♪Dimash Kudaibergen – Love is Like a Dream ~ Димаш Кудайберген – Любовь, похожая на сон


michael2601947 months ago (edited)

Dimash. First man, who is singing as bass, baritone, tenor, countertenor, alto, mezzosoprano, soprano, castrato (be not castrato)…He is Mozart of vocal..
Мәскеудегі Алла Пугачеваның мерейтойына орай ұйымдастырылған “Аллаға арналған сыйлық” атты шығармашылық кеште Димаш Игорь Крутойдың “Любовь, похожая на сон” әнін орындады. 2019 жылдың 8-ші сәуірінде өткен кеште Игорь Крутой Димаштың орындаған әнін рояльмен сүйемелдеді. Сөзін жазған Валерия Горбачева Әнін жазған Игорь Крутой
At the “A gift for Alla.” concert for the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva in Moscow, Dimash performed the Igor Krutoy song Love is Like a Dream. Mr Krutoy accompanied Dimash on the piano for this occasion on the 8th April 2019.
Lyrics by Valerya Gorbacheva
Composed by Igor Krutoy
Voice coach analyse Dimash performance:


Seppo Kanerva7 months ago (edited)

“Oh, my God, it is so good!” “An angel.” Tara Simon, I had to watch your comments three times, because they are so good, expert and appreciative. This performance (in Moscow) in mid-April 2019 was Igor Krutoi’s and Dimash’s birthday present to the celebrated Russian singerina, Alla Pugachova, who turned 70. She used to be a shining star in Russia (back then, Soviet Union) in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. (She was well know also in many other countries, including mine). I couldn’t possibly figure out a better birthday present for anybody. It is composed by Igor Krutoi (who announced Dimash and accompanied him by piano) 25 years ago for Ms. Pugachova (before Dimash was even born). He modified it for Dimash to sing. — You made a short note on what Dimash is wearing. Dimash was recently proclaimed the best-dressing man in Kazakhstan. He wears a different outfit at every performance (unless he is wearing the Kazakh national dress). During his solo concerts he changes his dress many times. His wardrobe must be huge. After his having performed “Le SOS d’un terrien en detresse” in the Hunan Television “Singer 2017” competition, he won (unexpectedly) over 1.4 million fans overnight. Among those fans were many tailors, sartorial artisans and artist, who started designing an making dresses for Dimash. They produced loads of beautiful suits and dresses for him. They did all of it on their own, out of appreciation, because of their good heart. This unexpected act just shows that humans are not just desperately evil; we can also be incredibly good and loving, which is something that Dimash is promoting through his singing and performances. Dimash says that, in his songs, “Each moment contains a hundred messages from God.”

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