Jimmy Dore: Bernie Has to Over-Win Or They’ll Cheat Him


Sunset Lux
I wish Warren would have spoke up when actual native Americans were getting attacked for defending their land against the DAPL. But nope Warren was a no show. Bernie was there though
Conditioned Ignorance
Warren: Plagiarized a cherokee cook book Lied about her heritage to get into Harvard Lied about sending her kids to public school Lied about calling Bernie a sexist
Shane B.
Bernie has to win big. That’s right. Right now, they’re cheating Tulsi and Andrew Yang.
Juf Connie
I would rather have Tulsi as secretary of state. I think the world would be a safer and better place.
Sanders president – Tulsi VP – Yang UBI programme supervisor : game over for the Washington fakes like Warren and Biden.
Dan Harris
I wish Bernie defended himself like his supporters defend him.

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