world, monetarily and economically-speaking. By 2044 the world will be drastically different and the new era would have begun!

Q9 – 1EarthUnited

Speaking of drastic shifts! In the book you’ve talked about various surprises, where countries calibrated lower or higher than the facade they present to the world. I have to say, I wasn’t surprised by the US calibrations. I did expect that!

For me, one of the big surprises were the low calibrations of France. But you did predict this, and we even had discussed this in one of our consultations! As you know, due to my work, I’ve lived in the US, UK, Russia and France. Why does France (the #1 country visited by tourists and considered a cultural capital of the West) calibrate so low?

Lada Ray:

France in its own way is experiencing the Inverted Collapse of the West. This is one of my key 2014 predictions, discussed in the book and highlighted especially in detail in Webinar 2: Inverted Collapse.

Each country experiences the Inverted Collapse differently, depending on where the weak links are. For the UK it’s Brexit, for the US it’s skyrocketing debt, political scandals and open war between democrats and republicans, complete with shifting blame to Russia and attempting regime change and conflicts in various countries. And for the EU as a whole, it’s uncontrolled migration and the rise of nationalism.

In France’s case, we have the funds’ shortage, drastic fall of incomes and Yellow Vests, as manifestations of the national crisis. The protests are a symptom of deeper problems. And my calibrations reveal those hidden problems. This is why quantum calibrations are such a valuable and profound tool!

By the way, Inverted Collapse is my term to define what’s happening in the West during the Great Earth Shift, while Russia the Great Balancer is gradually rebalancing the world.

Q10 – 1EarthUnited

Another big revelation for me were the chapters you wrote about Africa. Truly, overlooked it is, as you correctly pointed out, but there is so much potential there! More predictions please! What does the future hold for Africa?

Lada Ray:

The predictions and calibrations in the book are clear: Africa will get its time under the sun and its bigger say in Period 9. This will begin happening in earnest after 2023-24.

Period 9 is my term for the final 20-year period of the 180-year cycle. All about it in Webinar 4: Lada Ray Global Period 8 Predictions.

Q1– 1EarthUnited

I have to ask about Russia and relocation, which is one of the focal points of your book! In the book, I was entirely prepared for Russia’s high calibrations. But even I was pleasantly surprised by the end result!

As you know, I am planning on relocating. I had several very illuminating and comforting consultations with you, and among many other things, we discussed my short list of countries with their pros and cons. My friends also told me your book has helped them with relocation decisions. For the benefit of our readers today, could you tell me whether Russia is good for relocating? Most everyone is interested in safety, sovereignty, freedom and economic opportunity. Also, if possible, could you share some of Russia’s calibrations?

Lada Ray:

Russia is very good for relocating. There are a number of high-calibrated large cities in Russia, more than in most world’s countries. The calibration of the country as a whole is also one of the highest. Moscow is the highest calibrated capital in the world. Putin is the highest calibrated leader. And all this is despite sanctions, the drop of the ruble and various turmoils happening around Russia, instigated from abroad.

One of the very popular places to relocate in Russia is the southern tier, located between Black and Caspian Seas. I am talking about Krasnodar Krai and and Stavropol Krai. The capital of Krasnodar Krai, with the same name, Krasnodar, is extremely popular and very nice in its lifestyle, people and foods, as well as high tech job opportunities. The climate is very warm, especially for Russia. Black Sea resorts aren’t far away. Sochi is, by the way, a part of Krasnodar Krai. Both Krasnodar and Stavropol are the Cossack lands. The flourishing of both began in the 2000s, and the growth potential remains enormous.

Crimea is becoming more and more popular. Moscow is always popular. Kazan (on Volga) is also very popular. But there are many others.

Of course, to relocate, you need to understand the laws and at least the basics of language. It’s also advisable to travel around the country. Among many other topics, people come to me for consultations on this. During private sessions we calibrate the cities and towns of your choice, your relocation prospects, and more. I also can advise you on cultural and other aspects, and tell you what I foresee for you.






The Great Balancer, Protector & Stabilizer

With Bonus Calibrations of Moscow & Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev! 



CHI      410 – REASON

Leader: President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

QC       580 – HIGH CREATION



QC      410 – REASON

CHI     510 – LOVE




Financial solvency


Sovereignty (level of)


BONUS: Calibrations of Moscow, the capital of Russia


CHI        510 – LOVE


Moscow has some of the world’s highest overall calibrations on the planet today among major cities and among capitals!

*It has to be noted that Russia’s calibrations are NOT usual! Most other countries in the world calibrate very differently!*


Q1– 1EarthUnited

Last but not least!  What should your fans and supporters look forward to? What are you planning in the near future?

And one more thing: if readers wish to find out more about your work, where should they go?

Lada Ray:

My main focus in the next several months will be to continue expanding Lada Ray Patreon and Earth Shift Podcast on YT. My Patreon members and YT subscribers can expect a lot of original, cutting-edge and exciting new offerings!

Another focus are my new, very cool consultations:

4SET checker


PERSONAL SHIFT! Guided Transformation with Lada Ray

They are in experimental stage, currently open at a very substantial discount to my Patreon members only. In the end of August I’ll consider making them public: SEE ALL CONSULTATIONS.

Last but not least, I am very excited about my new Instagram page, newladaray, which I started only a few days ago – only positive, inspired & higher-dimensional! Join me for beautiful photography, inspiration quotes and my updates!

NewLadaRay banner NEW1

I also have some secret projects I am working on, which I won’t disclose now. They will be a surprise. By the time September rolls in, I’ll have more news and developments! Please follow me so not to miss them!

At-a-glance! Where you’ll find me and my work: 



Thank you, Lada! This was very enlightening. I would love for us to talk some more in several months, perhaps in September or October! 

Lada Ray:

It’s a deal! Thank you, Maddie, and thank you, readers. It was my pleasure!

‘The Dollar Is Going to Self Destruct’: Talking Bitcoin With Ron Paul

        ‘The Dollar Is Going to Self Destruct’: Talking Bitcoin With Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul was into sound money before it was cool.

Before he became an initiate in the Austrian school of economics, he served as a flight surgeon in the United States Airforce and as a private practice OBGYN in Texas. Proselytized by the works of Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand, Paul decided to run for Congress in the ’70s following the termination of the Bretton Woods agreement — an international pact that was the dollars final, albeit tentative, tie to the gold standard.

Nixon’s decision to withdraw from this agreement would have lasting consequences on U.S. monetary policy and Dr. Paul launched his political career as a crusade against these changes and the danger he saw in the fiat economy that they created. In his on-again-off-again career as a politician — which included Texas Congressional Representative terms from 1976 to 1977, 1979 to 1985 and 1997 to 2013 as well as presidential runs in 2008 and 2012 — the godfather of the modern right-wing Libertarian movement made a name for himself with his zealous advocacy of the gold standard and his uncompromising critique of the Federal Reserve and the hazards of its monetary policy.

As a fledgling congressman, his position on the House Banking Committee gave him a platform to disseminate his Austrian ideals. Today, his 2009 bestseller End the Fed and his 2012 presidential run can be seen as career capstones which also encapsulated the core tenets of his political philosophy: liberty, revolution and sound money.

It’s not shocking, then, that Ron Paul is privy to Bitcoin. He and his son, former presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, accept bitcoin for their political foundation.

Dr. Paul attended this year’s Consensus conference as a guest of the Digital Asset Policy Network (DAPNet), a cryptocurrency policy and lobbying non-proft led by veteran campaign manager Jesse Benton and Bitcoin Center Founder Nick Spanos. During the conference, Bitcoin Magazine sat down with Dr. Paul to discuss his views on bitcoin as a disruptive and sovereign asset. Our conversation showed that gold bugs have more in kind with bitcoiners than not (and it’s also a good reminder that bitcoin is not age specific — not every old bull is a salty no-coiner à la Warren Buffet).

When did you first learn about bitcoin and what were your initial reservations with it?

There was no one time where I read an article and it struck me. I just heard a little about it, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. And then I finally got interested enough to watch what it was doing in the marketplace — I love to watch markets — and, you know, down to $0 up to $20,000, that was sort of fascinating. What does this mean? I’m still trying to figure out what the endpoint is.

So that got me interested, and then I looked at the technology and I’m not a computer person. If I had to explain blockchain technology, I wouldn’t do well. I’m interested in the issue of alternative currencies, I’m interested in what happens when the market crashes and I’m interested in preserving an environment where people can have alternative ideas that might help solve the problems we have. I think that’s what bitcoin offers: an alternative. I want a free marketplace.

I’ve heard you mention free markets in relation to bitcoin, in an interview with CoinDesk, for instance. I want to ask you aboutCongressman Sherman’s remarks on a ban of cryptocurrencies. What do you think this signals for Congress? Do you think we’re going to see hostility?

There will be hostility but it will be more dignified. They will work behind the scenes and put in roadblocks if they can. The more successful that cryptos are, the more the government will get involved. There are people like Sherman, but they won’t be talking like that. I don’t think that he has the clout since he’s over the top. They’re not [going to] all of a sudden pass this; I don’t even think he’ll introduce a bill. It won’t be a movement, it just got everyone’s attention.

Do you think Congress is paying more attention to these things than it’s letting on? Because we’ve seen some incompetency from Congress when it comes to technical topics.

No, I don’t think there are many [people in Congress] who are more knowledgeable than I am and [they’re] much less interested in the principles of the marketplace. And they’re less in agreement that big problems lie ahead, so they have less interest in Bitcoin. I don’t think that if you did a poll for Congress about whether to ban it or tax it, they probably haven’t thought it through. Republicans I would think would tend more to be very tolerant, but lovers of big government like Brad Sherman — they know what is going on. His reaction, his emotions are his belief, because he can see what could happen to the Federal Reserve’s monopoly over the monetary system. You can’t allow people to talk about using alternative currencies. Usually, we punish people for that.

To your point toward the end there, it seems like Sherman has thought it through. Because if you listen to his argument, he basically says cryptocurrency poses a threat to the dollar’s dominance and the U.S.’s international commerce.

That tells you a lot. He’s speaking for the deep state establishment, military people and everyone else in the banking system. He’s representing their position that “You don’t mess with the dollar.” But I don’t worry about that because the dollar is going to self-destruct.

Yeah, I want to touch on that. In End the Fed, you speak of the dollar like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. What do you think could accelerate it and do you see crypto acting as a sort of hedge as we’ve seen with gold and silver at times of market volatility?

I would think so, but someone else needs to answer that question. I just want to make sure that there’s allowed to be a hedge. In our country, for a lot of years, we weren’t allowed to own gold as a hedge. I think that there are a lot of time bombs. We have difficulty figuring out what our foreign policy is. You know, the on-again-off-again with Syria and North Korea, Iran.

The John Boltons and Abrahams of the world and the senators that are wild — as long as they are in charge, a bad accident can happen or a bad judgement made. That could change everything. That could change the dollar system; it could change the stock market.

In End the Fed, you talk about a financial crisis that is worse than in 2008 to 2009. Do you think that we’re starting to see the foundations shake? Is the writing on the wall?

I think so, but it’s been there a long time. I decided that this trend was established with our announcement that we no longer could honor the dollar. Which was really an announcement of bankruptcy, and it’s been steadily building up the problem. And the trust in the dollar has allowed the bubble to get bigger. It’s held together for a long time and that’s just going to make the crash worse.

I’m glad you mentioned the word “bubble” because that gets thrown around a lot in this industry. What would you say about the volatility of bitcoin when taken in kind with the devaluation of the dollar through inflation?

There’s going to be volatility. The dollar is going to be volatile. You have the supply and demand of the dollar: how many people really want to use it versus how fast they’re printing the money. A lot of people look at prices in terms of supply and demand but they don’t look at the purchasing power of the dollar, which is hard to calculate. The thing that I realized in 1971 was that, since Nixon took us off the gold standard, this is a different world. Now, we have the digital currencies and I think they’ll follow the same economic laws, but there is going to be a subjective element to it. You can’t deny that there was some subjectivity when bitcoin hit $20,000. But does that mean it’s worthless? No, I don’t think so — things do that. This is new, so it’s going to have ups and downs.

If we see a threat to it, when someone comes along and says, “We need a law to ban cryptocurrencies to get rid of this uncertainty.” That to me is going to be around and it’s going to be a lot worse.

Do you think that the best way to regulate this is to not regulate it at all? Or do you think that there’s a way to let these bitcoin and blockchain companies grow organically while providing investor protections?

I believe in regulation and that it has to be strict, but who are the regulators? Ever since the Depression, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of rules and regulations regulating the financial system and yet we still had 2009. It didn’t do any good. And then when they decided that they need to save the system, they went hog wild rewarding the people who had already been ripping us off: the mortgage companies. And the people who lost their mortgages didn’t get rescued.

I want to return to gold really quickly. Have you seen Grayscale’sDrop Gold campaign? It is trying to make gold obsolete and replace it with bitcoin, which it says is a digital alternative.

Well, they’re missing the whole point. If it’s obsolete, the market will declare it obsolete. But in a crisis, even if people are using bitcoin in a crisis, gold is going to be used. I’d think that you’d be a very wealthy person if you had a bag of gold coins in Venezuela.

Bitcoin has gone on an insane uptrend recently while the DOW, S&P and other traditional markets are trending downward. Do you think that it’s a little bit early to say this shows a decoupling from traditional markets?

Yes, I think it’s too early to tell. I don’t think anybody knows. It’s hard to say, but there’s obviously enough confidence in bitcoin for people to go and buy it. But did you have one million buyers or 15 buyers? That could be pretty important.

Last question: Do you own any bitcoin?

Do I own any bitcoin? No. We accept bitcoin at our foundation, but we immediately convert it because we need to pay our bills.

Life is a censored reality machine

Jon Rappoport <info@nomorefakenews.com>
Most of my readers now know that my blog has been taken down by WordPress for no stated reason.  We are working to restore the blog “by other means.” You’re reading this either because you’re already subscribed to my email list or someone forwarded this email to you. If you’re in the latter category, then the best way to get my daily articles is go to my home page, nomorefakenews.com and sign up for the email list in the upper left corner.  You’ll get articles in your inbox.  Thank you for your support.

“On 2nd Avenue, I peeked between the boards of a construction site.  Workers were busy piling up bricks.  One worker came close and I asked him what they were doing.  He gave me an embarrassed smile.  Well, he said, we’re shoring up Reality.  We’re very busy.  We have to keep putting things together.  I’m surprised you saw us.  We’re everywhere all the time.”  (New York Dream, Jon Rappoport)

I could recall and describe 10 or 20 times in my life when the clouds parted and I saw, directly and with exceeding clarity, that what is called REALITY is a construct.  It is a work of art.  It is designed and engineered to hold and house LIFE, SPIRIT.

Its remarkable enduring quality is machine-like, as if a painting were reproduced trillions of times.  On and on.  Over and over.  But there is an illusion here.  It takes the consent of huge numbers of people for this machine to operate.  And that consent occurs because most people do not see themselves as creators, as artists.  They see themselves as inhabitants and “renters.”  They see themselves as very clever, if they concoct a way to succeed WITHIN the boundaries of the living movie/machine called Reality.  That is as far as they want to go.

You walk through a large museum.  There are hundreds of paintings on the walls.  You stop before one and stare at it.  It’s a picture of a winding road at the edge of a forest.  There is a small cottage in the distance.  You move into the painting and stroll all the way to the cottage, enter it, and take up residence there.  For 65 years.

A painter walks through the same museum.  He looks at many wonderful and strange pictures, and then he goes home and paints.  He never takes up long-term residence in a work of art.  In that respect, he is immune.

In the years 1961 and 1962, I lived in New York and painted.  I went to the midtown museums many times.  I learned my most important lessons about Reality there.  I didn’t drop my insights later on in favor of a more “mature” outlook.

William Blake famously wrote: “Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself. To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”

Here is another way to think about the Reality machine—every person is absolutely convinced that Rembrandt painted only one self-portrait.  It’s accepted by one and all as an established fact.  Then one day, a museum hangs 40 Rembrandt self-portraits.  Many people walk by them and don’t see them at all.  Other people do see them and call them fakes.  After a few months, the curators remove the 40 paintings and they’re never shown again.

Now we’re talking about deep censorship.  Knowledge about the reality machine is blotted out.  It’s buried in the unconscious.

Psychologist: Tell me again what you saw.

Artist: Out in the street, I saw that all the buildings and cars and trucks and other objects were expressions of a machine, a Reality machine.  Reality is a work of art, a construct.

Psychologist: You had a moment of delusion.

Artist: No.  It was a glimpse into the way things are.

Psychologist: Nonsense.  “The way things are” is something I and my colleagues define.  It takes years of study and clinical practice to reach a point where we can reliably characterize reality.

Artist: I don’t buy you or your definitions.

Psychologist: You have no choice.  We have the backing of the State.

Artist: Exactly.  You’re an official.  You have a stake in the game.  Your job is to limit people’s perception.  You help keep the machine running.

“Creative perception” doesn’t mesh with the sentiments of the crowd.  The crowd wants nothing to do with it.  And then there is the fact that it takes imagination to deal with imagination—and most people claim they don’t understand or believe in imagination.

That’s a kind of koan worth contemplating: IT TAKES IMAGINATION TO DEAL WITH IMAGINATION.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.
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