Good People Doing Good Things — Dale Schroeder

So heartwarming, what an exemplary person who lived to serve others, and kept giving long after passing. A beautiful example of conscious living, both ecological and spiritual.

Filosofa's Word

Today’s ‘good people’ post is a bit shorter than usual, because … Filosofa forgot that it was Wednesday, and last night I spent a few hours preparing what I thought would be this morning’s post.  And then, as I was setting it up on the schedule for 3:00 a.m., I saw the calendar and … oh sh*t … it’s Wednesday!  I considered going with my original post, making my apologies, and doing the good people post later, or tomorrow, but … I know you guys count on it and in today’s environment, we all need to be reminded of the humanitarians who walk amongst us.  So, it is a bit short, but it is heartwarming, I promise you!

Dale-SchroederDale Schroeder lived his entire live in Ames, Iowa.  He was, as his friend Steve Nielsen described him, “… that kind of a blue-collar, lunch-pail kind of a guy. Went to work…

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