♫ While My Guitar Gently Weeps ♫

I really enjoyed this elegant acoustic version. GH was underappreciated for sure, he may not be as prolific a song writer as JL & PM, but the quality was certainly there. This song is a masterpiece and enjoyed all over the world. Thanks for sharing with us! RIP Sir George ❤

Filosofa's Word

Tonight concludes ‘Beatles Week’ on Filosofa’s Word.  It started innocently enough … I played a Beatles’ song, and David suggested a Beatles’ week, and thus it began.  I missed one day, but otherwise have played some oldies but goodies.  I learned some things this week … I learned that George Harrison was a much under-appreciated member of the band, and a great songwriter in his own right.  I wish I had realized back in the day … but I was enamoured of Paul’s cute little grin and head tilt, and barely noticed George.

Did you know that at one point during their career, George walked out, said ‘I’m done’, and that John Lennon wanted to replace him with Eric Clapton?  Yes, my friends, Eric Clapton was almost a Beatle!  Harrison soon came back, however, and he and Clapton bonded.

By the time the Beatles were recording their 1968 self-titled album…

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