What Do You Think? MY YOUTUBE REPLIES TO: ‘Delusional! Edward Snowden Believes Europe Might Grant Him Asylum, Save Him From US!’

I thought more highly of Mr Snowden till now. Asylum in Europe? U can’t be serious. How fast can you say extradition back to US for treason, LMAO!

As far as your reader is concerned, we all perceive reality thru our own personal filters. If he’s biased against Russia to begin with, then living in the Kremlin would be a bad experience. There’s no pleasing some folk no matter what you say or how you reason, they just don’t see the light, choosing to stay mired in darkness. He is blind to the wonders around him, place him anywhere in the world and his negative world view will taint everything ugly. Poor guy, appreciate reality by cleaning your jaded eyes and be grateful!
Nice post Lada!! 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

I came across this video on YT.

I literally never post any comments under YT videos, but for the first time in years I was called to post one in response to someone else’s one-sided view, in order to clarify and tell the truth. I must say others started chiming in to support my comment and add their own, which is great. And I ended up replying to additional responses as well.

I also have to say that the vast majority of comments under that video are right on!

My comments are under this thread:

a2eoas17 hours ago (edited): The report says that Snowden considers Russia the safest country for him to be in. So he is not delusional, although he still seems to be under the disturbing impression that Russia is somehow an inferior choice.


Blufor 401415 hours ago (edited) It is, I’m British…

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