♪Tulsi Time! – Music video

A music video shot in Michael Ungerleider’s living room with friends as a tribute to Tulsi Gabbard in her efforts to run as a presidential candidate for 2020! ~Please SHARE!~
This song was inspired by the song “Tulsa Time” by Danny Flowers – adapted lyrics by Michael Ungerleider.
The lyrics are below — sing along. Join in and write your own verses and we’ll come video you –or– video yourself singing them!– Then, we’ll post it –or– you can post it!
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“This song will be way more diverse
If you will all kick in a verse
Tell the people it is Tulsi time!”

“Hawaiians woke up in the morning
And they all heard the warning
The nukes were heading Honolulu way
And when they heard about it
There was no reason to doubt it
Those folks all thought it was their final day

Although the alert was fake
People are now wide awake
The threat of war sure is certainly a crime
So I’m say-ing now to you
There is something we can do
‘Cause, People, it is Tulsi time!

People, it is Tulsi time!
People, it is Tulsi time!
If you’re tired of the horrors
Of all these costly wars
Then, People, it is Tulsi time!

Morning Joe and The View
Are telling lies to you
They’re nothing more than bought & paid for hacks
They think with all their smears
They can play into our fears
With their lies and their heinous false attacks

But Tulsi played it cool
Made them all look like such fools
Using logic in a way that was sublime
She will reach out to each voter
In the spirit of Aloha
And a message sweet as California wine!

People, it is Tulsi time!
Oh yes, People, it is Tulsi time!
We will not accept the slander
Of the mainstream’s propaganda
Yeah, People, it is Tulsi time!

The big drug companies
Will not cure our disease
With prices that are reasons to despair
And it will stay that way
Until we see the day
Every single one of us has Medicare

Wealth inequality
Will never cease to be
Unless we raise the common workers’ pay
If you want green energy
And a fair economy
Then vote for Tulsi on election day!

People, it is Tulsi time!
People, it is Tulsi time!
We’ll all have the things we need
If we can only conquer greed
Yeah, People it is Tulsi time!

People, it is Tulsi time!
People, it is Tulsi time!
This song will be way more diverse
If you will all kick in a verse
Tell the people it is Tulsi time!”

♪Tulsi Gabbard Sings Imagine – John Lennon

Top Comments:

The EagleFan
This is what we need, an actual human being instead of a corporate shill.


Steve Smith
Imagine if the party would embrace her instead of. Trying to cut her down.


James Schuhs
She’s the President we need, but don’t deserve.


Gary Bilder
She’ll never become our president. She’s anti-war. Democrats and career politicians love war. I’m an old Republican and would vote and campaign for her. Go get em kid.


Cool seeing her peaced out and not being a target of every corrupt fool in the nation.


Learn A Language
Imagine if she won the presidency. That would be a good thing.


Pirate Zoom
Imagine all the undercover intelligence ops in attempt to destroy this woman’s life .


William Feldner
Major Gabbard is the true Wonder Women. Gods Speed.


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david hefner
Damn skippy In the humble flesh!
P.I Staker.
You know what. Now that you said it. She does look the part.


Too wholesome for this world. Merry Christmas, everybody. And cheers to Tulsi Gabbard, our Wonder Woman 2020!


chris kavandish
No border, no religion, no starving; just peace.


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mike monroe
Good dream all in the united nations plan one world government!!!


Mark Viola
She wants to end our nonstop military engagements. Imagine….


Denis Chungkham
Is that her husband? He looks like John lennon’s long lost half brother


James Skilling
I’m surprised this wasn’t blocked for spreading peace and hope.😔


The Dancing Vegan Atheist
Imagine we had a media that covered Tulsi fairly.


Kit Richardson
It’s stunning to know that Democrat party leader ship is actually proclaimed her to be worse than Trump. A woman from their own party!


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david hefner
“Blood feeds the war machine; as it eats its way across the land. WAR WITH OUT END” From the song ”No Remorse’, METALLICA As time will ultimately show, Humans are NOT meant to war. And as a matter of fact, hiroshima and Nagasaki fully got the attention of a lot of off-planet entities and civilizations. And, you can bet, they want the bodies back as well.

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Geo L
The leadership did not say that, as manipulative as they might be (albeit at a lesser evil than the war criminals of the GOP)


N Marbletoe
@david hefner i agree, we are not meant to war. we are evolved for games and sports, and for life and death struggle, but not against each other.
This is what we need, an actual human being instead of a corporate shill.


240 Military Industrial War Complex People did not like this video.


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Marc-Etienne Mercier
Honestly you’re spot on… cuz otherwise I don’t see who would dislike that.
Rage of the Turnip
“Clearly she’s an evil monster who must be stopped at all costs!” – yeah, thanks CNN…


Got my vote. Compare to the others. She is a decent human being. The others are lying dirtbags.


Jim Demers
Strange song for a presidential candidate to sing….


J. P.
It’s a huge mistake to skip the next debate. Many who don’t know you will assume you’ve dropped out.


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Rob Christopher
J. P. She didn’t skip…. DNC didn’t invite her!


F that. She’s made her point, and the debates are a shit show. Spend time connecting with people in person. 🤙
Mitchell Marcus
Tulsa is hands down the only candidate to even remotely able to stand a chance running against MAGA President Donald J Trump


Gordon Parks
Imagine saying she IS President! Instead of COULD BE! Let’s make it happen!


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mike monroe
Lol another globalist one world government muppet seriously only dumb sheep are buying this nonsense!!!!
Keith Hollett
the only thing more inspiring then this video is reading the loving and hopeful comments of you all. : )


Jay Raskin
And a good singing voice too! I am more impressed with this woman every day.


accurate alloys
I always liked her. I’m a Marine and she’s a veteran. That means a lot to me. I think that I need to pitch a few dollars her way.


Omid Reza
Imagine if there was someone who could stand up to MIC!


Gary Cantu
As much as they try to keep her down, she still keeps plugging away with her message not letting anything dissuade her. I love that. I wish there were more people in Congress like her.


david martignetti
She’s ready to drop out . No reason to not attend the debate and hang out singing hippie songs


“Imagine if the CIA hadn’t stopped John Lennon’s anti-Reagan Campaign tour~”


TJ Burns
Imagine if there were an accident and she wasn’t wearing a seat belt!
Clint Jensen
Who wouldn’t want a hot president? Come on people, vote for this awesome woman already!
kubat djainak
Imagine all the people, Elected her as our president… No wars to kill or die for And universal health care, too


I dont think people realize how powerful of a statement this is. I hope the entire works sees it


She is the reincarnation of John Lennon. No doubt about it.


Never Youmind
Imagine, if she would do the right thing and come over to the Republican Party we love her!


Kyle Wright
“This is precisely the song a Russian asset would sing.” -Hillary Clinton


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@OCW 517 that comment takes the cake … lmao


Comment of the month! Hilarious (and a little scary because it is entirely possible)!


M Muss
She would totally say that


Joseph Leonard
“I am a Russian asset.” – Hillary
This woman and her husband together are modern relationship goals.


Alpa Cino
Say no to globalism, one world government, open borders, and bad music.


Patrick Oliver
Obviously a hidden message to Putin. Hillary is a bad joke.


She sings, she dances and she runs for president…my kind of woman.


Bob L
I haven’t voted Democrat in three decades, but I really like Tulsi.


I so now want a lip sink battle for the president !


Robert Hartsell
“War is over if you want it” – John and Yoko


Daniel Braun
Imagine if we lived in a country that valued artists contribution to society that aren’t mega famous pop stars. #yang2020


First evidence that she actually is a Russian agent.


Daniel Doucet
Imagine there are no leftists_ Yipee_ and the world would live as one.
“Tulsi is a Leninist confirmed” -Republicans 😛
Giovanni Pincoletti
Now if you really want to lose your lunch, IMAGINE Hillary and Bill singing this song…or any song. YECH!


Fyr Werx
“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” — William A. Ward


Valentin Li
John Lennon would be rolling, roiling, & boiling in his grave – at the world right now.
Thoughtful Aquarius
🕵️ The comments that don’t praise Gabbard are being deleted.


Dylan 604
Tulsi you’re an angel.


Dionel Jaime
Well, you will not be getting Ben Shapiro’s vote after this.


Steve Snellgrove
The Democratic Party is too corrupt to ever back her !


Frank Holly
Imagine if she didn’t waffle on the impeachment fiasco. Ooh-ooh-oooooh!
Squirrel Master
The only one running that isn’t a party line political hack.
Roy Bond
I just really like her


Edgar Poe


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Hacker News: New Zeppelin Ransomware Targeting Tech and Health Companies

Zeppelin Ransomware

December 11, 2019      

A new variant of Vega ransomware family, dubbed Zeppelin, has recently been spotted in the wild targeting technology and healthcare companies across Europe, the United States, and Canada.

However, if you reside in Russia or some other ex-USSR countries like Ukraine, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan, breathe a sigh of relief, as the ransomware terminates its operations if found itself on machines located in these regions.

It’s notable and interesting because all previous variants of the Vega family, also known as VegaLocker, were primarily targeting Russian speaking users, which indicates Zeppelin is not the work of the same hacking group behind the previous attacks.

Since Vega ransomware and its previous variants were offered as a service on underground forums, researchers at BlackBerry Cylance believes either Zeppelin “ended up in the hands of different threat actors” or “redeveloped from bought/stolen/leaked sources.”

According to a report BlackBerry Cylance shared with The Hacker News, Zeppelin is a Delphi-based highly-configurable ransomware that can easily be customized to enable or disable various features, depending upon victims or requirements of attackers.

Zeppelin can be deployed as an EXE, DLL, or wrapped in a PowerShell loader and includes the following features:

  • IP Logger — to track the IP addresses and location of victims
  • Startup — to gain persistence
  • Delete backups — to stop certain services, disable the recovery of files, delete backups and shadow copies, etc.
  • Task-killer — kill attacker-specified processes
  • Auto-unlock — to unlock files that appear locked during encryption
  • Melt — to inject self-deletion thread to notepad.exe
  • UAC prompt — try running the ransomware with elevated privileges

Based on the configurations attackers set from the Zeppelin builder user-interface during the generation of the ransomware binary, the malware enumerates files on all drives and network shares and encrypts them with the same algorithm as used by the other Vega variants.

Zeppelin Ransomware

“[Zeppelin] employs a standard combination of symmetric file encryption with randomly generated keys for each file (AES-256 in CBC mode), and asymmetric encryption used to protect the session key (using a custom RSA implementation, possibly developed in-house),” the researchers explain.

“Interestingly, some of the samples will encrypt only the first 0x1000 bytes (4KB), instead of 0x10000 (65KB). It might be either an unintended bug or a conscious choice to speed up the encryption process while rendering most files unusable anyway.”

Besides what features to be enabled and what files to be encrypted, the Zeppelin builder also allows attackers to configure the content of the ransom note text file, which it drops on the system and displays to the victim after encrypting the files.

“BlackBerry Cylance researchers have uncovered several different versions, ranging from short, generic messages to more elaborate ransom notes tailored to individual organizations,” the researchers say.

“All the messages instruct the victim to contact the attacker via a provided email addresses and quote their personal ID number.”

To evade detection, Zeppelin ransomware relies on multiple layers of obfuscation, including the use of pseudo-random keys, encrypted string, using code of varying sizes, as well as delays in execution to outrun sandboxes and deceive heuristic mechanisms.

Zeppelin was first discovered almost a month ago when it was distributed through water-holed websites with its PowerShell payloads hosted on the Pastebin website.

Researchers believe that at least some of the Zeppelin attacks were “conducted through MSSPs, which would bear similarities to another recent highly targeted campaign that used ransomware called Sodinokibi,” also known as Sodin or REvil.

The researchers have also shared indicators of compromise (IoC) in its blog post. At the time of writing, almost 30 percent of antivirus solutions are not able to detect this particular ransomware threat.

ATTN: Update your browser! Latest Microsoft Update Patches New Windows 0-Day Under Active Attack

Microsoft Updates

December 11, 2019      

With its latest and last Patch Tuesday for 2019, Microsoft is warning billions of its users of a new Windows zero-day vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting in the wild in combination with a Chrome exploit to take remote control over vulnerable computers.

Microsoft’s December security updates include patches for a total of 36 vulnerabilities, where 7 are critical, 27 important, 1 moderate, and one is low in severity—brief information on which you can find later in this article.

Tracked as CVE-2019-1458 and rated as Important, the newly patched zero-day Win32k privilege escalation vulnerability, reported by Kaspersky, was used in Operation WizardOpium attacks to gain higher privileges on targeted systems by escaping the Chrome sandbox.

Although Google addressed the flaw in Chrome 78.0.3904.87 with the release of an emergency update last month after Kaspersky disclosed it to the tech giant, hackers are still targeting users who are using vulnerable versions of the browser.

As The Hacker News reported last month, Operation WizardOpium involved a compromised Korean-language news portal where attackers secretly planted a then-zero-day Chrome exploit to hack computers of its visitors.

According to Kaspersky researchers, the Chrome use-after-free exploit was chained together with the newly patched EoP flaw that exists in the way the Win32k component in Windows OS handles objects in memory.

Chrome use-after-free exploit

The EoP exploit works on “the latest versions of Windows 7 and even on a few builds of Windows 10” and, if successfully exploited, could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code in kernel mode.

While the researchers were not able to attribute the Operation WizardOpium attacks to any specific group of hackers, they found some similarities in the exploit code with the infamous Lazarus hacking group.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: December 2019

The 7 critical security vulnerabilities Microsoft patched this month affect Git for Visual Studio, Hyper-V Hypervisor, and Win32k Graphics component of Windows, successful exploitation of all lead to remote code execution attacks.

The Windows Hyper-V vulnerability (CVE-2019-1471) enables a guest virtual machine to compromise the hypervisor, escaping from a guest virtual machine to the host, or escaping from one guest virtual machine to another guest virtual machine.

Git for Visual Studio contains five critical remote code execution vulnerabilities—all reside due to the way Git for Visual Studio sanitizes input—successful exploitation of which requires attackers to convince a targeted user to clone a malicious repo.

Another notable vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-1462 and rated as important, resides in the PowerPoint software that can be exploited to run arbitrary code on a targeted computer by merely convincing the victim into opening a specially crafted presentation file.

This vulnerability affects Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 as well as Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019 for Windows and Apple’s macOS operating systems.

Other vulnerabilities patched by Microsoft this month and marked as important reside in the following Microsoft products and services:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Windows Kernel
  • Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Access software
  • Windows GDI component
  • Win32k
  • Windows Hyper-V
  • Windows Printer Service
  • Windows COM Server
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows OLE
  • VBScript
  • Visual Studio Live Share
  • Microsoft Authentication Library for Android
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Skype for Business and Lync
  • Git for Visual Studio

Most of these vulnerabilities allow information disclosure and elevation of privilege, and some also lead to remote code execution attacks, while others allow cross-site scripting (XSS), security feature bypass, spoofing, tampering, and denial of service attacks.

Windows users and system administrators are highly advised to apply the latest security patches as soon as possible in an attempt to keep cybercriminals and hackers away from taking control of their computers.

For installing the latest Windows security updates, you can head on to Settings → Update & Security → Windows Update → Check for updates on your PC, or you can install the updates manually.