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I am doing something that I have never done before, never intended to do .. I am redux-ing a good people post!  I offer my apologies, but this evening, when I normally would have been working on my good people post, I was instead following updates about the attacks on Iraqi military compounds housing U.S. soldiers, and then came the news of the Boeing passenger airline that crashed near Tehran, Iran, killing all 180 on board. 

As you might imagine, my thoughts were elsewhere, and I was not able to focus on ‘good people’, but still, I know how much you guys count on this feature, and I didn’t want to let you down, especially right now when we all need a reason to hope that there is humanity in this world.  So, I am re-posting the good people that to this day remains my favourite from almost exactly two…

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How Our Government Is Trying To Gaslight Us into A War With Iran

Knowing our history, I am confident we Will go to war with Iran. Another page for the history books, folks.
The founding fathers, I’m sure, would’ve wanted to slap this corrupt administration like the greedy scumbags that they are.
Iran will not be the last of 7 in 5 years as revealed by General Wesley Clark…. It will be the BEGINNING of the end!
in the early 2000s it was weapons of mass destruction now it is weapons of mass distraction . they will do any thing they can to lie us in to another war
Amerikkka do not belong in anyone else’s country.
Chevron, valero, Halliburton, motiva, shell, are the real winners of the war With Irán, and the american People the losers,