Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton Will Get the Nomination in a Brokered Convention

Total fantasy, but hey… ya never know!


Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris predicted on 970 AM New York City’s “The Cats Roundtable” that failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton can take the Democratic nomination at a brokered convention.

Morris said, “I think that what is going to happen here is when they get into Super Tuesday next week, you’re going to see Sanders getting about 40% of the vote.”

He continued, “Then Bloomberg, who has no chance to win now – because he got clobbered in the debate and completely blew it – is staying in the race, is going to continue to spend money. His goal now, I think, is to get roughly 15% of the vote, so Bernie is under 50.”

He added, “They will go to the convention, the other candidates won’t get out. Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and they will go to a second ballot.”

On the results of a brokered convention, Morris said, “I think that when you put it together they will go to a second ballot and then I think Hillary could enter the race. The superdelegates will all leave whoever they are for and vote for Hillary.”

If Sanders does not win an “outright majority,” Morris said, “I think Hillary will be the nominee because she can win with the superdelegates and ultimately put together the majority.”

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3 thoughts on “Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton Will Get the Nomination in a Brokered Convention

  1. Well the outrage might be strong enough for Bernie running as a third party ticket anyway. Few realize that the non-voters aren’t not voting because they lack interest BUT because there is nobody worth voting for!

    The time may be changing ………. Tubularsock hates to have hope BUT shit does happen from time to time.

    Like a possibility!

    Cheers, Tube


  2. If Dick is correct, you’ll see the END of the Democrap Party! Not that we’d lose that much but it would be gone.
    Tubularsock would predict that if that happened then Bernie would run on a third party ticket and most likely win!
    The Establishment Democraps will do anything to stop Bernie because he wants REAL change in the system not the ping-pong elite game they’ve been playing for years now!

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    • Preach it Tubes! Both establishment parties, or should we simply say the rich donor class assholes who control both ie the elite establishment are doomed b/c no one believes them anymore. They’ve been fixing elections since forever but no longer, the jig is up and 3rd party is a real possibility in upcoming elections after the DNC sabotage Bernie once again to install their puppet. I’m expecting some righteous rioting from the Bernie Bros after the convention… we be robbed!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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