Trump And Zelensky Want Peace With Russia. The Fascists Oppose That

By Moon Of Alabama

November 15, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –   NBC News is not impressed by the first day of the Democrats’ impeachment circus. But it fails to note what the conflict is really about:

It was substantive, but it wasn’t dramatic.

In the reserved manner of veteran diplomats with Harvard degrees, Bill Taylor and George Kent opened the public phase of the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Wednesday by bearing witness to a scheme they described as not only wildly unorthodox but also in direct contravention of U.S. interests.

“It is clearly in our national interest to deter further Russian aggression,” Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and a decorated Vietnam War veteran, said in explaining why Trump’s decision to withhold congressionally appropriated aid to the most immediate target of Russian expansionism didn’t align with U.S. policy.

But at a time when Democrats are simultaneously eager to influence public opinion in favor of ousting the president and quietly apprehensive that their hearings could stall or backfire, the first round felt more like the dress rehearsal for a serious one-act play than the opening night of a hit Broadway musical.

“In direct contravention of U.S. interests” says the NBC and quotes a member of the permanent state who declares “it is clearly in our national interest” to give weapons to Ukraine.

But is that really in the national U.S. interest? Who defined it as such?

President Obama was against giving weapons to Ukraine and never transferred any to Ukraine despite pressure from certain circles. Was Obama’s decision against U.S. national interest? Where are the Democrats or deep state members accusing him of that?

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Which brings us to the really critical point of the whole issue. Who defines what is in the “national interest” with regards to foreign policy? Here is a point where for once agree with the right-wingers at the National Review where Andrew McCarthy writes:

[O]n the critical matter of America’s interests in the Russia/Ukraine dynamic, I think the policy community is right, and President Trump is wrong. If I were president, while I would resist gratuitous provocations, I would not publicly associate myself with the delusion that stable friendship is possible (or, frankly, desirable) with Putin’s anti-American dictatorship, which runs its country like a Mafia family and is acting on its revanchist ambitions.

But you see, much like the policy community, I am not president. Donald Trump is.

And that’s where the policy community and I part company. It is the president, not the bureaucracy, who was elected by the American people. That puts him — not the National Security Council, the State Department, the intelligence community, the military, and their assorted subject-matter experts — in charge of making policy. If we’re to remain a constitutional republic, that’s how it has to stay.

We have made the very same point:

The U.S. constitution “empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries.”

The constitution does not empower the “U.S. government policy community”, nor “the administration”, nor the “consensus view of the interagency” and certainly not one Lt.Col. Vindman to define the strategic interests of the United States and its foreign policy. It is the duly elected president who does that.


The president does not like how the ‘American policy’ on Russia was built. He rightly believes that he was elected to change it. He had stated his opinion on Russia during his campaign and won the election. It is not ‘malign influence’ that makes him try to have good relations with Russia. It is his own conviction and legitimized by the voters.

[I]t is the president who sets the policies. The drones around him who serve “at his pleasure” are there to implement them.

There is another point that has to be made about the NBC’s assertions. It is not in the interest of Ukraine to be a proxy for U.S. deep state antagonism towards Russia. Robber baron Igor Kolomoisky, who after the Maidan coup had financed the west-Ukrainian fascists who fought against east-Ukraine, says so directly in his recent NYT interview:

Mr. Kolomoisky, widely seen as Ukraine’s most powerful figure outside government, given his role as the patron of the recently elected President Volodymyr Zelensky, has experienced a remarkable change of heart: It is time, he said, for Ukraine to give up on the West and turn back toward Russia.

“They’re stronger anyway. We have to improve our relations,” he said, comparing Russia’s power to that of Ukraine. “People want peace, a good life, they don’t want to be at war. And you” — America — “are forcing us to be at war, and not even giving us the money for it.”

Mr. Kolomoisky [..] told The Times in a profanity-laced discussion, the West has failed Ukraine, not providing enough money or sufficiently opening its markets.

Instead, he said, the United States is simply using Ukraine to try to weaken its geopolitical rival. “War against Russia,” he said, “to the last Ukrainian.” Rebuilding ties with Russia has become necessary for Ukraine’s economic survival, Mr. Kolomoisky argued. He predicted that the trauma of war will pass.

Mr. Kolomoisky said he was feverishly working out how to end the war, but he refused to divulge details because the Americans “will mess it up and get in the way.”

Kolomoisky’s interview is obviously a trial balloon for the policies Zelensky wants to pursue. He has, like Trump, campaigned on working for better relations with Russia. He received nearly 73% of all votes.

Ambassador Taylor and the other participants of yesterday’s clown show would certainly “mess it up and get in the way” if Zelensky would openly pursue the policy he promised to his voters. They are joined in this with the west-Ukrainian fascists they had used to arrange the Maidan coup:

Zelenskiy’s decision in early October to accept talks with Russia on the future of eastern Ukraine resulted in an outcry from a relatively small but very vocal minority of Ukrainians opposed to any deal-making with Russia. The protests were relatively short-lived, but prospects for a negotiated end to the war in the eastern Donbas region became more remote in light of this domestic opposition.

The supporters for war with Russia are ex-president Poroshenko and two parliamentary factions, European Solidarity and Voice, whose supporters are predominantly located in western Ukraine. Crucially, however, they can also rely on right-wing paramilitary groups composed of veterans from the hottest phase of the war in Donbas in 2014-5.

Only some 20% of the Ukrainians favor to continue the war against the eastern separatists who Russia supports. During the presidential election Poroshenko received just 25% of the votes. His party European Solidarity won 8.1% of the parliamentary election. Voice won 5.8%.

By pursuing further conflict with Russia the deep state of the United States wants to ignore the wishes not only of the U.S. voters but also those of the Ukrainian electorate. That undemocratic mindset is another point that unites them with the Ukrainian fascists.

Zelensky should ignore the warmongers in the U.S. embassy in Kiev and sue for immediate piece with Russia. (He should also investigate Biden’s undue influence.) Reengaging with Russia is also the easiest and most efficient step the Ukraine can take to lift its desolate economy.

It is in the national interest of both, the Ukraine and the United States.

This article was originally published by “Moon Of Alabama” – 

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6 thoughts on “Trump And Zelensky Want Peace With Russia. The Fascists Oppose That

  1. There is much I could respond to here, if time permitted, but it doesn’t. So, I will only respond briefly. You say that “Trump was elected by the people”, but that isn’t quite true. Nearly 3 million more people actually voted for Hillary Clinton than Trump, but due to gerrymandered districts and the fluke of the electoral college, Trump was placed into an office that he was unqualified and unprepared for. He took an oath that he never intended to keep. And, as for the impeachment hearings … no, this is not a “fake” impeachment. He broke the law, many times over in fact, and his actions have put this nation at risk. He went against the Constitution. His attempts at extortion are impeachable offenses. His attempts to interfere with Robert Mueller’s investigation are impeachable offenses. If he is allowed to remain in office and then wins next year’s election, this nation will be the losers … many of us will cease to exist, and whatever shreds of democratic principles remain today, will be lost … possibly forever. The impeachment must go forward. The Senate, largely corrupt at this juncture, may not choose to convict and remove him from office, but the House WILL impeach, rightly so, and it will be a stain on his tenure in office.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Granted Trump was elected by misguided citizens, nevertheless he did capitalized on the electoral college votes which was a misstep that Hillary’s team neglected. Fact is, we all knew in advance that our electoral process is based upon E.C. votes for winning any election and all candidates agree and abide by this system.
      What I mean by “fake impeachment”, i’m not imply the bozo is innocent! The president is guilty of sin on so many levels, but I do find the Dems a bit disengenuous when their own frontrunner Biden had covered by for his son Biden in the Burismagate scandal. Thus this impeachment is mostly for show, to distract from the real issues. What are the real issues? Watch this short video if inclined:

      Kim Iverson (progressive liberal) explains in detail who, what and why the elite ruling class are behind this impeachment and their vested interest in this upcoming election… why they want Trump re-elected if they can’t have Biden. Makes total sense to me, I would really like your take on it.

      I totally agree with you that the impeachment must go forward, but realistically it won’t get past the senate. Ms Pelosi was correct in her hesitation with impeachment, it will turn around and bite the Dems in the end. This is a no win situation for the country…. unless Mr Sanders is allowed to run unimpeded with the full support of the DNC, but somehow I just don’t see that happening… too many vested corporate interests.

      Also VP Biden is no angel, he was caught on camera bragging about how he threatened the Ukrainian prosecutor general Victor Shokin to stop investigating Burisma Holdings, whom he did get fired b/c Ukraine wanted the $1 billion in US aid.


  2. I share some of what you say but certainly not all of it. I don’t know why the Democrats chose to go the route of impeachment on this particular charge when there are so many to choose from, Perhaps because this is felt to be the most severe. It’s strange you see the Democrats as part of the Military Industrial Complex as surely that’s always the path of the Republicans in their quest to become billionaires. And of course many have succeeded.
    I’m not denying any wrongdoing by Biden Snr or Jnr but it seems previous investigations proved nothing. If there is proof available, bring it on and leave honest applicants for the Presidency.But since Trump has offended all the allies, withdrawn from the Paris Accords and opened swathes of the parks to new drilling and mining operations that are going nowhere, paid billions to farmers because of his disastrous policy with China, Trump should at least go.

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    • Clearly there’s partisan politics at play, both parties are guilty of “witch hunting” to discredit one another. Personally I don’t see impeachment going anywhere, and most likely this charade will ultimately benefit Trump. Petty tit-for-tat, Dems drum up Ukraine-gate, Repubs counter with Burisma-gate, it’s all BS smoke & mirrors to obscure the real election issues, or lack thereof.

      What really happening is US using Ukraine as a political weapon against Russia, US media spins the Russian boogeyman narrative and how Putin installed Trump into office, but no one is buying this.
      If so inclined, watch comedian/ reporter Jimmy Dore (progressive democrat) debunk & clarify the whole Ukraine issue:

      I totally agree with you that Trump is a national disaster, and need to be removed ASAP. But fake impeachment proceedings only help Trump, not a winning strategy for 2020. I was hoping Dems would be smarter than that, debate him on real issues like regime change wars, climate, reducing pollution and unregulated drilling, mining, spending, politically motivated tax cuts, stupid sanctions and tariffs. Trump really should go, but why are the Dems not promoting real issues that affect the everyday lives of citizens? Is it b/c they don’t really care, or they’re that out of touch with reality?

      I’m afraid Ukraine-gate is just another failed tactic, like Mueller’s “investigation” with Russia-gate.


  3. Surely Lt Colonel Vindman made no attempt to define the strategic interests of the United States and it’s wrong to intimate that he did. He reported the contents of a phone call between Trump and Zelenskiy the contents of which were clearly improper. It was hiss duty to report the call and the decision of someone else whether it warranted passing in. I may well agree with much of what’s been said on the issue between Ukraine and Russia even though I’m greatly sorry about the lack of freedom of Ukraine and the deaths there. That still doesn’t change what Trump did and how he did it. I will not believe it was a statesman at work.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi David, I believe what this article implying that Lt Colonel Vindman is an agent of the “War Dept” of old, a neocon agent who fights on behalf of the establishment to revive cold war tensions with Russia. War is money, and purpose for the military industrial complex to function and exist. This has nothing to do with security or defense of a nation, but to create a climate of animosity and conflict between two nuclear superpowers. It’s a scary game these ppl are playing.
      Does that mean trump is innocent? Absolutely not!!! He is guilty on so many levels of corruption, problem is Dems can’t touch him on that b/c they are in the same boat with Repubs – they’re all dirty to the core.
      Of course Trump wanted to dig up dirt on Biden for political advantage. He tried to do the same during Hillary’s run, a Russian agent/ lawyer (Ms Natalia Veselnitskaya) offered dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump tower and Trump’s lackeys agreed to the meeting!!
      Dr Paul Craig Robert wrote an article summarizing some of Trump’s current crimes & misdemeanors, but Dems won’t pursue him for those b/c they’re in alignment. Deals with the devil so to speak:

      “There are many issues on which Democrats could legitimately challenge Trump in the forthcoming presidential election that would resonate with many honest Americans. Democrats could challenge Trump for the coup against Bolivian President Morales. They could challenge Trump for dismantaling environmental protections and for permitting mining and energy companies to loot national monuments and wildlife refuges. They could challenge Trump for persecuting Julian Assange for practicing traditional journalism. They could challenge Trump for serving Israeli instead of American foreign policy interests. These and other issues would make a real campaign, one worthy of a democracy. Instead, we get hoax scandals.
      What this tells us is that there is not enough integrity in the Democratic Party and American media for democracy to survive. When the political process consists of nothing but lies and hatred, democracy is not possible. Why are the House Democrats and the American media destroying democracy?”

      Thx for dropping by!


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