JAW-DROPPING & EYE-POPPING HOLIDAY MOSCOW! The Magical City of Light: How Russia Celebrates New Year 2020!

Lada, thanks so much for sharing the true spirit of X-mas and joyous celebration of the New Year! I can attest firsthand that Moscow is gorgeous year round, esp exceptional around the holidays, a true festival of lights and amazing feast for the eyes!
There is so much to do and see around Moscow, very family oriented and wholesome, definitely the place to be! ❤

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UPDATE – added @ 3:21 PM, 1/3/20

Hello everyone! I actually worked very hard on this piece and I posted it on FT so that as many people as possible could benefit from it. I posted it over six hours ago, and to this moment, not a single LIKE?.. Does that mean I have to remind people to LIKE or beg to do so?… Or does it mean no one’s interested in the beautiful and uplifting?.. Everyone only wants to see and hear the negative and the dreary?.. I am shocked!

FYI: If no one’s interested in the good stuff, I’ll be removing it from FT and posting it only on Lada Ray Patreon for my patrons! (And then people ask me why I don’t post more of my analysis, predictions and thoughts publicly?… Now you know! I prefer to share with those who do appreciate me and my work!)

Hint: I JUDGE…

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20 Year Anniversary of the Millennial Handover: How Yeltsin Left & Putin Arrived

Historic monumental event, the day the world was saved from unchecked runaway US imperialism. 20 more years! 😉

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As the new millennium began, Yeltsin’s sudden early retirement at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, ushered in the new era.

Watch the video and read my commentary in free PATREON post:

20 Year Anniversary of the Millennial Handover:

How Yeltsin Left & Putin Arrived

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