♫ Our House ♫

Perfectly cozy love song, sung with such grace and ease, that’s love. 🙂

Filosofa's Word

I keep having these strange days where nothing quite seems as it should be.  I go into the kitchen for the sole purpose of cleaning my glasses.  I make a cup of coffee, put a couple of dishes in the dishwasher, see a bit of something on the countertop and wipe it down, check the freezer to … what?  Make sure there is still food in it?  Open the dryer … oops, forgot to fold the towels.  Fold the towels.  Bring the coffee back into the living room, sit down, pick up the laptop and … why is everything so blurry?  Oh yeah … I forgot to clean my glasses.  I blame all this on Donald Trump and his supporters.  Anyway, this song popped into my head while I was rolling smokes tonight, and I thought that somehow it fits my mood just perfectly!

Our House, released in September 1970…

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