DNC Stacks Convention Committees w/ Corporate Bernie Haters #TheJimmyDoreShow

No surprise here – DNC doing what they do best: LOSE!


Joe Rogan’s Bernie Sanders podcast has 11 million views! Of course the DNC is crapping their pants!
How can anyone trust the Democrats to fairly run the Country when they cannot run their own selection process fairly
They don’t even try to hide it, the corruption is endemic.
If Bernie calls them out they will say “See, he is smearing Democrats. He is not a Democrat! Not one of us, so can’t be on the ticket.” You watch.
I’m starting to understand the “Bernie’s not a real Democrat” argument. Because if you’re not a sellout, you’re clearly not a real Democrat.
The DNC has done a better job of being republican than the republicans have.
This list reads like a CNN all stars show.
Breaking news : Democrats and Republicans are both as bad as each other
I hope Bernie purges the DNC of corruption once he is President.
If Bernie has a commanding lead and they steal it from him, the democratic party is done.
The Onion can’t compete with reality
“Unity tour.” Hillary literally rolled her eyes behind bernies back and fake nodded on a live stream. lmfao
This is why I left the Democratic party. The DNC is a corporatist organization. Period. Nothing more to discuss.
This justifies Bernie going 3rd party if he is ripped off!

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