Bernie/Warren Smackdown Start To Finish #TheJimmyDoreShow

OMG this is hilarious, throwdown Thursday!


Youtube comments:

And she’s still trying to claim they’re “friends” after kneecapping him on stage
“We push a lot of bs here at MSNBC but even we can’t defend this nonsense”
Everytime a lying neo-liberal sings Another donation gets its wings.
I feel that this dispute should be settled by Warren’s Tribal Council.
5:53 She called him “Senator San-JEW” on air!!!
“Small ball” is a baseball term. As an idiom it means that you’re pulling out all the tricks to score minorly, instead of going up and swinging for the fences.
When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.
He did this time: “No, YOU called me a liar!”, then just walked away like she was a spoiled child. 👏. I thought he was going to grovel when I read the headlines but he actually stood up. He should have stood up more in the debate and said that what Liz was doing was incredibly low, especially for one who he thought was a friend, it was dishonest, a smear and that his record Trumps hers with human rights. Also remind her he supported her while she supported Hillary, who is the reason we have Trump and a ‘pussy grabber’ in the office with two dozen sex assault claims against him.
Who do we believe? A person that has never been caught lying and is literally known for being a rare honest politician. Or Pocahontas? Tough one…

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