I’m sure many of your supports and I appreciate your no-nonsense straight forward tell it like it is honest truth that’s never revealed in our corrupt media. That’s why a voice of reason and compassion is so refreshing during these dark days. Keep fighting and sharing your timeless knowledge, like the Tibetan monks, who else would uphold the world without more ppl like Lada doing the great work? Cheers my friend! ❤

Futurist Trendcast

I did enjoy reading your work until I realized that you actually live in the US, it seems a bit hypocritical to hardly ever say a kind word about the land that you choose to live in.

This comment was left on my Contact page. Most likely, in response to my latest: Kim Jong-Un Always Dreamed of Visiting Russia: Super-Inside Scoop!

First thing I want to say: when I see comments like this, and it’s not the first attack of this kind, I am very worried about the state of human consciousness.

In this person’s mind, if I live in a certain country I have no right to speak up against grave injustices and despicable crimes of said country that stare me in the eye. This person wrongly assumes I live in the US, but what if I did?

Then, per him, I must close my eyes and ears, kiss…

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