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We are brought up in such a way that we only believe that we are free, but we are not. While nations exist, no man is really free. While politicians go on dominating humanity, the world will remain in slavery. They go on persuading you that you are free. You are not. There are a thousand and one walls around you — maybe very transparent so that you can look through the walls, and that gives you a feeling that you are free, but you are not. While there are religions in your head — Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Jainism, Buddhism — you are not free. A mind cannot be free.

Freedom means freedom from the mind.

Only a no-mind knows the taste of freedom.

But to be a no-mind is so risky; you will have to lose all that you have become accustomed to, all that you have become so attached to. All your possessions are contained in your mind: your philosophies, your religions, your concepts, your theories, all are contained in your mind. If you drop the mind — and that’s what meditation is all about, dropping the mind — you will feel as if you have been robbed, as if you have suddenly been forced to be naked, as if suddenly inside you have become empty. You will miss that old fullness, although it was only junk. But people’s idea is that it is always better to have something than nothing, whatsoever that something is.


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