Democrats Against Democracy (WTF Are Super Delegates?)

DNC shenanigans….

CNN: Elizabeth Warren with a strong 4th. Sanders a disappointing first.
Dems, circa 2016: “Clinton got 3 million more votes, she should be president.” Dems, circa 2020: “The person with more votes shouldn’t win.”
It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
The man who bought his way into the debate: “The DNC has rules…”
Achinth Murali
The DNC is going to blame Russia when Bernie wins.
DNC: “Abolish the Electoral College! Popular vote only!” Also DNC: “Delegates and super delegates are awesome. We should let the rules play out. . .”
Jstank X Plays
What was going through her head was, “I am going to lose my job if I say Bernie is winning, but he is winning. DAMNIT!”

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