RIGGED! 2020 election sabotaged (Hillary’s revenge!)

The election tampering that haunted the integrity of the entire 2016 election is back, warns Massachusetts neuroscientist and activist Dr. Laurie Cestnick.

This time, it’s former Vice President Joe Biden that has his fingers on the scale.

“The mainstream media and the DNC are colluding against the American people. That’s what it feels like. It’s the same thing all over again,” Cestnick told The Washington Times.

Cestnick believes the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Now, she claims the same thing is happening again — and the mainstream media is helping the DNC silence Sanders. Cestnick founded the group “Occupy DNC” to protest Clinton’s nomination at the party’s 2016 convention in Philadelphia. She promises her group will fight back again in 2020 if the DNC rigs the primary again.

“People are becoming more upset and becoming more firm behind Bernie due to mainstream media not covering a lot of his events and the strong push for Biden,” Cestnick said to The Washington Times.

This is nothing new to the Biden campaign. The Horn News first reported that Biden was aware that Hillary’s campaign had rigged the Democratic primary in Oct. 2015.

That story which was later confirmed by former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile in 2017, when Brazile wrote an op-ed in Politico confessing the “shocking truth” about “Hillary’s secret takeover of the DNC.”

It’s one of the primary reasons Biden chose to sit on the sidelines of the 2016 primary.

Earlier this month, The Horn News warned that Biden seems to be copying Hillary’s “secret takeover” tactics.

And it has Sanders supporters vowing to fight back.

“Is 2016 going to happen all over again?” Cestnick asked. “It is sure feeling like it. But I tell you, they are going to see a fight like they’ve never seen before.”

That anger could cost Biden in the general election.

“The Democratic Party does not want a repeat of the raucous 2016 convention, where Sanders delegates walked off the convention floor, and protests raged in the streets and parks outside the convention center,” The Washington Times reported.

“Clinton campaign aides say the rift in the party after Philadelphia contributed to her narrow losses in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, sealing [President Donald Trump’s] victory.”

Shocking! PROOF Clinton’s rigged 2016 election uncovered

The Horn editorial team

Why Assange Prosecution Is Complete Bulls**t!


X-No. 22843
So exposing war crimes is a crime?


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William Hamilton
When those committing them are the ones doing the prosecuting, sure.


Only under a military dictatorship.


BLAIR M Schirmer
Of course it is. James Mattis blew up a wedding party in Iraq after giving the matter no more, by his own, stated estimation, than 30 seconds thought. He killed at least 30 men, women, and children. He was never prosecuted, never even investigated, and in 2016 was invited by both major parties to give a key address at their Conventions. Meanwhile Chelsea Manning is in jail–again.


Harsono Ng
Only exposing US war crime is a crime.


Anton Katusov
“The victor will always be the judge, the vanquished the accused…” ― Hermann Göring


Luke Ashton Ford
Free Julian Chelsea and Edward Snowden!! They are heroes!!! usa government are the criminals evil basterds from hell!


Richard Rust
@Anton Katusov Great quote. Absolutely true!


Taco love
@iDrifter / Can’t argue your point my friend.


Ivan Drago
Only if it’s American war crimes. It’s fine to expose crimes of Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, North Korea if you want though.


Taco love
@MichaelMike The Russian Bot / Let the truth be known world wide…let the true Revolution begin against these….spoiled, lying ,cheating bastards! If you have nothing to hide…..bring it on


yes just like videoing a slaughterhouse is a Federal offense


my view
The Hague is just for African war criminals


Ian Kouf
Only when you solicit classified material and walk someone through a felony cybercrime to obtain said information you absolute fucking goofballs.


Haroon Hg, yes it’s only a war crime when you expose our own government but don’t forget the Israeli government where the Saudis they would try to prosecute you for that too because you have to remember they are partners in crime with the US and the mob looks out for each other we are just feeder rats in a huge nasty cage and sadly most people just like rats in a cage will never see the forest through the trees as long as they have enough water, food and a hamster wheel to run in they will just pacify themselves with toys that the elites give them like sports teams and reality TV shows… we are a pathetic Bunch for the most part but we have the potential to change and we really have no choice we must change or we will all perish! We have a heavy burden on our shoulders those of us who understand all this but that’s what leadership is all about it’s not just about putting Tulsi in the White House it’s about making sure the Grassroots movement doesn’t get mowed down in the process

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Slew One
Yes, the punishment is as high as a death sentence. It’s part of the rule of don’t mess with the Military Industrial Complex.
Damon Cross
They are gasliting. They know what they are doing is dishonest. So they attempt to confuse their adept accusers with absurdities so you’ll question your analysis. Their hutspa…is a strategic move to shock the ones they want to prey upon. This is mental illness.


Brett Robinson
ANYTHING…….done…..in the name of America..(financial interests)……CAN……NOT……BE…..A…….CRIME!!!


History Eraser Button
They are making protesting a crime soon too. One day you look your overseer in the eye or speak out of turn you’ll be punished harshly. It time to push back against this bullshit. Free Assange


@BLAIR M Schirmer they blew up a wedding party, waited till first responders arrived on the scene to pull bodies from the rubble, and hit them again. I supported TRump as the only anti-War candidate running. Now it looks like he is under the spell of the Zio-Cons, so I’ll be supporting T. Gabbard.


Troll Trollsen
@Richard Rust No it can be true IF we dont react
Swash Bucklin
No criminals commit crimes and kill innocent people and do anything not to be bought to justice like a cop.


as far as american government is concerned, sure. but those other governments? you’d be dead if they caught you leaking war crimes of theirs. dead or put into a concentration camp and worked to the bone until you die.
Aubrey De Bliquy
No, concealing crime is a crime. Employment contracts requiring silence on crimes are not binding in law because they are themselves criminal conspiracy.


Swash Bucklin
@MrHandssHave you just returned from outer space Julian has been forced to live in an embassy for years and is now under arrest facing 170 years in an American jail.


The Scoop!
You’re supposed to go through proper channels, the people you’re blowing the whistle on.
Eryk Space
War criminals prosecute the truth


Deez Nutz
Slow camper?
Aubrey De Bliquy
@The Scoop! If there are effective proper channels, but when they fail or victimize the whistle blower then there is no choice but to go outside the chain of command to reach the public with the information they have a right to know to exercise their sanction over THEIR government.


they dont like egg on their face, doesn’t even have to be war crimes. Look at the case of John Lang for example… he was exposing a local license plate scam and was suicided for it….. any corruption exposed they dont like ….. but yeah it begs to question. Who polices the police, who governs the government.


Lonnie McDonald
Exposing Hillary’s emails was the real crime. Trump needs to pardon him
Joss Dionne
X-No. 22843 . You got it: Haïku of the Century!
buster smith
SN S oh yeah ?? Where did that law come from ??
Yes, yes it is.
Kevin Locks
The crime was rape.
Lynne Barnes
Apparently. Yes.
tony roberts
@Ian Kouf Soliciting really? Julian harassed Manning into leaking information? No he didn’t and it is not clear, that he walked him through it. Plus it used to be the case that a journalist would get his information by hook or by crook if it was in the public interest. I see you have a problem with the public being informed about what their government is up to?
Ian Kouf
@tony roberts I don’t have a problem with journalism, I have a problem with using felony cybercrimes to be a journalist. It’s the 18th charge none of you are talking about. It’s a serious crime. He’ll have his day in court, but his charges aren’t “journalism”. They’re journalism through cybercrime. Dork.
tony roberts
@Ian Kouf He’ll have his day in court? If you believe that then you’re an idiot. I’m from the UK and Julian has just gotten a year for failing to appear in court a sentence unheard of. Even serious criminals who break bail and flee abroad don’t get it. If my government is prepared to pervert the rule of law and sentencing guidelines just to get him to the US image what yours will do when hes there. Also even if and its a big if but even IF Assange gave tips on how to hack systems, he still didn’t hack them Manning did. It is ridiculous to suggest that if I told you how to hotwire a car and you stole one, that way, that i could be prosecuted also. To conclude people who know they’re wrong usually resort to insults. What are you some sort of cop/government toady or just a regular run of the mill sheeple?

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Wulf Wulf
It is ! according to US.
tony roberts
@Wulf Wulf Not according to Elizabeth Goitein co-directer of the New York institute for law. This is unprecedented for a publisher! Didn’t you watch the video?