Good People Doing Good Things — Helpers

I have tears of joy, thank so much Jill for spreading hope. This is the world I know and love! I’m 100% certain we’ll all get there. ❤

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I’ve stumbled across two men today who have made being a ‘good people’ their life’s work.

James Anderson is originally from Liverpool, where he was a bin man (trash collector) before he became a plumber in 1998.  Now living in Burnley, James has his own plumbing company, which used to be called Northern Plumbing & Heating, but in March 2017 he changed it to DEPHER, which stands for Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response.  What triggered the change?plumber-AndersonAt the time, he was called to provide a 2nd opinion for an elderly man who had just been given an estimate for £5,500 ($6,870 USD) for a boiler repair.  When Anderson arrived, he realized the company that gave the elderly man the estimate was trying to scam him out of what might have been his life savings for a simple, inexpensive repair.  Mr. Anderson spent 45 minutes…

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