Quote of the day

In light of Trump’s recent comments regarding Squad of 4 Democrat congresswomen, perhaps he can take Osho’s words to heart.

“Life should be lived without views, life should be lived in immediate contact with reality. But if it is not possible, then at least don’t have wrong views. What are wrong views? Views which are rooted in prejudice, hate, anger, greed, ambition, violence.

The first thing is, don’t have any kind of views. Live life without a philosophy to live by.

No philosophy is needed to live life; in fact the best and most glorious life is the life which is lived without any philosophy — simple, innocent, spontaneous.

But if it is not possible right now, then start by at least dropping wrong views. Don’t live through prejudice, don’t live through anger, don’t live through hatred, don’t live through greed and ambition, don’t live through dreams. Be more real, more realistic. Be a little more alert and watchful, watching each act cautiously, because each act creates a chain of actions. Whatsoever you do will remain in the world even when you are gone, because the chain will continue. If you cannot do something beautiful in the world, at least don’t do something ugly.


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