Quote of the day

Atisha says: Criticize people’s minds, criticize their ideologies, criticize their systems of thought, criticize everything — but never criticize anybody’s love, never criticize anybody’s trust. Why? — because love is so valuable, trust is so immensely valuable. To destroy it, to criticize it, to shatter it in any way, is the greatest harm one can do to anybody.

You can criticize the mind — it should be criticized — but not the heart. Whenever you see something of the heart, avoid the temptation to criticize it.

Just the opposite is the case with people. They can tolerate your ideology, they can tolerate your mind, but the moment they see your love, your trust, they jump upon you.

They cannot tolerate your trust; it is too much. They will say that this is hypnosis, that you have been hypnotized, you have been deceived, you are living in an illusion; that love is madness, love is blind; logic has eyes, and love is blind.

The truth is just the opposite. Logic is blind; criticize it! Love has eyes, only love has eyes, because only love can see God. Criticize beliefs, because beliefs are nothing but doubts hidden behind beautiful words. Criticize beliefs, but don’t criticize anybody’s trust.


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