U.S. News Coverage Of Iran Laughably Horrible #TheJimmyDoreShow


So they killed him for planning to attack Americans? General Wesley Clark revealed that the US military was planning to attack 7 countries in 5 years. One of those countries was Iran.
Endless War™ Inc. is hungry again but rather than feed it more American bodies and more “enemy” bodies, we must starve this ugly beast to death.
It’s called manufacturing consent.
All I know is: every time you hear “journalist” in relation to a foreign war, just substitute “CIA spook,” and it makes more sense.
Max throwing out allot of facts and important info, no wonder they arrested him and almost assasinated him recently. Take care Max, you are a very important voice for anti-imperialism.
The US should just have a news show on channel 4 called “CIA Today”, and one on channel 5 called “Today with the CIA”, and one on channel 8 called “CIA Daily”
Calling nations evil before starting a war was always the standard procedure of the Empire.
My Patreon membership for Max and Jimmy is an investment that keeps on giving…So Grateful!…

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